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Keep America green with the best cannabis seeds from the USA.

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Cannabis originated from Asia thousands of years ago. Since then, the herb found its way across the globe - all the way to the Americas, where it was warmly embraced for its recreational and medicinal benefits.

Enjoying Cannabis in the Land of the Free

The United States of America was dubbed as "the land of the free" because of the prevalent ideology that Americans should be free to do whatever they wish. Such beliefs might as well be the reason why Americans are free to enjoy the delights of marijuana while the rest of the world continues to prohibit its use and cultivation.

Best American Pot of All Time

Homegrown Cannabis Co. firmly believes that no one should be deprived of the right to seek alternative means of medication or entertainment. Hence, it proudly offers American-born weed that would inevitably liberate one from the hardships of life with the euphoric experience it promises.

  1. OG Kush

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of OG Kush. One story that floats in the cannabis community had it that this strain descended from a female '91 Chemdog crossed with a male Lemon Thai x Old World Paki Kush. In another story, it traces its roots to Kryptonite - possibly a Northern Lights phenotype, which found its way to Los Angeles where it was "perfected."

Regardless, OG Kush did not take long to dominate the entire west coast of the United States. It exudes a fragrance - an earthy odor with a complex blend of fuel, pine, lemon, and citrus - that proved to be enticing.

With 15-24%, the initial cerebral stimulation hits fast, uplifting the mood and ushering in the sense of happiness. Eventually, a soothing sensation swarm into the body, intensifying to leave one feeling relaxed. For medical patients, it is an excellent source of reprieve from stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.

OG Kush feminized seeds respond well to nutrients with high concentrations of phosphorus and potassium. It has a flowering time of 7-8 weeks (maybe up to 9 weeks). When cultivated using the Sea of Green training technique, each square meter can yield up to 500 grams.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. also offers a unique variety of this strain. By incorporating the genes of Ruderalis, OG Kush fast version seeds grow into healthy plants with much quicker flowering time. In as little as 6-7 weeks, these plants are ready for harvest. Remarkably, its overall quality and yields are mostly unaffected.

If patience is not a virtue, then choose the auto-flowering seeds of OG Kush. It takes a total of 10 to 11 weeks for the plants to reach full maturity from the time of germination. More importantly, its yield remains on the high side - 400 grams per square meter.

  1. Bubba Kush

The origin of Bubba Kush is indeed fascinating, and its existence being the result of accidental pollination. It started with friends growing weed without which strain it was. Unaware of the existence of Hindu Kush, they called it "Kush." Not too long after, they experimented by crossing Kush with different Skunk varieties. One offspring that stood out, later named "Bubba," exhibited a sturdy structure and produced fat buds.

In one grow, a hermaphroditic Kush pollinated the Bubba - accidentally. It would take only a few months for the offspring, named Bubba Kush, to dominate California. Back then, 500 grams fetched nearly $8,000.

An exceptional trait it had is a potent sedating body stone. After a euphoric buzz swarm into the head during the onset, the physical effects creep in some 20-30 minutes later. Besides uplifting the mood and delivering a profoundly relaxing high, this couch-locking strain induces heavy drowsiness.

There are two options when growing Bubba Kush at home. Most people choose to start with feminized seeds. These plants have a flowering time of 8-9 weeks and could yield up to 500 grams per square meter. Auto Bubba Kush seeds are also an option for early harvests. Typically, it takes only 10-11 weeks to reap some 450 grams per square meter.

  1. Blueberry

In the 70s, DJ Short, like most of the breeders at that time, focused on Sativa plants. At one point, he was growing up to 100 varieties from Colombia, Mexico, Panama, and Thailand - all at the same time. Eventually, two exceptional strains emerged from his experiments and research.

One is the tropical-flavored Highland Thai called Juicy Fruit. The other is Purple Thai, a stunning plant boasting of purplish coloration when exposed to cold.

