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Blueberry Strains

Enjoy blue-blooded cannabis royalty with these Blueberry strains.

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There are various reasons for the success of the Blueberry family. Unlike singular note strains, the hybrids in this lineage share a depth of fruity sweetness. The menu of berry-tasting varieties is also vast, offering diverse effects. These desirable attributes allow Blueberry and its descendants to stand out and remain in immense demand.

What Makes It Berry Good?

Of the tens of thousands of strains, only a handful eventually go on to become matriarchs of its families. These small, exclusive group of wellsprings consists of legendary names such as Skunk, Haze, OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Original Cheese, and Girl Scout Cookies. Another member of this elite circle is Blueberry, the fountainhead of the Blue family line. It has an incredibly distinct flavor, as do all the mentioned originators, that sets it apart from the other hybrids that existed during its introduction.


The history of the Blue family goes way back to the 70s. It started with DJ Short and his exciting global journeys acquiring genetics from Thailand, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, and other parts of the world. Mainly, the breeder worked with pure Sativa landraces, and he successfully developed new hybrids showcasing the winning attributes of the exquisite landraces.

The decision to work exclusively with the best cultivars is sound. For thousands of years, these plants not only thrived but have also adapted to the local environment - some in harsh conditions. In one project, DJ Short hand-picked three cultivars to work on what would become his masterpiece.

First, he crossed Purple Thai {Highland Oaxaca Gold x Chocolate Thai} with a male Afghani to create Flo. Eventually, the offspring crossed with Highland Thai (also known as Juicy Fruit), giving birth to Blueberry.

Soon after making its way to the market, Blueberry took the world by storm. It features a compact structure and quick flowering time. Moreover, it exudes a scent that made it one of the best smelling strains ever to exist. Not to mention, this high-yielding, quick-flowering treasure is capable of providing a sublime experience.


Of the numerous fruity cannabis varieties out there, few have come close to the success of Blueberry. It has become an iconic strain from which an army of blue emerged.

Aroma and Taste. Aptly, the exquisite flavor of Blueberry became the basis for its name. Along with its descendants, this legend delivers a sugary and slightly sour, mixed berries-like punch of limonene. A surprising subtle floral note from linalool is also evident in its fragrance and taste.

Effects. Most Blue strains are Indica-dominant. Usually, these hybrids also boast of 20% or more THC and could provide a lasting physical high that may couch-lock in high dosages. Its relaxing effects are perfect for unwinding in a recreational setting. Furthermore, it is a capable stress-buster, painkiller, and sleep aid.

Physical Attributes. Strains from the Blueberry family line tend to be short, bushy, and hardy. Its buds are also typically dense. Some occasional white spots and stripes appear on the leaves but do not interfere with the growth processes.

Additionally, Blueberry and many of its offspring contain a high quantity of anthocyanins, the pigment that gives cannabis plants its red, blue, and purple color. When exposed to colder night temperature come flowering cycle, the release of this compound manifests as blue or plum hues. These enchanting colors further increase the bag appeal.

Most Blue family members grow slow in the first three weeks of flowering compared to other strains. By the fourth week, though, these plants will catch up and start fattening its buds.

Grow Needs. Thanks to its heavy landrace influence, Blueberry and the rest of its family do very well outdoors. These plants typically have excellent resilience against humidity and cold temperatures. Maintenance is routine, and these include:

  • Prune bushy foliage to prevent occurrences of mold and mildew
  • Snip off the new growth early to encourage a horizontal grow and massive budding
  • Top the soil with bat guano and worm castings once the floras start fruiting
  • Use organic super soil, so the nutrients are already in the medium even before planting the seeds

5 Must-Try Blueberry Strains to Tease the Palate

The Blueberry family has a unique, connoisseur quality that entices both cannabis growers and users. Plus, there is a whole range of varieties to choose from, so it is not difficult to find that one blue that suits needs and likings.

