Wedding Cake: fat, fruity and FEMINIZED

Wedding cake bud homegrown
Author avatar By Kyle Kushman & Homegrown
April 29, 2020

There can’t be many 420 enthusiasts who haven’t heard of Wedding Cake. It’s famous (or notorious, perhaps) for its sweet, fruity flavors, beautiful colors and powerful, persistent high. A high that seems to go beyond the whopping 25% THC level, sending even the most seasoned of smokers into dreamland. But where did the Wedding Cake strain come from? Why has it done so well? And why has it been one of our best-selling cannabis strains since the day we opened our (metaphorical) doors?

What are the origins of the Wedding Cake strain?

The original Wedding Cake cannabis strain was created in the USA by Seed Junky Genetics. Also known as Pink Cookies, it was a particularly frosty pheno of Triangle Mints (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints). The expert breeders at Homegrown Cannabis Co. selected and stabilized a beautiful, indica-dominant Wedding Cake, one that consistently hits the top end of its THC range. With a genetic mix that includes Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie (gotta love that sweet Cherry Pie!!!) this strain boasts a seriously rich terpene profile and looks that could melt a glacier.

Wedding Cake: The Facts

  • Type: Indica hybrid 
  • THC: 16-25%
  • Recreational: Uplifting and expansive
  • Medical: Depression and stress
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks 
  • Harvest Month: October
  • Yield: 500-600 gr/sqm 

How much THC does Wedding Cake have?

All of it!!! At least, that’s how it seems sometimes. Homegrown Cannabis Co. Wedding Cake is a SERIOUSLY FUN strain. The hit is immediate. Happiness springs from nowhere and your smile sets like cement, broken only by nose-fed giggles and explosive gales of mirth. You know that scene in Life of Brian? With the giggling centurions? Google it, seriously, you won’t regret it. Well, that scene is your life for the next few hours. Laughter and pure, child-like joy.

The happiness plateaus into a calm, creative energy. Why not make a start on that screenplay you’ve been thinking about? That novel? That study of neolithic Peru? It’s a great time to have a pen in your hand! Paint a picture or just pick up the phone and reach out to an old friend. I have it on good authority they’re waiting for your call.

As vibrant as this strain is, if you think Wedding Cake is all about the energy, you’re only half right. Once you’re a few hours in, you’ll start to feel very, very laid-back. Like a voiceless hypnosis, your arms and legs will feel heavy, your muscles massaged and relaxed, your mind calm and tranquil. There’s a lot of THC in this strain and it’s indica-dominant, so a serene couchlock is almost inevitable, even for those with high levels of tolerance.

That said, your body might feel heavy but your mind stays alert to the end. Even as you drift towards sleep, dreams and waking thoughts overlap in lucidity, deeper and deeper until the mind uncouples and floats happily through your imagination until morning. Great sleep and great dreams, basically. 

Is Wedding Cake a medicinal cannabis strain?

With a rich terpene profile and THC levels soaring up to 25%, it’s no wonder Wedding Cake can be such an effective alternative to prescription medications.

The cannabinoids found in this strain have great medicinal potential. The combination of limonene, myrcene and caryophyllene seems to hit the right balance in terms of antidepressant, anxiolytic and mood-stabilizing properties. Patients suffering with depression, anxiety, PTSD and bipolar disorder could all benefit from this rich terpene profile.

Being a heavy indica with very high THC, Wedding Cake has been used as both analgesic and anti-inflammatory. These qualities are perfect for those suffering chronic pain and conditions like fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, migraine and arthritis. It has the potential to soothe nausea, spasms and insomnia but dose is incredibly important. If you’re unused to massive amounts of THC then you’re far better off looking at our collection of high CBD weed seeds

As mentioned, Wedding Cake has a great terpene profile and can work wonders with its entourage effect of terps and cannabinoids. It’s amazing how these compounds can intermingle and produce some really intriguing effects, though they’re great on their own, too. Limonene – unsurprisingly citrus – has been shown to alleviate anxiety and stress. Caryophyllene, a spicy, peppery terp, has been suggested as a potential anti-inflammatory remedy, while myrcene is the herbal, earthy terp linked to antibacterial and anti-fungal forms of treatment. 

The research into the effects and combination-effects of cannabis compounds is still, thanks to prohibition, in its infancy. But we’re getting there!

What does Wedding Cake cannabis smell like? 

Any cannabis strain that has Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie genetics is going to be a sensual treat. We have fresh-baked lemon drizzle cake from the Cookies, cooked fruit sweetness from the Pie. They mix beautifully. Your connoisseur will pick out notes of oatmeal, mixed berry ice cream and saffron, but it’s not until you get this baby into the bowl that the real fun begins.

What does Wedding Cake cannabis taste like?

Like a slow-cooked pot roast or simmering casserole, the flavors don’t fully form until the cooking starts. The same can be said for Wedding Cake. It’s only when you’ve crumbled Wedding Cake into your bowl or bong and blazed it up that you get the full effects of the flavor. The icing on the Wedding Cake, if you like…

Every time we’ve cured this strain we get a slightly different taste, but it’s almost always dominated by Girl Scout Cookies. Firing her up adds all of the peppery seasoning of GSC, but it loses none of the deep, rich, fruity goodness that hangs heavily (and deliciously) in the grow tent. And boy, does it linger. It coats the tongue, the inside of the nostrils, your cheeks… it stays almost as long as the high and it will give you the MUNCHIES! Make sure you turn off the oven before you hit the hay. 🙂

Is wedding cake easy to grow?

Wedding Cake is relatively easy to grow, especially for those with prior experience in marijuana cultivation. The cannabis growing tips for Wedding Cake are pretty basic and can be applied to most indica-dominant marijuana strains

Tip: if you want a really easy to grow Wedding Cake, check out our AMAZING autoflowering version.

When growing indoors, keep the temperature between 70 and 79°F (21 to 26°C). Humidity levels should follow the standard pattern from seedling to flower. Being indica and chunky, make sure you keep on top of pruning – a trimmed and manicured cannabis plant will feel increased airflow, helping to prevent mold and other problems.

Wedding Cake likes plenty of calcium and magnesium – they help keep her healthy and they really fatten up her buds. A good way to improve yields is to create a Sea of Green under 600W HPS or LEDs. Veg them a few weeks and ten weeks later you’ll be harvesting a fat yield of trichome-covered bud. This is when you’ll see why they call her Wedding Cake – every nugget is covered in thick, sweet icing!

If you want to grow Wedding Cake outdoors, you’ll need environmental conditions similar to Mediterranean countries. Though it can tolerate mild temperature fluctuations, it prefers a light breeze, a steady temperature and privacy from pets and pests. It performs best in fertile, organic soil with lots of dry, sunny days.

Wedding Cake Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Wedding Cake seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. give you a 99% chance of female plants, with germination guaranteed! With fem seeds, there’s no time wasted identifying and weeding out the males. Not only does this save time and effort, it also saves MONEY. Money you can use to buy the best feminized cannabis seeds for your next successful grow.

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