In 1979, the breeder got ahold of an Afghani. Although Indica strains were not popular in those days, it does offer desirable growth patterns. He crossed it with Juicy Fruit and Purple Thai, thus birthing Blueberry.

In 2000, Blueberry shot to fame when it captured the Best Indica award at the High Times Cannabis Cup. Among its remarkable traits is the ability to deliver a dreamy cerebral high and intense body stone. It is also an excellent stress and pain reliever.

At Homegrown Cannabis Co., this strain in three different seed forms.

Feminized seeds of Blueberry are, by far, the most preferred by the majority of customers. The convenience of practically eliminating males makes cultivation easier and safer (from accidental pollinations). Once the flowering period starts, it lasts 8 to 9 weeks, after which the yield could reach 400 grams per square meter.

For breeders, and anyone interested in starting experiments, Blueberry regular seeds are the best choice. For one, the plants are more resilient and resistant to pests and diseases than those grown from feminized seeds. Moreover, it can develop traits closest to the mother plant, making it ideal for breeding projects.

Lastly, to harvest in as little as 8 to 9 weeks from the time of germination, choose Blueberry auto-flowering seeds. Even at such a rapid pace, it could still yield up to 450 grams per square meter. However, its potency level at 15% THC is not in the same class as the photoperiod varieties. Nonetheless, its effects remain profound and should suit the taste of consumers desiring a more casual experience.

  1. LA Confidential

OG LA Affie is unique in the sense that its existence is mostly limited to only a few, and was never put up in seed form. It is also unclear from which particular Afghani landrace it descended from, or if it is a phenotype. One thing for sure, though, is that this strain paved the way for the birth of the remarkable LA Confidential - the 2006 High Times Strain of the Year.

In a sense, OG LA Affie went back to its roots in a cross with an Afghani. LA Confidential thus is a pure Indica. Strangely, the onset of the high starts with a pronounced euphoric buzz. It turns the mood around, making one feel uplifted. Soon enough, an intensely relaxing sensation wraps the body, culminating in a couch-lock.

The Afghani heritage of this multi-awarded strain is evident when cultivating its feminized seeds. It is beginner-friendly on the strength of having a sturdy, hardy nature with excellent resistance to pests and diseases. During the flowering period lasting only 7 to 8 weeks, it exudes the familiar sweet, earthy, and piney scents. During harvest, it can provide up to 450 grams per square meter.

  1. Chemdawg #4

The story of how Chemdawg #4 came to be is forever intertwined with the Grateful Dead. It was during a concert on that fateful day in June 1991, when a transaction would change the cannabis industry radically.

At the parking lot, Chemdog bought an ounce of Dogbud, costing $500. Impressed by its quality, he ordered two more ounces and arranged for its delivery. When he received the two packs, one was seedless while the other contained 13 pieces of seeds.

He germinated four of these seeds. One turned out to be a male, which he disposed of, while the remaining three were females. These he labeled as:

  • Chemdawg ('91 Chemdawg)
  • Chemdawg A (Chemdawg's Sister)
  • Chemdawg B

In 2001, together with his girlfriend, three more seeds were grown, labeled as C, D, and E. Unfortunately, C was subpar while E never sprouted.

One did not germinate, while the other two were labeled as:

  • Chemdawg C
  • Chemdawg D

Then, in 2006, four more seeds were germinated and labeled #1, #2, #3, and #4.

Chemdawg's place in history was sealed when '91 Chemdawg became one of the genetic forerunners of OG Kush and Sour Diesel - both being iconic lineages today. Not to be outdone, Chemdawg #4 itself is a highly prized strain. It emits a citrusy, lemony odor with a note of fuel that is reminiscent of OG Kush. More importantly, it delivers a perfect blend of euphoric high and body relaxation.

At home, Chemdawg #4 feminized seeds grow into a small-to-medium-sized plant towering no more than 60 cm. It has a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks, during which it develops beautiful light-green buds with orange pistils and a thick coat of crystals. Depending on growing conditions, it could yield up to 550 grams per square meter.


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