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The most extensive marijuana seeds range of in-house genetics in the USA.

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    Homegrown Cannabis Co. seeds appeal to different types of consumers due to their distinct flavor profile, the array of effects, and reliable growth tendencies. Whether you’re looking for soaring THC levels, mellow CBD strains for medical use, or just balanced hybrids, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has the largest bank of marijuana seeds for sale in the USA.

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Hottest-Selling Marijuana Seeds in USA

The ever-growing cannabis market houses thousands of marijuana seed varieties. Despite the myriad of choices, some strains manage to stand out on a global scale, outmatching the others in demand and sales. Among these sought after variants are OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, Bubba Kush, Skunk #1, Blueberry, Northern Lights, and Afghani.

Our top-selling variants in feminized form are the most popular among home growers. Because the plants are sure females, there is no pollination threat and all resources will only be spent on bud-producers. Regular seeds, on the other hand, are perfect for breeders and aspirants. Indeed, if cultivating to breed, using top-notch parent strains affords a strong start. Who knows, maybe a future best-seller may spring from your garden.

Moreover, the reliable and sought after genetics of our sales-smashing cannabis breeds are not restricted to seasoned growers alone. Our autoflowering seeds are incredibly easy to rear, allowing beginners to grow tiny versions of legendary strains effortlessly. Their speedy maturity makes them great for succession planting, which compensates for their smaller yield.

We also offer a specialized collection of fast-flowering varieties. These seeds combine the coveted potency of top photoperiod strains and the speedy flowering cycle of autoflowers. The result of this innovative fusion is a quick-fruiting, feminized photoperiod that produces cannabinoid-rich buds.

To come up with a catalog of top-selling strains, the HMG team consulted with industry experts, budtenders, and dispensaries based in various countries. We also gathered information from our own sales records, as well as reviewed feedback posted on our website to hear straight from those who truly matter — our loyal customers!


Premium quality feminized marijuana seeds for sale

Most growers buy feminized marijuana seeds over other types for convenience and peace of mind. Contrary to regular seeds, cultivating using our fems ensures zero pollination threat due to the absence of male cannabis plants. Plus, because we only breed our variants using parent strains with strong, stable, desirable genetics, hermaphroditism is entirely avoidable as long as optimal grow conditions are provided. 

Meanwhile, compared to autoflowers, feminized seeds produce bigger and more potent yield. Although a significant harvest can be achieved by growing more auto plants or through successive planting, there is nothing that can be done to increase the cannabinoid volume of auto buds considerably. 

For a truly fruitful grow, going for feminized seeds is your best bet. Having these fems in your garden assures that all resources go to cannabis plants that will produce massive amounts of sticky, potent buds. No risks of accidental pollination. No small harvests.


In demand marijuana seeds in USA for sale

Why take a chance with “up and coming” strains when you can grow top-selling marijuana seeds? Our US best-sellers like Chemdawg, White Widow, GSC, OG Kush, and Bubba Kush are in high demand for good reasons. Boasting of authentic genetics and carefully selected my human hands before getting shipped, we want to ensure only high-quality seeds reach HMG customers. In addition, all of our strains are lab-tested, and the plants that spring from them are as expected and desired. Without a single doubt, our seeds, regardless if regular, feminized, autoflower, or fast-flowering, are your best partner in achieving a massive harvest.


Most popular marijuana seeds in California for sale

California is the birthplace of outstanding strains like OG Kush, Skywalker OG, Blue Dream, Sour Girl, and GSC. Since the legalization of marijuana use in the state, however, its optimal weather and fertile soil have also increased the sale of Sour Diesel, Green Crack, Jack Herer, and Blue Dream seeds. Indeed, with a natural environment perfect for cannabis growing, why buy expensive buds when you can cultivate popular strains on your own?

Frequent marijuana enjoyers in the Cali area should take advantage of their location and start cultivating the herb using our feminized, regular, fast-flowering, or autoflower seeds. Compared to buying from dispensaries, growing a personal stash is much cheaper. Plus, with the right kind of seed and strains with suitable growth tendencies, home-growing is not as difficult as it seems.


