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Kush Strains

Relaxing strains from the Hindu Kush.

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Kush is one of the oldest strains in the world. Over a span of hundreds, or perhaps thousands of years, these landrace strains have adapted to the Hindu Kush mountains. In its natural environment, isolation and inbreeding not only ensured purity but also allowed the plants to attain stability and vigorous growth.

Kush strains are highly potent, delivering profoundly relaxing effects that its name and Indica became synonymous. More importantly, it played a crucial role in revolutionizing the cannabis industry, mainly by contributing its quick flowering nature, high resin production, and resilient growth nature.

As a genetic cornerstone, breeders have used it to create a countless number of hybrids. It includes many that are not only highly-acclaimed and multi-awarded but also deemed as classics and legends.

The Exemplary Traits of Kush Strains

One of the most significant advances in hybridization is stabilizing a strain. To that end, breeders have backcrossed a hybrid to Kush strains and achieved great success.

Generally, Kush descendants would have one, if not all, of these traits:

Appearance. A small, compact structure with deep green foliage with purple hues, orange- or bronze-colored pistils, and highly resinous dense, chunky buds.

  • Fragrance. Kush strains typically emit a pungent, earthy odor along with a concoction of other scents - sweet, peppery, spicy, piney, flowery, citrusy - and may have an herbal quality.

  • Flavors. When smoked or vaped, it is smooth on the throat and easy on the lungs. Much of its fragrance carries over, possibly accompanied by notes of grape or diesel.

  • Effects. A gentle euphoric buzz characterizes the initial onset, followed by deep body relaxation. Depending on the dosage, laziness may set in, or melt into a couch-lock. Sedating properties can induce drowsiness, eventually leading to sleep.

  • Resilience. Kush strains are usually resistant to pests and diseases. Moreover, it can tolerate changes in temperature as well as grow in cold conditions. Accustomed to limited water, these plants could thrive even in parched terrains.

  • Yields. These are high-yielding varieties that breeders take advantage of, crossing with another strain to enhance yield capacity.

The Legend of OG Kush

To say that OG Kush is one of the most influential strains of all time is an understatement. Its lineage is vague but thought to a cross between a Northern Californian strain believed to be Chemdawg with a landrace from the Hindu Kush region. This hybrid was well-received due to a variety of reasons. For one, it exudes a complex, highly enticing scents of lemon, fuel, with a skunky, spicy note. More importantly, it delivers a stimulating cerebral experience while also providing a full-bodied uplifting, relaxing high.

In low doses, OG Kush promotes mental clarity and an upbeat demeanor. Even when used during the day, the Indica effects usually do not hinder physical activities. On the other hand, a tad bit on the high side could result in a sedating body buzz, causing a slowdown or couch-lock. As a medical strain, it excels at melting stress and alleviating pains.

In spite of the prominence of Sativa traits, the beauty of Kush genes is that it has an Indica growth pattern. Consequently, it has high resistance to moisture-related diseases and pest infestations. It has a relatively quick flowering time, too - lasting only 8 to 9 weeks. During this time, it develops an insane 19-26% THC concentration. Plus, it does not compromise on the yield too. Indoors, the expected harvest of OG Kush grown from feminized seeds under optimal conditions could be as high as 500 grams per square meter.

This legend is also available in other seed forms.

A relatively new type of seeds, OG Kush fast version seeds shorten the flowering period by 1-2 weeks. These seeds are also feminized and could yield anywhere from 400-600 grams per square meter.

For the quickest growth cycle, then choose OG Kush auto-flowering seeds. It takes only 10-11 weeks from the time of germination until reaching full maturity. Best of all, it can still produce up to 400 grams per square meter - a generous yield considering the short period that it takes.

The Sedating Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush first gained prominence due to its notoriously sedating body stone. Precisely how this hybrid came to be remains cloaked in mystery. Allegedly, its existence was a result of a male OG Kush accidentally fertilizing a female Indica of Afghani origin - possibly Northern Lights. Regardless, after finding its way into the California cannabis scene back in the mid-90s, it has never looked back. It has since taken its place as one of the most prominent Kush strains in the world.

On paper, the THC concentration of Bubba Kush is not far off from OG Kush. Even so, its tranquilizing effect is much more intense. The reason for that is terpenes - it has a rich profile that includes the couch-locking terpenoid myrcene. Moreover, this complex blend of compounds is also responsible for the delightful scent it exudes - the smell of hash with a subtle hint of coffee and chocolate.

At any rate, the uplifting and relaxing effects of Bubba Kush can indeed usher in the sense of happiness. While basking in bliss, the high may take on a dreamy quality. As for medical use, it can soothe aching muscles, ease away tensions from the body.

Bubba Kush feminized seeds grow into a beautiful plant with mostly green foliage and purple hues. It takes up to 9 weeks to complete the flowering phase. During harvest, it has the potential to yield 500-600 grams per square meter.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. also provides auto-flowering seeds of Bubba Kush. After germinating the seeds, it automatically transitions to the flowering stage after 2-3 weeks. By the 10th to 11th week, this strain yields 400-450 grams per square meter.

The Stunning Purple Kush

Beautiful and lethal - that is the best way to describe Purple Kush - a Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani cross. Upon closer inspection, its features are indeed typical of Kush varieties - purple colorations, and the familiar sweet, earthy odor. Once smoked or vaped, it delivers a long-lasting gentle euphoric head buzz followed by deep body relaxation.

Purple Kush is also an excellent stress reliever. Moreover, it has potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to ward off chronic pains. In most cases, the sedating properties will be more than enough to disintegrate the will to be physically engaged. At peak intensity, it leaves one in bliss and without noticing, falls asleep.

For ease of home cultivation, choose Purple Kush feminized seeds. Without male chromosomes, it is almost impossible for any males to show up, and potentially ruining a whole batch of plants. Under the Sea of Green setup, it can produce 400-500 grams of buds per square meter.

Auto-flowering Purple Kush seeds are also a viable option. Advancements in creating and stabilizing autos and producing seeds allow this strain to reach full maturity in only 10 weeks. At 350-400 grams yield per square meter, there is a sizable stash waiting after providing it with care.

Bow to Master Kush

For many, the full-bodied effects of most Kush strains are incredibly relaxing, and this strain is no exemption. It differs, though, on the cerebral high. Instead of a dreamy quality, Master Kush keeps the head clear and focused. Moreover, it may even heighten the senses and sensitivity to the surroundings.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. provides Master Kush as feminized seeds - with nearly 100% germination rate. These seeds grow into healthy plants that have a quick flowering period lasting 7 to 9 weeks. Using hydroponics and the Sea of Green training technique can boost the yield up to 500 grams per square meter.

For its exemplary traits, Master Kush bagged the Cannabis Cup three times - 1992, 1993, and 2012. Among its most recognizable descendants is Lemon Kush.

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