How to Get Rid of Weed Smell?

How to get rid of weed smell
February 26, 2021

How to get rid of weed smell is a question many cannabis growers, farmers and smoking ask ourselves. Whether you are growing, smoking, or farming cannabis at some stage you may want to mask the aroma or even get rid of the weed smell. Marijuana has a natural and beautiful aroma, but it can be potent and often intrusive, so if you want know how do we get rid of weed smell, tune in!

Why does Cannabis Smell?

Weed smells aromatic, pungent, fragrant, natural and downright skunky, however you look at it, let’s be frank, the smell of weed is strong, so whether you are growing weed, storing weed or smoking weed, weed smells and getting rid for weed smell, before it lingers can be an amusing challenge. So, why does cannabis smell so good?

Why does cannabis smell?
Terpenes give cannabis plants their distinct smell

You have terpenes to thank for marijuana’s distinctive signature aroma. Flavinoids produced in the trichomes are responsible for the scent. The subtleties of taste and flavor will change from strain to strain. This is due to the unique terpene profile a particular strain possesses and this is why getting rid of the weed smell is is almost impossible.  

Guilty party No#1 is a terpene called Myrcene, the most dominant terpene in cannabis, which can also be found in Bay, Thyme, Cloves and Hop plants, so the smell of weed is hopefully here to stay.

Terpenes and cannabinoids working together is called the ‘entourage effect’. This effect is what is understood to give certain strains their unique characteristics and effects.

So, if breeders ever attempt to limit terpene production then the aroma of marijuana would result in reduced potency and reduced natural effect. Breeders have spent years trying to enhance terpene profiles and flavor so it is here to stay, at least for now.

Controlling and getting rid of the smell of weed while Growing

From the moment your seeds germinate until they harvest, the smell of marijuana increases exponentially. The tell-tale aroma can often create unwanted attention and even trigger curious rubber necking! So, the problem growers, farmers and smokers face, is how to eliminate weed odor?

Provide adequate air circulation to remove the smell of weed

It really doesn’t matter where you’re growing weed. Whether in a grow tent, a shed, a closet or even a purpose-designed grow room, it is a requirement that you have adequate air circulation. Without it, you’re going to be wondering how to get the smell of weed out of your place for a very long time!

Ventilating the grow space will help to reduce the smell in the immediate area and disperse it. This alone could be adequate during the vegetative stage of your crop’s growth. Once those trichomes start to develop during the flowering stage, however, it is a very different story.  With the cannabis odor becoming more intense, it’s essential that you install an odor reduction system. Including, a number of decent carbon filters or air ‘scrubbers’. This will help to get rid of the smell of weed.

Carbon Filter
Carbon filter system

Activated carbon filters will remove around 90% of particulates. This happens by trapping and storing them in the highly ionized carbon molecules. 

The air that leaves the extraction system will carry almost no trace of what secrets are contained within. From cheap options to more complex, expensive systems, you should be able to find one of these essential pieces that will suit your budget.

Secure the Grow Room and reduce the smell of weed

The best way to get rid of weed smell is to thoroughly seal the grow-space. You should do this after fitting your extraction system. Securing the door with a lock is a good idea and will stop it from being opened inadvertently and the whiff of weed escapes.  

Grow Room with Fan
Make a nice secure grow room

To go a step further, track down any gaps or seals where air might leak out of the space and seal the gap with a good quality duck-tape.  Wherever possible, seal gaps from the inside so anyone or anything unauthorized cannot peel back or pull the duck-tape. This will also help to minimize light egress, which can be a giveaway.

Masking and eliminating weed odor when storing cannabis

It’s normal to wrap your weed in plastic or foil. However, this is not very effective, because your nose may have become accustom to the weed smell over time. If you return to the grow space after being outside in the fresh air, then the smell is instantly recognizable, which means it is also recognizable to any unwanted visitors.

The longer your weed is left unsealed, the longer it will take you to get rid of its weed smell.  Ziplock bags, smell-proofing containers and coffee grinds are temporary fixes, so if you use these, it’s probably time to invest in the right storage containers for cannabis.  

Smell-proof weed storage containers

There are many commercially manufactured herb containers available to purchase on the internet, some of which also help to regulate the humidity of your buds, as well. Most are designed to keep light from degrading your weed, but some are transparent and proudly display your nugs. The size of these commercial containers can be restrictive, so you may find that a mason jar works as a suitable alternative, obviously this depends on how much cannabis you have to store.

How to prevent and get rid of the smell of weed smoke

If you’re smoking indoors, especially joints and bowls mixed with tobacco, you’re pretty much on a hiding to nothing. Smoke clings to fabric and soft furnishings, walls, and other surfaces.  Nothing short of shampooing the carpet, washing the curtains, and redecorating is going to remove weed smell.

As we’ve often said, prevention is better than cure and this applies to weed smoke, too. Instead of wondering how to get weed smell out of the room, reduce the amount of smell you produce in the first place. 

You could look for a cannabis strain that has a low odor, but when all is said and done, cannabis smells strong, so you may have to try something new. 

