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Orange Strains

Sharpen up your focus with these amazing Orange cannabis strains.

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With the increase of marijuana use among young adults, so is the demand for fruity strains. One of the most sought-after are hybrids from the Orange cannabis family. These varieties share the sweet and sour zest of fresh citrus, which is associated with feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness. Not only that, the fragrant compound that produces this natural orange flavor also boasts of several therapeutic benefits that make canna-consumption health-enhancing, as well as pleasurable.

Meet the Orange Family

Today, more than ever, the market is saturated with high-THC strains. Not all have an appealing scent and taste, however. That is the advantage of orange-flavored varieties. Far from being an acquired taste, these citrusy plants are winsome even for beginners who have not developed a palate for the dank and musty. Of course, many seasoned enthusiasts also enjoy the refreshing savor of tangerine-like cannabis flowers.


The Orange family history is nothing short of fascinating. In the 1970s, known to old-timers as the "dopest" time in cannabis history, the hippie movement was at its peak. It was also during this decade that exotic strains from around the world emerged in the black market. With access to these exciting exports, the palate of "stoners" from yesteryears got more sophisticated while breeders and wannabes got busy in underground farms.

In California, although cannabis use as medication was only legalized in 1996 and for recreation in 2016, the canna-culture was burgeoning. One of the surprising creations of this colorful era was the citrus-flavored California Orange. It has a half-and-half Indica/Sativa ratio and incredibly resinous buds with a high THC level. With generations of inbreeding, the strain's genetics was stabilized, and it was eventually used to parent new hybrids. And this did not only happen in California, as the plant also proliferated in Amsterdam.

Where Did the Flavor Come From?

Limonene, the hydrocarbon found in the peels of citrus fruits, provides cannabis strains with a tangy, orange-like flavor and aroma. After myrcene, it is the second most abundant terpene in marijuana. Apart from enticing the olfaction, studies also confirm that the essential oil has these health-promoting functions:

  • Has anti-tumor growth action that targets cancer in the liver, lungs, breasts, and prostate
  • Boosts production of antibodies and inhibits the body's hypersensitivity to allergens and foreign compounds
  • Contains antifungal and antibacterial properties
  • Prevents stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Reduces pain
  • Controls inflammation
  • Relieves heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) because of its gastric acid neutralizing effect
  • Dissolves remaining gallstone after surgical removal
  • Inhibits age-associated cataracts caused by natural metabolic processes
  • Improves sleep
  • Decreases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes
  • Prevents weight gain

Through a natural mechanism called the "entourage effect," limonene, along with other terpenes, synergizes with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. The collaboration of these two types of plant-based compounds gives hybrids its distinct effect profile while also boosting its therapeutic expression.

Must-Try Orange Strains

Limonene's orange aroma and taste are universally likable. Apart from the burst of freshness, it also evokes positive emotions and unforgettable memories of fun summer days. Fortunately, there are loads of variants that boast this compound. Bear in mind, though, that cannabis varieties contain several terpenes, each one with distinct scent and benefits. Plus, having a seemingly predominant orange-like aroma does not mean that a strain has a limonene-dominant terpene profile. These explain why strains that seem identical or similar in so many ways end up having different effects.

The only foolproof way to find the orange bud that suits you best is to read the comprehensive review published on this site and try out the strains. To make your exploration of the vast and diverse collection less complicated, check out these praiseworthy varieties.

  • Tangie

The Sativa-heavy Tangie has an exciting blend of cheese and citrus with a mild fuel-like undertone. A cross between California Orange and Skunk #1, it is an all-rounder with fantastic, well-balanced effects. The bud increases mental and physical energy, which, in turn, also boosts productivity. At the same time, it induces a sense of calm, preventing hyperactivity.

Tangie is perfect for growers with enough space for tall cannabis plants. It stretches a lot and grows a leggy but lanky structure. Give it support as its promising colas mature and fatten. Also, prune low-growing nodes and branches so that the flowers get more energy and nutrients. Tangie is available as high CBD varietry as well as in feminized form.

  • Agent Orange

Despite having the same name as the powerful herbicide used in the Vietnam War, Agent Orange only battles anxiety, fatigue, and chronic pain, among others. It tickles the palate with the familiar sweet lemon taste of its parent, Orange Velvet. Then, it induces a stress-crushing euphoria and invigorates the body with a pain-killing buzz. Also, anticipate the appetite-boosting effect of Jack The Ripper, its other predecessor, to manifest and cause the infamous munchies.

Because Agent Orange is a rare hybrid, thus growing it yourself is the best way to ensure a steady supply. The citrusy flower matures into a leggy plant that is generous as long as provided with an optimal home to grow. Don't worry, though, as it has insane resilience against mold and mildew, which will make the endeavor more straightforward. Plus, by starting from its regular seeds, it is possible to create new varieties bearing its exceptional genetics.

  • Orange Velvet x Cinderella 99

A cross between two sweet citrusy- orange-flavored strains, Orange Velvet x Cinderella 99 is a must-try for all canna-enthusiasts with a palate for citrusy things. Its uplifting cerebral touch comes with a boost in focus and creativity, making it ideal for project-packed days. Physically, it invigorates for an hour or two before giving mellow comedown. Don't worry, though, as it does not couch-lock or induce lethargy, so staying mobile is definite with this herb.

Those interested in cultivating a new but promising variant are in luck as Orange Velvet x Cinderella 99 is a complete joy to grow. It is compact yet sturdy, so it will never need a trellis or support. Plus, the plant can be grown almost anywhere as long as conditions are decent as it has excellent resilience to common pests and diseases. Beginners and non-breeders can take advantage of its feminized seeds, while seasoned cultivators can use regular seeds.

  • Tangie x Chocolope

Unique and rare, the pairing of Tangie and Chocolope birthed a hybrid that smells and tastes like no other. Perhaps the best way to describe it is like a candied coffee bean with a lemon chocolate coating and an earthy, loam-like note. As for its influence, like both its parents, the cross is euphoric in every hit. It also invigorates from head to foot, allowing one to enjoy an active high. Additionally, by enhancing creative thinking, it is valuable when engaging in artistic endeavors too.

Although Sativa-leaning by genetics, the feminized Tangie x Chocolope grows like an Indica. It is a total hardy with uncomplicated garden needs. Plus, it only matures into small-to-medium size cannabis that thrives in grow areas with limited vertical space. On top of that, unlike most Sativa variants, this one finishes flowering in as fast as 9 weeks.

  • California Orange x Skunk

Known as the absolute best and the very first of Orange variants, California Orange is famous for its clear-headed cerebral hit. Skunk, on the other hand, is a legendary strain coveted for its well-balanced head to toe high. Crossing these outstanding varieties produced a lip-biting, tangy hybrid with a skunky undertone. When consumed in moderation, it frees the mind of mental clutters while providing ample energy to get things done. In higher dosages, however, anticipate a heavy body buzz that will encourage comfortable laziness. That being the case, be dosing conscious if staying mobile is desired.

Apart from pleasuring, California Orange x Skunk also aims to delight growers. While it requires a good enough experience to manage this strain appropriately, the plant has decent resilience against common diseases. Plus, with the use of its feminized seeds, no male can ruin an entire harvest, ensuring robust mothers with immensely resinous yields. Those are two less crucial things to worry about when growing this rare hybrid.

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