The Homegrown Christmas Challenge

Homegrown Christmas Challenge
November 30, 2020

Tis’ the season to be jolly and here at Homegrown we are in a particularly giving mood this year.

In fact, we have presents for every day of December in the run-up to Christmas. Starting December 1st, we will be activating daily missions on BrandBassador until December 25th. Everyone who completes all 25 missions will receive a FREE 4-pack of Cannabis seeds, and then 5 lucky winners will receive an ADDITIONAL prize!

Christmas Mission Challenge

As previously mentioned, starting 12/1/2020 we will be activating our first mission in this Christmas challenge. There will be subsequent missions activated daily until 12/25/2020, Christmas Day, for you to complete. Now, you don’t necessarily have to complete the mission the day it goes live, we understand that for whatever reason, technical issues, etc, people may be unable to do so. So, don’t worry if you miss a day, you can still complete all the missions.

Completing all 25 missions earns you a FREE 4-pack of seeds and culminates in our Christmas competition where you can win one of our Christmas Mixpacks! This time, it’s the Very Berry pack that is up for grabs! This is no ordinary Mix Pack, each prize pack of Very Berry will consist of no less than 45 seeds! This means we are giving 225 seeds away this Christmas, 45 seeds for each of the 5 lucky winners. The Very Berry Mix Pack consists of 3 different seed strains: Strawberry Cough, Blueberry, and Shishkaberry.

The Homegrown Christmas Competition

  • Complete all 25 missions for a FREE 4-pack of Cannabis Seeds!
  • Complete all 25 missions for a chance to win a Very Berry Xmas mix pack (45 seeds)
  • Winner announced 12/28/2020

December missions:

  1. Share our Kyle Kushman CWC article on your IG story. For those above 10k – swipe up
  2. Share our Kyle Kushman CWC article on your Facebook page.
  3. Share our Nikki and Swami CWC article on your IG story. For those above 10k – swipe up
  4. Share our Nikki and Swami CWC article on your Facebook page.
  5. Share our Steve DeAngelo CWC article on your IG story. For those above 10k – swipe up
  6. Share our Steve DeAngelo CWC article on your Facebook page.
  7. Tell us which strains you are going to grow in 2021 and why! Post it on your IG story and tag us.
  8. Post a carousel on instagram of your plant now vs when you started. Tag us!
  9. RSVP to our Growing Live with Kyle Kushman on the 16th at 6PM!
  10. Share our Christmas promo video on your facebook feed!
  11. Create a 5+ person group message discussing “why do you grow cannabis?” and “what are strain you growing this year?” Screenshot and submit after 3 responses.
  12. Share our Growing Live with Kyle Kushman Facebook Event on your Facebook feed or your IG story if you have above 10,000 followers to swipe up!
  13. Send us a video saying “why you grow cannabis at home” in LESS than 5 seconds!
  14. Enter our CWC free seeds giveaway! Like and share our post on Facebook to do so!
  15. Ask a question for Kyle Kushman to answer in the Growing Live thread on our forum!
  16. Send us a selfie photo of you watching Growing Live on your desktop. Post it on your story and tag us.
  17. Are you on LinkedIn? Connect with Homegrown!
  18. Retweet one of our tweets from our page!
  19. Share our Christmas video on your social channels!
  20. Share our Facebook giveaway on your feed for additional entries!
  21. Share a link to your favorite Homegrown article on your facebook feed or IG story if you have more than 10,000 followers.
  22. Send us a screenshot of your signup and a friend’s signup to our newsletter!
  23. Leave us a nice review on Trustpilot!
  24. Post a photo/video of you watching our CWC or ABG videos and caption it “Netflix and Chill with @homegrownworld
  25. Send us a photo of your cannabis plant dressed as a Christmas tree

A Homegrown Christmas!

This is an amazing chance to get yourself some free seeds and become an active member of the Homegrown community, flex your muscles as a Homegrown Cannabis Co. ambassador, and recommend the brand to friends and followers!

Now, maybe you haven’t got an advent calendar but this is better in basically every way! This year, instead of cheap chocolate you can get your hands on high-quality cannabis seeds instead!

This challenge will begin on 12/1/2020 and continue until 12/25/2020 – taking you from the start of the month right up to the special day! The winners of the competition will be announced on 12/28/2020!

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