Top-quality medical marijuana seeds for sale 

With the high prices and inefficiency of pharmaceutical drugs, not to mention the global opioid crisis, it’s no wonder many are turning to marijuana for relief. Instead of continuously buying medical-grade buds on sale, however, why not grow your own?

Our superior quality therapeutic strains come in high THC or CBD variants, as well as evenly balanced hybrids. Even better, they can easily be cultivated through their regular, feminized, autoflower, or fast-flowering seeds. With such a variety to choose from, growers of all skill levels (Yes! Even beginners!) can grow and, eventually, harvest their own medication. Natural, potent, and simple to grow at home, why have it any other way?

Biggest selling marijuana seeds for sale online

Our top-selling, best-reviewed marijuana seeds are among the finest online. Aside from being of excellent quality, all our seeds like are for sale at a low cost, giving you more bang for your buck. We have lots of High Times Cannabis Cup and Highlife Cup award winners like Northern Lights, Amnesia Haze, and White Widow. Of course, we offer legendary strains such as Skunk #1, OG Kush, GSC, and Bubba Kush as well.

What’s more, the array of variants in our catalog would drive you crazy. We offer all types of seeds — feminized, regular, autoflower, and fast-flowering. Hence, no matter if you are a novice, a self-proclaimed cannabis connoisseur, or a seasoned grower with many years of proven green thumb, we have your cannabis home-growing needs.


Best marijuana seeds for sale 

We have a wide range of marijuana seeds for sale because “best” depends on personal preferences and needs. If you need a high-THC bud, look no further! We have White Widow, Strawberry Banana, Chemdawg, Kosher Kush, Ghost OG, Bruce Banner, GG4, and a long list of other mind-bending strains. Do you need a high CBD medication? No problem! Our Cannatonic, Pennywise, and Dancehall variants, among others, are acclaimed worldwide for their CBD potency. Renowned hybrids such as Blue Dream, GSC, OG Kush, Pineapple Express, and AK-47 are waiting for you, too.

The seeds of these variants are available in feminized, regular, autoflowering, and fast-flowering form. That means you can have your preferred strain and match it with your horticulture skills.


In demand marijuana seeds in Canada for sale

The most sought after marijuana strains in Canada — Blue Dream, GSC, Great White Shark, Sour Diesel, Pink Kush, Tangerine Dream, White Widow, Granddaddy Purple, OG Kush, and MK Ultra — are all for sale here! All the better, we offer their seeds in different types, so growers of varying levels can grow and harvest their favorite buds the easiest way possible.

Robust and so simple to grow, autos are ideal for those with no sufficient knowledge and inexperience in cannabis cultivation. Growers with ample know-how, on the other hand, will do just fine with any marijuana seeds. That said, most home-gardeners prefer feminized type as it rids of the need to segregate male plants. Those who use fems can also try fast-flowering seeds, which are pretty much like the prior but with a shorter flowering cycle. In contrast, breeders and eco-conscious cultivators favor regular seeds.


Cheap but high-quality marijuana seeds for sale

Low-cost does not always mean low-quality. Here in HMG, only reasonably priced high-quality marijuana seeds are for sale. To ensure your home-growing success, we also offer them in various types so that you can match your gardening prowess (or the lack of it) with a suitable seed.

Experienced cannabis growers prefer feminized seeds and regular seeds. Meanwhile, newbies or those who do not have a lot of time to spend in caring for marijuana plants often go with autoflowers. Fast-flowering seeds, on the other hand, are excellent for all types of cultivators. Similar to autos, they have a quick flowering period but are also high-yielding and of standard size like photoperiods. Best of both worlds, you say? No doubt!


Premium marijuana seeds for sale in Colorado

At Homegrown Cannabis Co, you can find a broad array of premium marijuana seeds for sale. We’ll deliver straight to your doorstep in Colorado because your convenience and satisfaction is our priority. No need to spend precious hours going from one dispensary to another to find your treasured strain. Apart from that, we also guarantee your peace of mind. Our seeds are of finest quality and have incredibly high germination rate. Plus, each one is hand-selected before getting packed and shipped to you.

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