White Widow Autoflower: A Beast with Beauty

white widow autoflower
Author avatar By Kyle Kushman & Homegrown
April 03, 2020

The matriarch and head of the White family, White Widow, has been one of the most well-loved and well-respected cannabis strains for generations. She took her name from the dazzlingly bright trichomes that form a white, frosted carpet over every inch of her flowering buds. The Widow can look more comfortable in a jewelry store than a garden, with indoor growers advised to wear strong sunglasses against the chaos of shimmering light.

That said, do not be fooled by the beauty, this plant has a real beast under the hood. White Widow Autoflower is a high THC strain with an extremely potent buzz, and the same can be said of most Widow hybrids and autoflowering versions, none more so than ours.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Auto White Widow concentrates all of that delicious beauty into a smaller, far more manageable plant. The high is amazing; the smells, flavors and potency remain but the cost to the grower is far less. We’ll discuss that further but for now, let’s take a quick look at the numbers.

White Widow Auto: The Facts

  • Type: Hybrid
  • THC: 25%
  • Recreational: Happy and creative
  • Medical: Depression and Stress
  • Flowering Time: 10 – 11 weeks (from seed to harvest)
  • Harvest Month: All year
  • Yield: 300 – 450 g/m2

White Widow Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds: The Benefits.

When you take a classic marijuana strain like White Widow and add ruderalis, what do you gain? The most immediate benefit is the shortened flowering time. A photoperiod White Widow will take around nine, maybe ten weeks to fully mature once flipped, but White Widow Autos will complete their ENTIRE CYCLE in only eleven weeks. This rapid rise from seed to fully mature plant means cost reductions right across the board.

The Cheapest Way to Grow Pot Indoors?

Your nutrient, water and electricity bill will be lower, no matter how much food and light those plants will take (and autos can take whatever you can give them, within reason). Your humidifier, de-humidifier, fans and timers… all of your equipment will be used less and you’ll notice this when the bills arrive.

Set-up costs are lower, too. You won’t need a huge 5×9 tent to grow a half dozen autos, nor will you need an expensive array of powerful lights. White Widow Autoflowering cannabis plants use less of pretty much everything, reducing the impact on the environment AND your wallet.

Beginners Growing Marijuana Indoors

Are there more benefits to choosing White Widow Auto over its photoperiod cousin? Sure! Are you a beginner? Do you want to grow a more disease-resistant cannabis plant? Do you want multiple yearly harvests? Do you have limited space? If the answer is yes to ANY of these questions you should definitely consider White Widow Auto.

Beginners do not have the same experience and intuition needed to monitor and adjust light settings and cycles. This is not an issue with autos. White Widow Auto will flip itself into flower, it won’t be affected by light-spill (keeping a tent or grow space completely dark can be surprisingly tricky) and you won’t have to worry about plants flipping back into veg.

Pest, Disease and Mold Resistant Cannabis

White Widow Autos, in fact, pretty much all autoflowering cannabis strains, are more resistant to disease, mold and mistakes. They are far more tolerant of under or overfeeding, they can outgrow pests and pathogens and easily shrug off abrupt changes to the environment and growing conditions. Ruderalis is like a superhero gene, bestowing the plants with increased powers of self-preservation and resilience.

Harvesting Multiple Crops of Cannabis Per Year

Because White Widow Autoflowering cannabis plants do not rely on a photoperiod, growers can pull of so many annual harvests they never have to suffer droughts again. A good way to achieve this is to simply stagger your planting, making sure you always have a few plants occupying different stages of growth. This can all be done under the same lights with the same cycle and the same food. They are the Model T Ford of the cannabis world and they will keep your stocks constantly topped up.