A Sploof will reduce and remove the weed smell

A Sploof is one way to get rid of weed smell and a relatively easy DIY solution to the problem. All you’ll need is scissors, a cardboard toilet roll tube, a rubber band, and a scented tumble-dryer sheet, or even toilet paper.

The Sploof is made by securing the dryer sheet around one end of the cardboard toilet roll tube with the elastic band, rather like a basic drum-skin.  You could use a plastic bottle as the tube, if you have one to hand.

When smoking, exhale into the open end of the Sploof and the dryer sheet will act as a filter. You will be surprised how well this works, for such a rudimentary tool.

Commercially produced sploofs, such as Sploofy and Smoke Trap are available for purchase online if you want a more permanent sploof solution.  These incredibly effective and portable sploofs feature replaceable filters and are remarkably adept at concealing covert cannabis use. So, eliminate pot smell with a portable air filter.

Use a Vape to vaporize the smell of weed

A way how to make your room not smell like weed is using a vaporizer. It may not be the ideal replacement for those who enjoy, blunts, bongs and joints, but they are far more inconspicuous. Because the weed is vaporized, rather than combusted, there is far less smoke and a good quality vape can all but eliminate the problem of how to get rid of weed smell in a room.

Vape pens range from $50 (basic) to $300 (luxury), so depending upon how often you smoke this will determine your selection. More advanced vapes feature super cool vapor paths which allow the vaping temperature to be controlled, one degree at a time, cool hey!  This flexibility allows the user to choose which terpenes are vaped and modify the effects as well as the aromas.

Remember, when you vape fresh herb, there is a big AVB bonus (Already Vaped Bud) is your free high so don’t bin it as it is perfect for making edibles and tinctures.  Reduced odor and a free high, what’s not to like about vaping?

Use a One-Hitter

A one-hitter is a small, discrete marijuana pipe, intended to give the user a single hit of weed. Whether you’re looking for a quick toke or a lone drag, One-hitter’s fit nicely into your pocket. 

It has an added benefit, which reduces the smell of weed that is normally produced with a regular pipe, although there is often a tell-tale aroma unless you are taking a quick hit and almost all the smoke is dragged into your lungs, yes! What comes out is far less pot smell than went in. A one-hitter has a mouthpiece, a stem, and a small bowl at the other end which holds around 25mg of weed.

Cannabis edibles

Eating cannabis edibles provide a different high to smoking weed. Cannabis edibles are becoming increasingly popular and what’s more, the commercial manufacturing business is booming. Most legal dispensaries provide an exciting wide range of cannabis edibles, so much so, that you won’t need to think about getting rid of the smell of weed.

You can make cannabis edibles at home. It’s easy. Once you’ve produced a good cannabis tincture or some canna-butter, the only thing that limits you is your culinary skills and imagination and as we know, good things come to whose who wait!

Decarboxylating marijuana is a prerequisite for making good edibles and the process is fun and fragrant. You will need to open a window and keep the area well ventilated as keeping windows open is one of the best ways to get rid of the smell of weed by elimination.

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell in the House? 

A really popular internet query, at the moment and dating back, is “How to remove weed smell?”, so, if you are wondering much the same then let’s take a look at a few useful solutions

You could buy an air purifier or you could install a smoke filter in your house, these are both fairly cheap alternatives, which cover up the smell of weed smoke and this will get rid of pot smells, post session!

Incense sticks masks the smell of weed

Incense can be used to get rid of the smell of weed in a room and may be used preemptively.  If you’re about to roll up a fat one, light some incense. The room will start to fill with the heady perfume and will help to disguise the true nature of your joint, or bowl aromas. Spark an incense stick up afterward and it’ll still help mask the marijuana smell.

Incense comes in an ever-increasing range of scents and the best ones to aid you in your covert endeavors are sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, or Nag Champa. Nag Champa is a traditional incense that has been used in the temples and ashrams of the east for centuries. Typically, it is made from ayurvedic recipes using resins, honey, wood, essential oils and herbs.


Lighting a scented candle is a nice relaxing method of eliminating odors and even the cheapest of scented candles can help to cover up weed smells. There is no need to splash out on expensive candles, although those with rich, heady scents provide that extra cover.

Candle to Mask Weed Smell
Candles are a great way to get rid of weed smells

There are even companies producing candles whose scents are specifically blended to eliminate weed smells in your room.  Made from beeswax, soy wax, and a range of non-toxic plant oils Cannabolish candles stem from 30 years of candle manufacturing experience.

Consider using a spray to get rid of the smell of weed

Hiss, hiss, spray to get rid of weed smell! Particles in the air obey the rules of gravity, like everything else, and eventually gather on surfaces.  Using pine and lemon-scented surface sprays will not only help to eliminate lingering smells, but also help mask the smell of ganja.

There are all sorts of useful air-freshener’s and sprays available, most of which will mask smells, so next time you buy cannabis seeds to grow you own, remember, when you take a toke if you need to get rid of the smell of weed, check under the kitchen sink as there is always a can of Febreeze hanging around, which works well on fabrics and carpets.

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