How To Make Dabs Using Rosin Tech With Hair Straightener

How To Make Dabs Using Rosin Tech With Hair Straightener
November 22, 2019

To make high-quality extracts, one needs to employ a precise method and use high-end devices. Having a fully equipped room is crucial too in keeping all participants involved safe. Such venture is not only demanding but costly as well.

With the recent craze of rosin tech, however, making dabs has never been simpler. On top of that, the process is also safe, swift, and solvent-free.

What Is Rosin Technology

Rosin technique is the latest method in cannabis extraction. Compared to the earlier versions, this process separates the essence from the plant through the application of heat and pressure only. It does not need chemical solutions or specialized apparatuses to achieve high caliber concentrates. Hence, its produce is safe from harmful synthetic residues.

Rosin Tech

The material to obtain the oil can be from regular marijuana flowers, hash, or dry sift kief. Whatever one uses, the potency level of the end-product is the same as the material. This procedure forces terpenes and cannabinoid oil inside the trichome heads to come out through heat and pressure. The result is a sticky, yellow-ish substance stoners call “dab.”

On the other hand, other variables may also affect the outcome. Say, the type, quality, as well as the age of the buds, determine how much force is required to achieve optimal results. It is also the same in applying heat. Thus, knowing the subject well is crucial in producing high-quality substances.

Brief History

Extracts, especially the solventless strains, are not an easy-grab treat for enthusiasts before. But around the year 2015, a man named Phil Salazar, also known as Soilgrown, found a way to resolve this scarcity. He introduced rosin technology and, from then on, the method has immensely gained popularity.


One of the questions beginners frequently ask is, “is the rosin method safe?” The answer is, yes. As mentioned, this technique does not need foreign chemicals that may cause deadly explosions. It is free of contaminants as well, which are deemed dangerous for consumer’s health. Hence, rosin is the safest procedure for making clean and pure cannabis substance.


Separating the essence from the marijuana plant by applying heat and pressure is proven safe. However, the practice entails a few hazards as well. It includes extreme euphoria, getting hand burns, and several risks related to dabbing.

Getting Too High

For instance, the potency level of each strain – including essences produced using rosin technique – yields 70% to 90% of THC. This amount of mind-altering compounds is enough to cause intense psychedelic effects to a person, especially for beginners.


Although studies say overdosing is impossible, there is a rare chance that psychosis could occur. A study published in Schizophrenia Research shows that high consumption of THC-concentrates may cause the development of psychosis. For this reason, beginners, as well as seasoned users, must be wary of the dosage.

Hand Burns

Enthusiasts should be careful as heat is necessary during the entire method. It might not be as dangerous as psychosis, but it is not fun getting hand burns. So never forget to wear heat-resistant gloves during the process.

Six Advantages Of Using Rosin Tech

Several factors make rosin tech beneficial to its users. And, each one contributes to the procedure’s steadily rising popularity.

Safer Method

Using heat and pressure is the most secure way to make dabs. The procedure does not need foreign substances like the flammable solvent butane. Hence, it poses no danger of chemical leakage that may cause minor to deadly explosions. The method is safe even to novice users.

High Potency

Compared to buds, cannabis tinctures are more potent. Extracts contain 70% to 90% of either THC or CBD while flowers may only provide 20% to 40%. And, since the material used in rosin is pure cannabis essence, then it can yield stronger psychedelic effects. It is perfect for dauntless and risk-taking weedists who prefer high caliber substances.

Chemical-Free Produce

To separate the oil from the weed, one only needs to apply heat and pressure. No need to add solvents that can leave hazardous chemical, and in turn build up into contaminants. Hence, it is safe for consumers’ health and well-being.

Easy Process

Concentrates are known for its demanding and meticulous method. As a result, weedists do not consider it worthy of making. After the accidental discovery of the new extraction process of using heat and pressure, though, many have become interested. Now, even starters can produce homemade dabs without worrying about unwanted accidents.


Methods that include chemical solvents require high-end equipment and a fully equipped laboratory to produce high-quality essences. This kind of set up is too costly — about half to one hundred thousand dollars.

On a lighter note, rosin technique offers an affordable way for DIY weedists and those who are on a tight budget. With just heat and pressure, anyone can make dabs without spending a massive amount of money.

Fast Acting

Unlike edibles which require 20 to 30 minutes before its effects manifest, dabs only need 1 to 2 minutes. It applies to all extracts as well, and not just for rosins.

How To Make Dabs The Simplest Way

The simplest way to do rosin is with the help of a hair straightener. No one would have imagined that the solution to the rarity of solvent-free dabs relies on a vanity tool. Sounds odd but completely true.

How To

On the one hand, some devices are mainly made and designed for rosin method. Such instruments offer a variety of perks that can further enhance the quality of the substance. The only downside is that the price is not as affordable as a hair straightener.


  • Hair Straightener
  • Parchment Paper
  • Dab tool
  • Marijuana Buds


  1. Before starting, gather all the required materials first.
  2. Once everything is complete, get a piece of parchment paper and fold it into half. Make sure that the size of the fold is big enough to hold an ample amount of buds.
  3. Turn on and start heating the hair straightener. The standard heat should be around 200 degrees Fahrenheit and below, so make sure not to exceed that number. While waiting, carefully place the buds into the center of the folded paper.
  4. Once done, put the bud-filled parchment paper in between the heated plates of hair straightener. Be mindful when placing the material, and make sure that the buds are securely covered with two plates.
  5. After that, hold the straightener and give it a good pressure. Do it for around 10 to 20 seconds. Do not forget to wear heat-resistant gloves or oven mitts while holding it.
  6. Once the 10 to 20 seconds time frame is through, remove the paper from the plates.
  7. Unfold the material and remove any flattened buds or any plant matter from the paper. Then, let the extract to cool down for a bit.
  8. Step 8: Once the essence has cooled down, start picking and collecting the dab.

From Meticulous To Simplest Way Of Making Dabs

Producing cannabis concentrates is quite demanding. It requires the handling of some chemicals and costly equipment. Indeed, it is understandable why some enthusiasts prefer to purchase pre-made products or use other forms.

Shatter Dab

The accidental discovery of rosin technology made things a lot simpler for dab enthusiasts. And now, by merely using heat and pressure, anyone – regular users or beginners – can make dabs swiftly and safely.

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