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Marijuana Seeds for sale: Best Sellers

Everybody's favourite, best-selling cannabis strains.

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  1. The Best Marijuana Seeds Online - Best Selling Cannabis Seeds

    An updated list of the best selling cannabis seeds 2020. Check out the best cannabis seeds online such as Gorilla Glue #4, Girl Scout Cookies, Strawberry Cough, and more. Homegrown Cannabis Co. has the best selling cannabis seeds available as feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Characteristics of our Best Sellers Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Experienced cannabis growers typically look for six things when choosing a seed to cultivate. A strain that fulfills all - if not most - of these criteria usually gets picked.

1. Potency

Cannabinoid potency is one of the most important considerations for buying a strain. Veterans prefer varieties with jaw-dropping THC levels - typically over 20%. Such concentrations allow for a mind-blowing psychoactive experience.

Meanwhile, first-timers and casual consumers usually opt for milder strains with 15-19% THC. Such levels deliver a pleasant cannabis experience without being overwhelming.

On the other hand, medicinal patients prefer strains with high CBD content and low THC levels. These strains typically exert little to no psychoactive high but are just as effective in remedying health concerns.

2. Preferred Effects

In general, cannabis strains can be classified into two categories based on their effects.

Those looking for mentally stimulating strains that improve mood, productivity, creativity, and sociability should opt for Sativa-dominant strains. On the other hand, mostly Indica varieties are ideal for winding down after a stressful day - thanks to its relaxing properties.

Meanwhile, for those who prefer both stimulating and relaxing properties, opting for nearly equal-split hybrids is the best choice.

Lastly, patients looking for relief from various health concerns should opt for medicinal strains with either high CBD or THC content.

3. High-Yielders

Commercial-grade powerhouses are among the most bestselling strains - and for obvious reasons. Even home growers opt for highly productive strains that offer prolific a harvest for the best bang of the buck.

4. Ease of Cultivation

Anyone can grow cannabis with a bit of planning and research. Nevertheless, some strains require more care and attention than others. Hence, cultivators with little to no experience are advised to choose beginner-friendly strains such as autoflowering varieties. Typically, robust strains suitable with most climates are excellent choices.

5. Taste and Aroma

A strain's flavor and aroma make the psychoactive experience even more delightful. Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers appetizing strains that can satisfy even the most discerning palates with its diverse scents and flavors - ranging from tropical to sweet, sour, and even diesel-y.

6. Stable Genetics

One of the most crucial aspects a prospective buyer must look for is the stability of the strain's genetics. Inexperienced breeders might cross a male and a female plant once then sell the resulting seeds as a new hybrid strain. However, professional breeders exert considerable time and effort to backcross the strain for several generations to stabilize its genetics.

It is best to obtain seeds from reputable sources like Homegrown Cannabis Co. because our expert breeders uphold the best possible standards in breeding every strain on our collection.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Best Sellers

If you're having a hard time choosing the best strain, opt for one of Homegrown Cannabis Co.'s connoisseur-quality stunners with tried and tested genetics. These best selling strains have earned the favor of our loyal patrons, so we guarantee that it is worth a try.

  • Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone Feminized

Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone combines the best traits of its illustrious origins. These buds exude a pleasant earthy fragrance. With every puff, the flavors of pines and woods permeate the palate. Clocking in at 22% THC concentration, its flavorful smoke offers the best of both worlds. It takes you to the highest of highs, only to pull you back down with a heavy sedative effect.

Consuming this strain is unarguably pleasurable, but it is just as delightful to grow. Since it is sourced from highly stable mothers, Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone is incredibly robust, easy to grow, and high-yielding. It produces harvests of 500 grams per square meter (indoors) or 550 grams per plant (outdoors).

  • Stardawg Feminized

Sativa lovers will surely fancy Stardawg - another must-try on our bestseller list. This cross between Tres Dawg and Chemdawg boasts of a noteworthy parentage and genetics. Given its 22% THC composition, it propels one into an out-of-this-world euphoric high and a seemingly endless fit of giggles. Meanwhile, the eclectic mix of diesel, pine, and lemon saturates the palate with every hit, further augmenting the experience.