  1. Blueberry

Nothing beats the original. Hence, Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers different types of Blueberry seeds. For breeders and old-school veterans, regular seeds are the best choice. Compared to other seed forms, these plants tend to have a higher resistance to pests and diseases. It takes 8-9 weeks to complete the flowering period, after which it yields up to 500 grams per square meter.

By far, the most popular option is the feminized seeds. Although the flowering time could take up to 10 weeks, this is well-compensated by the improbability of any males showing up. In most cases, the yield per square meter could reach 400 grams.

If patience is not a virtue, then Auto Blueberry seeds can, for sure, satisfy the desire to obtain a stash in the shortest time possible. From the time of germination, it blazes through the growth stages, reaching full maturity and ready for harvesting by the 9th week. At best, it can produce up to 400 grams per square meter. Because of the speed by which this plant grows, its potency is slightly lower than the photoperiod kins. In this regard, it favors the need for a somewhat tamer and more casual relaxation.

Not all patients want to experience the psychoactive high. Thus, Homegrown Cannabis Co. worked on developing a purely medicinal Blue strain. To do that, the breeders crossed Blueberry with two high-CBD varieties of Afghan and OG Kush. Once stabilized, the work shifted to producing feminized seeds of CBD Blueberry, as dubbed by the breeder. Boasting of 16:1 CBD to THC ratio, it is highly effective in alleviating stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pains, and muscle spasms - without any psychoactive effects. Its yield is also high and could even reach 450 grams per square meter when grown with the Sea of Green technique.

  1. Blue Dream

Originally from California, Blue Dream has reached all corners of the world due to its versatility. It is one of the best-selling high THC strains that delivers not only a sublime experience but also a highly therapeutic one too. At more than 20% THC, it can provide an energizing, creative high and has medicinal properties to counteract depression and chronic pains.

At home, this plant reaches 150 cm tall. Its massive colas, packed with buds and shimmering in a thick coating of crystals and amber hairs set amidst purple-hued green foliage, is a sight to behold. So, too, is its yield after 8-10 weeks as it can produce up to 600 grams per square meter.

  1. Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a connoisseur quality strain. Its vapor is thick and creamy like its parent UK Cheese, but would not cause coughing as long as it is taken in short, small drags. This Blueberry baby shares a weightless sense of euphoria with a dream-like quality. Physically, it gives an invigorating high at first, but the buzz eventually turns mellow as the minutes pass by.

This plant is a joy to cultivate. It is resilient to molds and mildew, making its 10-week flowering cycle a lot easier to handle. Additionally, it is not a tall plant, so finding a growing spot indoors and outdoors is rarely a challenge. Even better, the strain comes in feminized and autoflowering form. Both seed types are female, so guessing the gender and getting rid of the males are no longer needed.

  1. Blue Haze

Blue Haze, the most potent on the list, has up to 26% THC. It boasts of the same intense mental stimulation of Amnesia Haze, delivering a wild nighttime cerebral ride. At the same time, it shares the physically calming effect, which eventually puts consumers to sleep after an hour or two.

Unfortunately, Blue Haze did not inherit Blueberry's easy-to-handle growth pattern. It needs support for the branches with heavy colas. Additionally, it is sensitive to inconsistent garden conditions and suffers fast from improper feeding. The good news is that growing from feminized seeds make the endeavor easier. By eliminating males, pollination threats are no more, ensuring that the hard-earned harvest is unseeded and of high-quality.

  1. Blue Amnesia

Like its parent Amnesia, Blue Amnesia is not for the faint of heart. It only commands around 18% THC, but its cerebral blow is powerful. The hybrid also comes with a profound body high that is from its Blueberry heritage. It induces a comforting relaxation that can quickly elevate into a couch-lock if the dosage is too high. This plant flowers relatively fast at 10 weeks. If patience is not your cup of tea, consider growing its autoflowering seeds. The auto goes from seed to harvest in an average of only six weeks. Plus, it is a vision in dark olive-green with bluish undertone and glittering in sparkly white trichomes.


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