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Live Q&A with Kyle Kushman on Wednesday 18th November

Growing Live with Kyle Kushman November 18
November 16, 2020

Growing Live returns on Wednesday, November 18th at 18:00 (PT) when legendary cannabis cultivator Kyle Kushman will sit alongside the great Nate Hammer to talk about everything related to cannabis cultivation, his own personal experience, and much more all while answering your questions!

This is a great opportunity to get involved in the cannabis community and pick the brain of a real-life living legend in Kyle Kushman. To get involved and make the most out of this amazing opportunity, you should:

  • RSVP to the Growing Live Facebook Event
  • Sign up and become a member of the Homegrown Forum (if you haven’t done so already)
  • Post your questions in the Growing Live Forum Thread
  • Withhold your excitement and wait patiently until Wednesday, November 18th at 6pm (Pacific Time) when the stream will begin
  • Head over to the Homegrown Forum thread (above) and tune in to the Q&A
Growing Live with Kyle Kushman Gif

Once you have done all of the above, you’ll be all set and the only thing left to do will be to sit back, relax and watch as the winner of 13 Cannabis Cups, former High Times cultivation editor and star of our A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Cannabis video series Kyle Kushman.

As time goes by the partnership between Homegrown Cannabis Co. and Kyle Kushman has gone from strength to strength – from his indispensable video guides for growing marijuana indoors to his writing for us on a number of different topics such as SOG vs SCROG or his Wedding Cake Strain Profile all of which aim to give further information for growers to help improve their skills.

If you’ve watched any of the previous installments of Growing Live, you’ll know how much of a joy it is to watch Kyle Kushman riff on everything related to cannabis, from his own personal practices, how he implements different techniques in the grow room as well as some humorous and truly interesting stories that can only be told by a man who has over 30 years of experience as a cannabis grower.

In the previous episodes of Growing Live, Kyle Kushman has tackled some pretty tough questions, after all, he is a master grower and can therefore answer most questions related to cannabis in general. Having pioneered or even created numerous practices and techniques which are now commonplace when growing cannabis, Kyle Kushman continues to push cannabis cultivation forward into new and exciting territories. It’s not every day you get to have your questions answered by an iconic figure such as Kyle Kushman in real-time, but we are more than happy to present our loyal Homegrowers with such an opportunity!

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