How Can CBD Provide A Boost For Your Immune System?

CBD to Boost Immune System
December 11, 2020

Do you want to boost your immune system? Are you wondering whether CBD can help you increase your immunity? If yes, you’re on the right page.

In the current times, one word that has managed to pop up in every conversation is ‘immunity.’ People are becoming increasingly particular about their health and undertaking ways to keep their immune system strong. Recently, many of CBD’s health benefits came to the fore, such as CBD for anxiety and CBD for pain. Keep reading to find out how the cannabinoid CBD can give a much-needed boost to your immune system as well.

What is CBD?

Before we begin discussing how CBD affects the immune system, do you know what it is? The infamous cannabis plant contains hundreds of different chemical compounds, scientifically called cannabinoids. Among these hundreds, the most prominent cannabinoid is Cannabinoid or CBD. It occupies 40% of the plant matter and is responsible for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, there are even exclusive, high CBD strains that contain almost no psychoactive elements. CBD is non-psychoactive, which implies that it will not induce a mind-altering high. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the culprit behind the psychoactive effects of the cannabis plant.  

The manufacturers use an extensive Co2 extraction process to get CBD from the cannabis plants. It is available as an oil, isolate, capsules, tinctures, edibles, and even topicals. If you are looking for ways of using cannabis for recreational reasons, you can try THC Vape juice or wax. It is a THC concentrate that can be extremely potent and help you relax your mind and body.

What is the Immune System?

The immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues, and even organs that destroy foreign particles. The crucial part of the immune system is white blood cells, which help keep you healthy and alive. There are two different white blood cells – phagocytes and lymphocytes. While lymphocytes (B-cells and T-cells) destroy antigens, phagocytes help absorb and neutralize invaders, preventing the disease from spreading further.  

Immune System

How can CBD Boost your Immunity?

CBD can offer plenty of health benefits, from alleviating pain to anxiety. It can do so because of the presence of the endocannabinoid system in the human body. The endocannabinoid system is a highly complex structure of cells that helps regulate bodily functions like memory, mood, reproductive health, digestive, and even immunity. It produces neurotransmitters called cannabinoids that travel throughout the body and bind with receptors present in the cells or organs. 

The cannabinoids found in cannabis, like CBD, are similar to the ones produced inside the body. When you ingest CBD, the cannabinoids will bind with receptors present in the body to initiate change.

While the evidence is still lacking, it is believed that the immune system can also work optimally because of the functions performed by endocannabinoids. Targeted cannabinoids like CBD may help boost the immune system and keep you healthy. It can fight antigens, diseases, and viruses.

Here are some ways in which the cannabis byproduct can help boost your immunity:

1.       CBD and Auto-immune Diseases

Inflammation is a vital bodily response that helps the immune system in inhibiting infections. It isolates the damaged and infected cells to stop a disease from spreading further. While inflammation is essential, a hyperactive immune system can cause overreaction when met with diseases or allergens and lead to self-harm. This is the reason behind auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

CBD is known as an anti-inflammatory agent that can help suppress the immune system and reducing inflammation. It can help people with auto-immune diseases by reducing pain and increasing their mobility.   

2.       CBD and Cancer:

Another function of the immune system is to notify aged and unhealthy cells that it is their time to self-destruct. When the damaged cells forget about destroying themselves, they proliferate, and the disease can spread quickly. CBD can help in the self-destruction of all the damaged cells, leading to apoptosis, and ultimately reducing the tumor’s growth. It can strengthen your immune system and also reduce nausea and vomiting that come with chemotherapy. 

Dosing CBD Oil

3.       CBD and AIDS:

The major cause of AIDS is the dysfunction of the immune system. Having HIV/AIDS can also compromise the immune system, and the body loses its ability to fight. Regularly taking CBD can also help the immune system to perform better and relieve the symptoms of AIDS. 

4.       CBD and Neuroinflammatory diseases:

The immune system also causes neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative troubles like stroke and cerebral ischemia. CBD may prove beneficial in neurogenesis and neurodegeneration, promoting new and degenerating old nervous tissues of the brain.    

Can CBD Adversely Affect your Immune System?

Owing to the lack of research, people are still skeptical about using CBD for boosting immunity. There are a few claims that CBD can be negative, although there is no concrete proof to establish it.   


Here are some speculations on how CBD can work as an immunosuppressant:

  •  It can suppress or modulate the function of cytokines, a group of proteins that regulates immunity.
  • It may suppress chemokine production, which leads immune cells to the infection site to help white blood cells destroy microbes.
  • CBD can also suppress T-cells’ production and function, which ultimately affects your immune system’s ability to remember all the foreign invaders.

Final Thoughts on CBD and the Immune System

CBD has managed to become a buzzword for all the right reasons. It can be a popular treat for a wide array of health troubles, both physical and psychological. Along with a healthy lifestyle and diet, the consumption of the cannabinoid can help strengthen your immune system, helping you stay healthy and fit. You can keep any disease, virus, and inflammation away with the help of the magical cannabinoid CBD.

If you want to boost your immunity, consult your doctor before you start taking CBD.

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