Stardawg is a favorite among growers because of its buds covered in crystalline trichomes, which aptly resembles the stars in the night sky. Moreover, it is relatively easy to grow and a proven high-yielder in either an indoor or outdoor setting. After just 8-9 weeks of flowering, this charmer produces a yield of 400-600 grams per square meter (indoors) or 300 grams per plant (outdoors).

  • Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

Hybrids bearing Girl Scout Cookies' genes are arguably bound to exert an otherworldly high. Couple that with the ever potent Skywalker and you'll get a progeny with up to 23% THC potency. Such stellar levels deliver a stimulating and relaxing experience that appeals to recreational and medicinal users alike. To top it all off, this strain also boasts a tantalizingly sweet, earthy, and pungent aroma reminiscent of berries.

Much to the delight of home growers, Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies is reasonably easy to cultivate - thanks to its hardy Afghani genetics. Indoors, it yields 400-500 grams of dense buds per square meter. However, it is best grown in outdoor settings where each plant produces 700 grams of harvest.

  • White Widow x AK-47 Fast Version

This mostly Indica hybrid endears consumers with its exceptional medical properties and energizing yet soporific high. When relished in the right amounts, the 20% THC content delivers an enlivening high that inspires positivity while soothing the body with calming sensations. It also pleases the sense of smell with a pungent, earthy aroma.

Growers who fancy a photoperiod strain's prolific yields but lacks the patience need not wait long for harvest time. With Homegrown Cannabis Co.'s Widow x AK-47 Fast Version, 350-500 grams of resin-coated nugs per square meter will be ready for picking after just 7 weeks of flowering. Outdoors, each plant produces up to 500 grams of buds.

  • Alien Technology Feminized

Despite hailing from the world-renowned Afghani landrace, Alien Technology is lesser-known than its cousins. Moreover, it is one of the rarest strains in existence. In spite of having a moderate THC level of 19%, though, it leaves a long-lasting euphoria and limb-softening calm, which is ideal for post-work consumption. Moreover, it delights the senses with a strong hash aroma and kerosene-like aftertaste.

Perfect for beginners, this easy-to-grow strain makes for a suitable first grow for novices who wish to harvest prolific yields while exerting minimal effort. In exchange for little attention, this strain yields 400-500 grams of buds per square meter (indoors) or 500 grams per plant (outdoors).

  • Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue Feminized

Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue's colorful and sugary buds captivate the senses with the sweet taste and tantalizing aromas of honey and citrus. Beyond the alluring appearance and scent, though, it is prized for containing up to 22% THC, which induces an easy-going stimulation, as well as profoundly relaxing and stress-relieving effects.

This strain is a joy to cultivate because of its easy-to-grow nature. Much to home growers' delight, this strain produces an abundant yield of resin-caked nugs - 350-500 grams per square meter (indoors) or 500 grams per plant (outdoors) - without requiring much fuss.

  • Skunk x Northern Lights Feminized

This strain dons 17% THC and remarkable genetics - thanks to its world-renowned ancestors. Within minutes of dosing, Skunk x Northern Lights induces an invigorating buzz that energizes the mind and the body. After a while, though, these effects transition into a relaxed state - perfect for winding down after a flurry of activities.

Aside from the skunky yet citrusy scent it is so well-loved for, this hybrid boasts of Afghani roots which makes it incredibly resilient against all the odds. Hence, it is a strain that even beginners could successfully grow. Besides, its high-yielding capacity is hard to pass. Indoors, it produces 500 grams of dense buds. Meanwhile, yields escalate to as much as 900 grams per plant when cultivated outdoors.

Why Buy Homegrown Cannabis Co.'s Best Selling Strains?

The prevalent strains in the roster possess all the qualities a best seller can have.

These strains are highly potent with effects diverse enough to suit the preferences of various growers and consumers. Whether you prefer an energizing, relaxing, or therapeutic effect, you are covered. Also, delectable strains perfect for any discerning connoisseurs' palate are also available as high-yielders and easy to grow varieties.

Above all, Homegrown Cannabis Co. ensures that all the seeds are 100% authentic and high-quality. Every batch has undergone several generations of backcrossing to guarantee its stability. Moreover, a stringent quality check ensures that you are getting nothing but the best seeds.

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