Swapping your Morning Coffee for Cannabis

Replace coffee with cannabis
November 26, 2020

Everyone looks for that little boost in the morning.  Often as part of a personal routine, that sets you up for the day and helps you to take on the world.  How many times have you heard, “I need to shower before I do anything!”, or “Oh, I just can’t face the day, until I’ve had my morning coffee!”?

Well, it may be surprising to learn that millennials and creatives are increasingly looking to cannabis, to give them the lift they seek and are foregoing their morning jolt of Joe.  This is far more than a habitual ‘wake and bake’ ritual, that might leave one bumbling through the day; this is the targeted use of specific strains of weed, to enhance performance and give them an edge.

Can you use Marijuana for Energy?

It seems that a little bit of ‘green’ can give you a lift, a real surge of energy and a cerebral high that helps you focus on your tasks ahead.

Despite the fact that cannabis, in general, has a reputation for making the user sleepy (the dopey, couch-locked hippie cliché), there are different strains of weed, with very different characteristics. 

By far the two most common species of cannabis, are Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.  Sativa is now commonly recognized as the weed that uplifts and gives you energy, whilst Indica strains are seen to mellow the user out.  This is somewhat of a generalization, but due to the varying amounts of THC and CBD, the two dominant cannabinoids prevalent in each strain, it does tend to be the case.

With the increasing sophistication of cross-pollination and crossbreeding techniques, growers are now able to craft hybrids that harness the unique characteristics of a single strain and its varying, constituent cannabinoids and marry it with another.   This engineering produces new strains, that are suitable for a variety of situations and that can be harnessed in quite specific ways.

Those uses may be medicinal; for pain and anxiety relief, for example.  Or you might be seeking a calming, sleep-inducing high, to help you drift off into the night?  However, the Holy Grail for caffeine-kicking rebels is the ‘pack your bag, you’re coming to the gym’, fatigue-crushing weed, that provides an energy boost and actually helps with motivation and focus.

If that’s what you happen to be looking for, stick with us because we can recommend a whole bunch!

What Advantages do Energetic Weed Strains have over Coffee?

Many AM users of weed believe that caffeine can be detrimental to their focus and, in some cases, actually suppress energy.  They claim exactly the opposite is true of a high boost strain of weed, which lifts and elevates mood and productivity. 

Indeed, it is well documented that caffeine intake can be directly associated with increased anxiety, agitation, and irritability, all of which can be creatively counterproductive, and certainly undesirable in the workplace.

In addition, high caffeine consumption is associated with insomnia, loss of appetite, digestive issues, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and, perhaps most surprisingly, tiredness?

Not so, for a nice stimulating, THC loaded Sativa; though you’ll definitely want to avoid a heavy Indica and the ‘Kush crush’!

Our recommended Marijuana strains, below, not only provide an energy kick but are also believed to possess a host of beneficial, medicinal properties; from helping with pervasive psychological issues, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and ADHD, to potent anti-inflammatory effects and relief from muscle spasms and pain, of all levels.  One of them potentially stops nausea and vomiting too; a feature that has made it popular among chemotherapy patients and those with eating disorders.

All that, without any of the other negative associations of caffeine, too!

It is true that high THC weeds can and do sometimes induce a distracting and towering high in a handful of users.  Now though, with the development of ‘designer’ hybrids, it’s possible for a user of even the most energetic weed strain, to balance that vertiginous euphoria with the calming nature of an Indica.  The reality is that you can now secure your best strain of weed for energy with a mellowing and focused influence, which will actually help with stress and anxiety, rather than create it.  

However, just like coffee, you don’t want to be hitting a bowl of these particularly energizing strains just before bed; unless you want to be bouncing all night, of course.

Some of the Best Pot Strains for Energy

Now, it may take a little experimentation to find the best boost strain for you, but who minds a little experimenting, when it comes to our favorite herb?  As a general rule and to steer you in the right direction, look for a high THC strain, probably a Sativa, with maybe a touch of Indica in there, to take off that real elevation and help with mental clarity.

We’ve listed what we consider to be some of our best weed strains for energy, below.

Strawberry Cough Feminized

Strawberry Cough Feminized is widely recognized as one of the best Sativa dominant strains on the market. This fruity bud really lives up to its name and delivers the distinct flavor profile of strawberries.  The high THC levels lend it a happy and energizing high and makes it a perfect wake-and-bake strain.

