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A Beginner’s Guide with Kyle Kushman: EP 12 – Ripening Your Cannabis Plants

Author avatar By Kyle Kushman
June 03, 2020
Here You Will Find:

    This episode is all about ripening those lovely buds you spent so much time growing. How do you know when they’re ripe? Well, just like a piece of fruit, there’s a peak time for ripening. Collecting a little bit too soon or too late will produce a less than ideal harvest. So how do you tell?

    Save the date. When you flip into flower, mark the date on your calendar. That day is going to be the best indicator of when your particular strain of marijuana is going to be ripe and ready for harvest.

    Be equipped. When it starts getting close, you will see the pistils turning red. That’s when you will need a lighted loupe, a handy magnifier that provides a better, closer view of the buds.

    Know where to look. The last few inspections are the most important of all. Make sure you always check the buds that grow on the interior, so the coat of trichomes has not been touched. When walking through the garden, any contact like rubbing or brushing against the flowers could turn the bulbs brown, potentially leading to misjudgment.

    Know what the colors mean. When you first look at the trichomes, those tiny mushroom-looking stalks will be clear. As ripening gets close, maybe a week or two out, they will begin to turn opaque. The cloudy or milky heads will then turn amber or brown, just like a ripe piece of fruit. Once 5 to 10% of the trichomes have achieved the amber the color, perfect ripening has been reached and that’s when it’s time to harvest.

    In the next video, we will guide you through harvesting your plants.

    See you soon.

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