Growing Cannabis in a Tiny Space

Whether you’re a large-scale commercial cannabis grower or a cannabis home-grower of any ability, there are BIG benefits to SMALL plants. For commercial growers, space equals cost and less of one means less of the other. Sounds obvious, right? It is! As for those of you who love growing cannabis at home, well, we don’t all live in mansions with gardens measured in acres. Most of us have precious little space and we have to share it with neighbors, children, curious pets… we have to really think about the impact a cannabis grow will have. This is where plants like White Widow Auto really shine. They will grow on a small balcony, a window-sill, a little closet, a cupboard in your garage…they will grow almost anywhere and they are far easier to keep safe from your kids, your grandma and your pet raccoon.

Is White Widow High in CBD?

White Widow Auto is a classic strain, bred primarily for relaxation, recreation and flavor. The high THC to CBD ratio (25:1) does not mean we should ignore the medicinal benefits of White Widow, but the powerful psychotropic effects will not be suitable for all marijuana patients.

For those used to the hit of high THC cannabis strains, White Widow’s happy high can be of real benefit. It has been used to ease the symptoms of PTSD as well as chronic stress and depression. Again, we must point out that White Widow auto is very high in THC, it has a very potent stone and is not recommended for those new to medical marijuana.

The physical effects of White Widow Auto have made her extremely popular with those suffering migraine, chronic pain, muscle spasms and PMS. She’s a strong analgesic and sedative, though her energetic high might not be instantly ideal for insomnia. Once the initial buzz has mellowed, however, a good night’s sleep should be easy. Just make sure you time everything right.

Does White Widow Get You High?

Does the pope crap in a funny hat? With a THC level of 25% White Widow Auto is a holy hand grenade of a high! It’s quick to hit and slow to fade, everything you could ever wish for. White Widow gets to work with an all-over massage, really physical and relaxing, but this develops into a creative high as sparkling as her trichomes. The stone is intoxicating but rarely couch-locks, delivering hours of enjoyable relaxation before sliding you towards peaceful slumber.

What does White Widow Smell Like?

Is White Widow pungent? Yes. Is White Widow spicy? Yes. Is it sweet? Yes! White Widow is a roller-coaster of aroma that begins with spicy fruit in the grow room and ends with burnt sugar in the blaze. Everything in-between has, well, pretty much everything in-between! Herbal terpenes, pepper, citrus… it’s also been described as the smell of a skunk found dead inside the rear axle of a truck, two days after being run-over… we can’t confirm or deny this as the test would be rather inhumane. All we can tell you is the White Widow aroma has great depth and variety and you may need to invest in carbon filters… plug-in air fresheners ain’t gonna cut it.

What does White Widow Taste like?

When blazing your well-cured Auto White Widow buds, the first thing you might notice is the sweetness. Sure, there’s plenty of pine, lots of wood, but you have candy drops in every toot.

It’s as if all those crystalline trichomes were made of sugar, the cured buds confectionary in a candy store window. The fruity spice of the grow room returns on the exhale, seasoning the flavor with peppery Caryophellene, adding savory depth to the taste.

Tips for Growing White Widow Auto

As we have already discussed, growing bud from Autoflowering White Widow cannabis seeds is far less challenging than with her photoperiod cousin. The whole cycle will complete in under three months and the yield compares pretty decently to standard Widows… all being well, of course.

While autos are an easier proposition, we do have some recommendations for White Widow Auto. Indoor or greenhouse for the setting and high-quality soil or hydro for the medium will optimize yield, as will outdoor grows in natural soil (in a Mediterranean-style climate). Also, without a proper veg cycle there isn’t much time for a full canopy to develop, so it’s worth keeping the bottom branches. You can try topping the tallest branches to develop buds lower down, or using some gentle, low-stress training to expose the lowers to more light.

White Widow: Automatic for the People

Autoflowering White Widow takes an easy-to-grow classic and makes her even more user-friendly. Of course, the yield from a single auto White Widow will not be as heavy, but you can pull off multiple harvests and optimize conditions to produce a healthy amount of all-year bud.

This is a plant perfect for beginners, for growers with limited space, for commercial growers, for all of you.

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