Creating the Perfect Climate for Growing Indoors and Controlling Humidity

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December 02, 2020

The PotCast returns this week to add to the abundance of cannabis growing content you can already find on our site, this week we are going to be focusing solely on growing indoors, chiefly how to maximize the productivity and performance of your indoor grow space as well as looking at some of the potential concerns that you must pay attention to. The second segment focuses solely on troubleshooting one particular issue, controlling humidity in your grow room.

Creating the Perfect Climate in the Grow Room

Growing cannabis indoors is generally the way to go for most home growers. This is for one major reason, many people do not live in areas where the natural, outdoor climate affords them the luxury of growing cannabis outside. Cannabis plants need to specific temperatures to thrive and have light requirements that make growing outdoors a little difficult for many.

That brings us to growing indoors, the major benefit is that you can control the environment in which you grow cannabis but the question is, how do you create the perfect indoor cannabis grow space?

Luckily, the PotCast host with the most, Kronic is here to help. You can learn what factors should be controlled and how to ensure that you have the most effective grow space. We’ve previously talked about setting up a marijuana grow space but this segment of the PotCast will largely focus on maintaining your grow space for the duration of your grow to maintain maximum efficiency.

Controlling Humidity

A key component of any successful grow is maintaining the best atmospheric conditions, chief among which is humidity. Too much moisture in the atmosphere around your plants combined with the high temperature of the grow room can be detrimental to the cannabis plants.

Controlling humidity is not a task to be taken lightly and if you do this properly then you will start to see the benefits to your cannabis plants pretty quickly.

If you aren’t sure what the best ways to control humidity are then a great place to start is this very PotCast episode. Kronic is an expert when it comes to growing cannabis indoors so it should come as no surprise that he provides some real gems of knowledge in this episode.

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