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Start off strong with our choice of the easiest strains to grow.

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  1. The Easiest Marijuana Seeds To Grow · Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

    With stable genetics alongside fast flowering times and simple, straight-forward maintenance, these seeds are some of the easiest marijuana seeds to grow.

Enjoying high-quality marijuana is like going on your favorite fine dining restaurant. The experience is sure to satisfy every time. However, regular use can be costly, especially in the long run.


Why Grow Your Own Cannabis Seeds?

There are three primary reasons for growing cannabis at home - cost, quality, and experience.

In the US, a store-bought marijuana flower averages around $10 to $15 per gram. Rarer ones can even command an easy $18 to $20 price tag. For regular users, especially those who rely on it for mental and physical relief, the cost can be high in the long run. In contrast, an HMG pack of 10 seeds, which may potentially yield hundreds of grams per plant, only costs more or less $100. Even though there is an initial investment in the equipment and consumables, it is recovered quickly after growing a few batches.

Apart from affordability, home-growing puts you in full control of the quality and safety profile of the buds. Cannabis doused with questionable substances sold at too-good-to-be-true prices can be avoided. You decide, among many others, which pesticide, compost, and stimulants to use.

Lastly, cultivating at home proves that, indeed, the fruit of your hard work is the sweetest. It brings an unexplainable sense of satisfaction and pride that no cannabis-induced euphoria can achieve.

Easy Growing Cannabis Strains

Cultivating marijuana does not have to be overwhelming. As a beginner, not only do online resources abound, but the team behind Homegrown Cannabis Co. stands behind you.

It starts with the seeds.

Practically all the strains found in this seed bank have undergone years of enhancements not only to stabilize but also to ensure reliable genetics and exceptional growth patterns.

Key Benefits:

  • Stable growth pattern

  • Robust structure

  • Great resilience against mold

  • Straightforward vegetative period

  • Short flowering cycle

  • High-yielding

  • Adapts well to environmental challenges

Circumstances and location can be limiting with regards to choosing an easy-to-grow strain. Each particular hybrid has unique growth tendencies and, therefore, requires specific environmental conditions. For that reason, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has stocked its catalog with diverse genetics. It ensures that there are more than enough strains that suit your needs and preferences.

The Easiest Strains to Grow

Many of the strains developed and offered by Homegrown Cannabis Co. share the easy-to-grow distinction. In developing or enhancing these classics and legends as well as new hybrids, ease of cultivation is always one of the primary priorities. Some of these strains even come in two or more types of seed.

Feminized Seeds

Fems are the most popular amongst home-growers for one reason - the absence of male chromosomes. As a result, almost 100% of the plants grow into females. Because of the massive demand, this type of seed has the most extensive collection of strains.

For delicious fragrance and intense, relaxing effects, Lemon Kush and Cream Caramel are excellent choices. Appetizing comes to mind at the whiff of its scent as it delivers a profound body stone. Fans of the quintessential Indica from the Hindu Kush mountains could revel while cultivating the Afghan. On the other side of the fence, Panama is highly capable of inciting intense, euphoric cerebral high.

Fast Version Seeds

The latest addition to Homegrown Cannabis Co., these are female seeds that have Ruderalis genes. It remains dependent on light cycles but has a quicker flowering time, often by two weeks. For first-timers with this type of seed, there is no better choice than Northern Lights - arguably the most recognizable name in the cannabis scene.

Autoflower Seeds

The swift lifespan and simple cultivation needs of autos make it a hit amongst growers of all skill levels. Depending on the strain, it takes only 6 to 10 weeks from germination to being ready for harvest. Regular, feminized, and fast version seeds are photoperiod plants. On the contrary, autos are not light-dependent and automatically transitions to the flowering stage 2-3 weeks into the vegetative period.

One of the most exciting strains to start with is Critical Fast Bud Auto. In a nutshell, it produces massive, dense buds that deliver a profound head high. Incredibly, 8-10 weeks after the seedlings appear, you could harvest up to 450 grams per square meter. Another strain worth considering is Zkittlez Auto if a relaxing buzz is preferred.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has also released many new autos, some of these are:

Regular Seeds

You can also choose to grow regular seeds though it may require a tad bit more effort. These seeds contain male and female chromosomes. Hence, the likelihood of males or females is 50/50. In anticipation of this possibility, a common practice is to germinate twice the planned number of plants. Unless the purpose of cultivation is for producing seeds or breeding, then the males need to be identified as soon as possible and then discarded or segregated.

