Afghan Autoflower
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Afghan Autoflower
Afghan Autoflower
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
Hardy, vigorous and great for beginners.
Strain description
Tagged as one of the best Indica-dominant strains out there, Afghan helps you to end the day with a great, long-lasting sleep. With the epic Afghani in its lineage, this 90% Indica hybrid can easily knock out even the most avid smoker. It also holds an 18% THC level that gives a guaranteed high, and 0.2% presence of CBD which makes it a strong m

Afghan Autoflower

From A$128.00 to A$201.00
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
Hardy, vigorous and great for beginners.

Afghan Autoflower by Kyle Kushman

Afghan Autoflower
STRAIN PROFILE Afghan Autoflower
Afghani X Lowryder
Yield Indoor 400 - 500 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 200 - 300 gr/plant
THC 18%
CBD 0.2%
Height 100 - 150 cm
Flowering Time 10_12
Flowering Style autoflowering
Harvest Month all_year
Medical anxiety arthritis inflammation insomnia migranes nausea
Effects calming euphoric happy relaxed sedative sleepy
Flavor earthy flowery pine spicy sweet
Grows greenhouse
Climate temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Strain description

Tagged as one of the best Indica-dominant strains out there, Afghan helps you to end the day with a great, long-lasting sleep. With the epic Afghani in its lineage, this 90% Indica hybrid can easily knock out even the most avid smoker. It also holds an 18% THC level that gives a guaranteed high, and 0.2% presence of CBD which makes it a strong medical strain too.

Lowryder, the other parent, influences its bud-child's speedy growth and a short but sturdy stature. Even beginners can easily grow these autoflowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. The plant is really resilient and thrives in any set-up, and it provides a plentiful yield that's great to share with family and friends.

Even before it's lit up, it has an earthy and floral fragrance that can quickly fill a room. Not only does this promise a relaxing and sensual high, but it's also a fantastically rousing scent for aromatherapy purposes. For this reason, it may be a challenge to grow this strain discreetly, so bear this in mind when you're picking a location.

Growing Afghan from Autoflower Seeds

A perfect Indica and Ruderalis mix, Afghan Auto is short, bushy, and very hardy. Its nugs are heavily coated with rich resins, resembling a Christmas tree on a snowy December morning. Fluffy rather than leggy, its dense buds are clustered closely together and surrounded by luscious, dark green leaves.

Choosing autoflowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. comes with a number of advantages. These beans go from seedlings to harvest-ready in just 10 to 11 weeks. The plant doesn't need much attention as it grows, and just a touch of TLC goes a long way in ensuring a high-quality harvest. It's also highly resilient to pests and diseases.

In a controlled setting, using hydroponics with a SOG setup is most beneficial. Having proper humidity levels is a must as the plant's buds are extremely dense and therefore prone to moisture build-up. Occasional pruning and trimming is required, due to its luxuriant foliage. In a matter of weeks, you'll be ready to reap 1.31 – 1.63 ounces per square foot.

The plant also grows well outdoors, and loves a warm Mediterranean climate. Under nature's influence, each plant can produce 7 to 11 ounces once it goes into full bloom. Make sure you check the crop from time to make sure there's no mold or mildew.

In the northern hemisphere, growers can plant after the last frost disappears. The earliest time for harvest is during April or May, and to make sure no harm comes to the precious buds, the last harvest should be no later than the end of October.

Fragrance and Flavor

Once it's lit up, Afghan Auto has a strong and earthy aroma that makes it pretty much impossible to resist. As the smoke dissipates, it has a sweet, floral scent that carries over to the taste. Each puff is feast for the palate with sugary pine nuances that tickle the taste buds. Once exhaled, there's a distinct spicy and herbal aftertaste that lingers for a few minutes.


Just a puff or two of this herb ushers in a gentle cerebral buzz that leads to increased happiness and positivity. As the mind flight soars higher, Afghan brings in a euphoric trance followed by a body calming effect – and this is the case even in modest doses.

Being Indica-dominant, avid users can expect a knock-out punch that induces a deep body relaxation. Although movement is still possible, it's somewhat limited – most often, the only 'activity' tokers are capable of is reaching for the remote control or the bag of snacks beside the sofa. Smoke just a little bit more, though, and you'll soon know the meaning of severe couch-lock!

Perhaps needless to say, Afghan is ideally taken as a nightcap. Consuming it on lazy weekends when there's nothing to do is also a great idea, but it's definitely not a wake-and-bake variety. Even seasoned stoners must take it one hit at a time – otherwise, you'll be flat out and fast asleep before you even know it's hit you.

There are also some potential negative side effects. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are very common, so make sure you drink enough water before, during and after a smoke out. Having an OTC eye lubricant also eases the irritation caused by dry peepers.

Less experienced tokers must not test the strength of this mean puncher, since it may cause anxiety and paranoia even in tiny doses. Although this rarely happens, it's best to leave it in the hands of seasoned users.


All organic and with minimal side effects, Afghan Auto is said to offer a number of potential medical benefits. It's been given to people with sleeping disorders, since it's likely to bring a deep, restful sleep. Even better, it's very unlikely to cause grogginess, unlike prescription drugs.

This strain has also been given to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Afghan has a strong 'munchies' effect that induces hunger and makes food unbelievably tempting, and at the same time it may temporarily halt nausea and vomiting. Under the influence of this herb, eating becomes pleasurable, and weight gain may be possible. Individuals suffering from eating disorders have found this feature particularly valuable.

Patients struggling with chronic pain have also sought help from this hard-hitting variety. It's said to have anti-inflammatory properties that may soothe joint and nerve pain, making it a favorite among people experiencing migraines, arthritis and other related conditions.

Autoflower Afghan Seeds

Equipped with powerful Indica properties, Afghan Auto offers deep relaxation to lucky veteran tokers – although novices are wise to stay away. A single puff helps turn tensions into a relaxing calm, and a full smoke out becomes a trip to nirvana. Cultivators have hit the jackpot with these autoflowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. Providing a plentiful yield for a long-lasting supply, even newbie growers can get excellent results with minimal effort.

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