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Regular Weed Seeds

Super-stable and ultra reliable cannabis seeds.

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    Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers high-quality regular weed seeds with pure and unadulterated genetics, just as how nature intended it to be. Gorilla Glue, Lemon Pie, God Bud, Bruce Banner, Mochalope, Chocolope... We have them all!

In its natural state, cannabis plants are dioecious, meaning its seeds produce distinct male and female offsprings. These plants carry both X and Y chromosomes. So, theoretically, there is a 50% chance of sprouting either a male (XY) or female (XX) plant.

However, since most people cultivate marijuana for cannabinoid-rich buds, females are nurtured while males get discarded. This is because female plants produce smokeable buds, whereas the male counterpart produces flowers with pollens. Upon maturity, these pollens fertilize females - prompting it to create seeds instead of resin-coated nugs. Unless seed creation is the intention, male pollination is undesired as it lessens the bud yield.

So, the common practice is to identify and discard the males in the batch. Basically, this means scraping roughly 50% of the plants you tended for a month or so. To make up for the loss, growers sprout twice the amount of the female plants they aspire to cultivate. However, this is not the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

That is why cultivators turn to feminized seeds instead of regular seeds. Nonetheless, regular seeds are still a mainstay in the industry as it offers unique advantages that are not present in other seed varieties. Moreover, without regular seeds, there would be no feminized seeds in the first place.

Why Choose Regular Seeds

Despite the revolutionary breeding practices brought about by the advent of feminized and autoflowering varieties, regular seeds are still a staple in the industry. That is because it offers several advantages that its genetically engineered counterparts do not possess.

  • Create New Strains: Regular seeds are vital for the creation of new strains or phenotypes because it maintains the diversity of the cannabis gene pool. One of the beauties of a dioecious species is that the distinction between males and females maximizes the chance of genetic recombination. In hermaphroditic or monoecious plants, a single plant contains both male and female sexual organs. So, it reproduces by self-pollination. This means that it will produce offsprings with DNA that is identical to its parent. It also results in inbreeding wherein the lack of variation leads to weakened genetic health because the offspring retains the flaws of its parent. As such, growing cannabis from regular seeds ensures that the full lineage of both the male and female parents gets expressed - thereby diversifying the traits and genes that the hybrid inherits.

  • Produce Males for Breeding Purposes: Despite the aversion to males, these plants are equally important, especially when it comes to selective breeding. Only regular seeds produce males, and since it is the gender that bears the pollens, male specimens are essential for creating cultivars with enhanced features. In general, crossing male and female plants sprouted from unaltered regular seeds produce healthy, stable offsprings. This is because it contains the male chromosomes that are often missing in feminized varieties.

  • Females Sprouted from Regular Seeds are Ideal Mother Plants: Often, regular cannabis seeds are more genetically stable than its feminized counterparts. Since cannabis plants are inherently dioecious, it is incredibly rare - in fact, almost unheard of - for "regular females" to display hermaphroditic tendencies, even when subjected to less favorable conditions. As such, it is often ideal as a mother plant either for producing seeds or clones. Moreover, plants sprouted from regular seeds often do a better job of retaining the best features of its parents.
  • It Is Less Expensive: Regular seeds offer the same genetics, but at a lower price compared to its feminized versions. That is because these standard seeds are unaltered, which means that no genetic modification techniques were applied in producing it. Hence, it is easier and less costly to produce.

Identifying the Sex

Growers cultivating cannabis for consumption have no use for male plants. Nonetheless, the benefits of sprouting from regular seeds make up for the extra effort it entails. The process of cultivating regular and feminized seeds are essentially the same. Both varieties must be raised in optimal growing conditions with the right level of light exposure, warmth, and humidity. Adequate feeding and watering are also essential for its survival. However, there is one crucial step when growing regular seeds that can spell the difference between a fruitful and dismal harvest - sex identification.

There is no way of identifying whether the seed is male or female just by looking at it. The surefire way is to germinate all the seeds and tend to it for 3 to 4 weeks, just until it forms pre-flowers. However, some plants may take longer than 4 weeks to develop pre-flowers, but by the 6th week, you should be able to confidently distinguish males from females. Also, do note that the earlier you identify and discard males, the lesser the chance of accidental pollination will be. To differentiate the plant's gender, inspect the nodes, and look for small, oval pods that contain pollen. Plants with structures like these must be immediately separated to prevent it from pollinating a garden full of females.

Where to Buy Regular Seeds

The success of marijuana cultivation relies on the interplay of both nature and nurture. Even with proper sustenance and care, if the seeds are genetically inferior, to begin with, the grower's efforts could only do so much. That is why heavy emphasis should always be placed on obtaining top-quality seeds. However, while few visual and tactile cues could hint about the seed's quality, it is impossible to inspect these aspects when buying from online seed banks. For that reason, it is crucial to buy only from reputable sources like Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our excellent track record is proof of our dedication to providing our customers with only the best regular seeds in the market.

Most Popular Regular Seeds

  • Gorilla Glue: The original Gorilla Glue is famed for producing buds generously coated in gooey resins. Apart from gluing the blades of sheers with its stickiness, it also cements the user on the couch with its powerful body buzz. Such is a testament of its 28% THC potency.

  • Lemon Pie:This strain is prized for its refreshing citrus scent and mostly cerebral high complemented by a full-bodied relaxation. It is a delight not only to the senses but also to one's green thumb because Lemon Pie is incredibly easy to cultivate. On top of that, it yields a satisfying harvest.

  • God Bud: There is no other way to describe God Bud other than "heavenly." Despite sporting a modest frame, this strain yields up to 500 grams of resin-caked buds capable of propelling the mind towards a hallucinogenic journey. Such cerebral effects are then perfectly complemented by a pleasant numbing sensation.

  • Bruce Banner: Bruce Banner is nothing like its calm namesake. If anything, it resembles The Incredible Hulk given its 29% THC that delivers a smashing cerebral high. It is also a favorite among growers due to its monstrous yields.

  • Gorilla Glue #4 x Zkittles: Crossing a potent strain with an incredibly tasty variety resulted in a heavily sedating hybrid boasting decadent berry flavors. This multi-awarded cannabis hybrid also delights growers with its copious yields of resinous buds.

  • Mochalope: One whiff of Mochalope's tantalizing aroma is all it takes to induce cravings for this bud. Known for its chocolatey fragrance accentuated by notes of coffee and hash, this dessert strain is perfect for Indica lovers with a sweet tooth. Cultivation-wise, it does not disappoint with its above-average yields of decadent buds.

  • Chocolope: This six-time Cannabis Cup winner never fails to impress with its sweet chocolate-coffee aroma, well-balanced effects, and copious yields. It thrives best outdoors where each plant produces up to 700 grams of tasty buds.
  • Agent Orange: Agent Orange buds feature the sought-after attributes of classic high-THC Sativa variants. However, this coveted strain is quite rare. Hence, to experience its invigorating and relaxing effects, home cultivation is often recommended.

  • Harlequin x Bubba Kush: This strain combines two of the most remarkable medicinal strains in the cannabis scene. The result of such a union is a hybrid with 5:2 CBD to THC ratio exerting a subtle psychedelic high along with a wealth of therapeutic benefits.

  • Jilly Bean: Jilly Bean is a versatile plant known for its invigorating and relaxing effects. It is also a favorite among growers because of its easy to grow nature and prolific yields amounting to as much as 700 grams per plant.