Incidentally, regular seeds being "pure" is also the best way to preserve the genetic diversity of the species.

One of the best strains to consider is Gorilla Glue. As the name alludes to, it is a high yielder and capable of inducing an intensely cerebral and physical experience. For an even more insane mental stimulation, then try Bruce Banner.

Growing Easy Cannabis Strains for Beginners

The choice of strain and type of seed is essential to starting the cultivation strong. Fortunately, many of the elite strains in Homegrown Cannabis Co. are beginner-friendly. It means the plants are forgiving of common errors. Also, it could handle unfavorable environmental changes such as fluctuations in light schedules and pH levels, which might otherwise be challenging for newbies.

In spite of these advantages, providing an optimal condition is a must for it to finish even stronger. The following is an overview of the different factors to keep in mind.

1. Suitable Grow Area and Plant's Needs

Being new to growing cannabis, you might not have an existing setup just yet. Before rushing to buy a grow tent (as well as other pieces of equipment and accessories, you should know what the desired strain's needs are.

For outdoor cultivation, choose a strain that would thrive in the local climate. Unfortunately, the climatic conditions cannot be manipulated, as in the case of growing inside the house.

2. Cultivation Space

Homegrown Cannabis Co. makes understanding the needs of a strain easy by providing comprehensive information. After reviewing the requirements, prep the grow space. Make sure it has access to or equipped with the mechanism that provides:

  • Clean water source

  • Correct temperature and humidity

  • Adequate light source

  • Efficient ventilation

3. Choose the Medium and Growing Method

Organic soil remains to be widely-used regardless if cultivating indoors or outdoors. Hydroponics, though, is a suitable option that provides distinct benefits, including ease of regulating nutrient availability.

4. Training for Healthy Growth and Yield

One of the best ways to coax the most out of the plants is to manipulate its growth structure. For example, pruning and trimming leaves and branches is the most basic maintenance. Not only does it keep the foliage neat and tidy, but it optimizes the use of energy on budding sites. Other beginner-friendly methods include:

Screen of Green (ScrOG). It limits the height of the plant while increasing the size and enhancing the quality of the yield.

Sea of Green (SOG). Maximizes small spaces and boosts yield.

Low-Stress Training (LST). Changes the form of the plant by bending and tying down its branches.

Topping. Promotes multiple cola growth by cutting off the node on the plant's main cola, then splitting its stem in two.

FIMing. Similar to topping but less stressful. It only involves shaving off the top of the plant instead of completely removing it. Doing so encourages the growth of four principal nodes.

5. Germinating the Seeds

Once the grow room and all the necessary equipment are in place, then it is time to germinate the seeds. The number of plants you could grow depends on its size and available space. If it caters to 10 plants, for example, then pop 12 seeds (with two as reserve).

For regular seeds, assume that half would turn out to be males. As such, you could germinate twice the desired number of plants.

Seeds can germinate properly if these three things are provided: water, air, and heat. The most straightforward methods are the following:

  • Using a moist paper towel

  • Soaking seeds overnight

  • Utilizing a germination station

  • Starting with Rockwool cubes or seedling plugs

  • Planting directly in the soil

6. Feed the Cannabis

Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) are the primary nutrients cannabis plants need. The percentage varies depending on the growth stage. They also require Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and Copper in smaller amounts.

7. Harvest at the Right Time

To achieve the highest potency, harvesting the cannabis flowers at just the right time is crucial. That is when 50-70% of the pistils have darkened, and most of the trichomes appear milky or cloudy. Once 70 to 90% of the hairs have darkened, and the trichomes have ambered, the buds already have less THC and more CBD, thereby producing a more calming effect

8. Dry and Cure

Performing this post-harvest procedure correctly improves the taste of the buds and the quality of the smoke. Plus, it reduces the risk of contracting molds. Here's how to do it right:

  1. Trim the colas before drying.

  2. Have a designated drying room where conditions can be controlled. It should be spotlessly clean, have fans or heaters (depending on the season), a dehumidifier, and a monitoring tool. The temperature must be set to 21°C while the RH level should be around 50%. Additionally, the location should have zero light and moisture leaks.

  3. Hang the colas in dry racks or wire mesh, and spread evenly. Do not rush the drying process or expose the buds to too much heat.

  4. Check the buds every 3-7 days. Keep the buds drying until it passes the snap test.

  5. Place the buds in jars and fill each one around 3/4 full. Store in a curing environment with a 21°C temperature and 60% RH level.

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