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Our Complete Collection of Hand-Picked Seeds


Our catalog has a wide variety of selection to satisfy all tastes and preferences. To make choosing easier, we categorized strains according to their areas of specialty and primary effects. Explore the rooms to find the variants that suit your demands. Whether it is entering the realm of psychedelia, beating fatigue to a pulp, savoring a time-bending calm, laughing to your heart’s content, becoming the life of the party, or experiencing hours without physical pain, with Homegrown Cannabis Co, your every marijuana needs is at your fingertips.
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best sellers marijuna seeds

Marijuana Seeds for sale: Best Sellers

Your homegrown stash starts with the best sellers.
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high cbd marijuana seeds

High CBD Weed Seeds

High CBD strains to stop the agony decisively.
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high cbd strains

Extremely High CBD Seeds

Highest CBD strains to pummel stress and pains.
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marijuana and depression


Stop misery with the best strains for depression.
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yellow flowers

Marijuana for Anxiety

No more worries with the best strains for anxiety.
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girl running


Best strains for inflammation to ease aches away.
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The best and proven cannabis strains for migraine.
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High CBD strains to mitigate epilepsy and seizures.
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Ignite passion with best marijuana strains for sex.
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girl lying in bed


Sure-fire marijuana strains for sleep and insomnia.
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Galvanize the brain with best weeds for creativity.
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floating man


Soar high with the most uplifting Sativa strains.
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Marijuana calming effects to melt away nervousness.
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lights and hands


Combat fatigue with the best strains for energy.
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boy writting


Sharpen up with the best strains for focus.
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cheese types

Cheese Strains

Cheese weed strains to blow your mind and body.
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Blueberry Strains

Blueberry strains to tease the palate and relax.
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lemon and hand

Lemon Strains

Energizing lemon strains to supercharge the mood.
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red fruit

Grapefruit Strains

Grapefruit strains to smash stress to oblivion.
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Pineapple Strains

Pineapple strains to take you to a happy place.
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girl with oranges

Orange Strains

Elating citrusy Orange strains to clear the head.
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marijuana cigarrette

Highest THC Strains

Experience a mind-blowing high like no other.
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marijuana plant yield

High Yield

Sensational harvest with these high yield cannabis.
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Space Travel

Mind-warping buds add layers of color to everything in sight, creating an otherworldly experience that stretches the imagination.
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man and sunset

Hybrid Strains

Best hybrid marijuana strains for balanced high.
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Colorado Strains

Best cannabis seeds from Colorado to grow at home.
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boy running bike

USA Strains

Grow the best cannabis seeds from the USA at home.
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fuel station

Diesel Strains

Phenomenal sour fuel scented strains with high THC.
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Sativa Strains

Best energizing Sativa strains for euphoric high.
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suit man smoking

Hash Strains

Perfect weed for making ridiculously potent hash.
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sea water

OG Kush Strains

OG Kush strains for long-lasting body melting high.
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Romance Strains

Sinful desire with best marijuana strains for sex.
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California Strains

Top California cannabis seeds for home cultivation.
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Kush Strains

Profoundly relaxing strains from the Hindu Kush.
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man in mountain during night

Purple Strains

Beautiful and shameless purple marijuana strains.
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mini marijuana bag

Medical Strains

Medical cannabis seeds for safe comfort and relief.
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marijuana buds

Big Bud Strains

Harvest sweet, frosty, heavy, extra-large big buds.
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indoor marijuana seeds

Indoor Strains

Grow indoor strains for maximum potency and yields.
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marijuana and hands

Skunk Strains

The energizing strain that shaped cannabis culture.
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highest yielding marijuana

High Yield Auto Strains

Massive Haul with insane high yielding autoflowers.
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surfer in a big wave

Critical Strains

Grow Critical weed strains for unnatural yields.
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outdoor marijuana seeds

Outdoor Strains

Easy-to-grow high-yielding outdoor strains.
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girl in beach

Indica Strains

Best Indica strains for relaxation and nightcap.
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northern lights

Northern Lights Strains

Grow the most popular Indica strain in the world.
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Girl Scout Cookies Strains

Soar high and settle into bliss with Girl Scout Cookies strains.
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Zkittlez Strains

Relaxing strains that wipe out stress and tensions.
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Slow Motion

Relaxing while in an intimate embrace with the couch as the mind to roams free in a state of euphoria is a beautiful way to end a tiring day.
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Comedy Central

Laughter is the best medicine, and cannabis, also known as the “laughing grass,” is a natural source of uncontrollable giggles.
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boy laughing

Party Partner

Spark conversations and build relationships by gracing social settings with a chatter-impelling cannabis.
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healthy fruit bowl

Doc's Office

Coined as “miracle drug,” medical marijuana works wonders on pain, stress, anxiety, and depression with plenty of other benefits, as well as minimal to zero side effects.
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energy girl

Active High

Ideal for wake and bake, energizing strains are the most stimulating way to start hectic the day.
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ferris wheel

Curated Cultivars

The finest in the cannabis menu, these elite strains produce exceptional flowers of captivating flavor profiles, intense potency, and a list of other desirable effects.
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boy lying

Starting Point

When it comes to cannabis cultivation and consumption, starting right is the key to building a beautiful, lifelong relationship with the herb.
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girl meditation


Best strains for muscle relaxation and chilling.
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feminized seeds

Feminized Seeds

Homegrown growers' prefer feminized seeds for an all-female marijuana plant grow.
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marijuana seeds autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

The best autoflowering seeds Australia deliver premium results, super quick!
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regular marijuana seeds

Regular Weed Seeds

Reliable genetics for home growers and breeders.
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marijuana seeds for beginners

Beginner Weed Seeds

Cultivate your first buds with our easiest strains to grow
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cbd marijuana seeds

CBD Weed Seeds

The non-psychoactive choice for medicinal growers.
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cheap cannabis seeds

Cheap Cannabis Seeds

Premium offers, cheap cannabis seeds - for a limited time only!
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Buy 1 Get 1 Free

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Best Autoflowering Seeds

The best autoflowering seeds Australia deliver premium results, super quick!
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