The sweet and sticky Strawberry Cough is an iconic hybrid strain, and even novice gardeners can grow it with ease, thanks to the feminized seeds.  It thrives well in any setup, with only the minimal of maintenance, and is a great way to start your adventure in cannabis cultivation.  It has even won the Best Flower title in the Cannabis Cup, in 2013.

Purple Thai Feminized

Purple Thai Feminized is, without doubt, an insanely potent strain and can boast at least 20% THC.  It is capable of inducing a highly energetic, euphoric, and cerebral high which is, perhaps, best avoided by beginners.  Although, conversely, feminized seeds make it perfect for the newbie cultivator.

This marijuana’s energizing effects swarm into the mind and the body, in an instant, and the mood shifts to positivity and happiness.  This is one of the reasons Purple Thai is known as a great wake-and-bake strain.

Not only does it provide a boost of vigor for physical activities, but it also promotes mental clarity and focus. It can even unlock the creative side, making innovative thoughts and ideas flow freely.  The seemingly limitless energy boost goes on for hours.

Amnesia Fast Version

This super potent, Sativa-dominant strain, is excellent for wake and bake, as it brings a glorious, happy high that makes the world seem bright, even on a cloudy day.  It will help boost energy, creativity, and productivity.

HOWEVER, it may be wise to avoid Amnesia Fast Version before work.  A single toke on this legend can send a cerebral blow that’s capable of causing a brief memory blackout.  Instead of a pre-work push, its many enthusiasts tend to use it when they need some extra vigor; this is your “Grab your gym bag”, or “Grab your coat, we’re going back to my place” bud of choice!

With a wealth of therapeutic benefits, it has taken the medical cannabis industry by storm. Not only does it offer potential pain relief, but it may also help patients with mental health concerns.

This ‘Fast Version’ of Amnesia can be grown in pretty much any setup. Not only is it fast to finish, but the yields are sizable as well.

CBD Haze Autoflower

Thanks to its almost 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, this beauty delivers a considerably mellow high and a relaxing, clear-headed effect that’s perfect for carrying out daily tasks requiring focus and motivation.

The buzz tends to be potent, cerebral, and long-lasting, and the infusion of high levels of cannabidiol helps tone down the intense effects of THC, replacing them with CBD’s healing potential.

CBD Haze Autoflower has profound therapeutic potential and may also help wipe out stress and anxiety, allowing you to relax and let go of worries burdening your mind. This makes it a great companion strain for meditation, or yoga sessions.

Stable, hardy, fast-growing and easy to tend to, this strain’s lightning-quick growth cycle averages ten weeks, from seed to harvest, and it has a satisfyingly high-yield.

Black Jack Autoflower

Black Jack Autoflower is loved by tokers for its unique scent, lovely flavor, and mean mental kick; whilst medical users value it for its soothing properties and immense medicinal potential.

This Sativa will shower you with extra creativity, focus and energy, and will help boost productivity.  Completing tasks won’t be a problem, and concocting exciting concepts for new projects comes easy too.

With THC levels as high as 25%, it’s one of the most potent strains out there.  As you’d expect from such a potent strain, it hits fast and goes straight to the head.  Immediately, you’ll sense a heaviness in your head, followed by an uplifting, euphoric feeling as the buzz progresses.  You’ll probably feel emotionally and mentally lighter, as if the sun is suddenly shining a little brighter.

Don’t want to Smoke? Try Sativa Edibles for Energy

Whatever your choice for a morning buzz, don’t forget that the way you take your weed can hugely alter the affects you feel. 

For those of you looking for that initial punch, hit and lift, a toke is probably the way forward.  Alternatively, if you prefer a different vibe and like your buzz to creep upon you and then surprise you when you find yourself in its embrace, maybe an edible would be the direction to take?

Naturally, it would be Sativa edibles for energy as opposed to Indica, this is because Sativa is the weed that gives you energy. We understand that not everyone may want to smoke, for health reasons, therefore edibles are a much cleaner way to consume weed, you can tie this in with your morning routines. Try making your own cannabis gummies or maybe even making your own firecracker.

There are plenty of options when it comes to Weed to Eat and this is something we will be looking into further in the future for sure!

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