Amnesia Fast Version
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Amnesia Fast Version
Amnesia Fast Version
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
The low leaf to bud ratio means you won't be as busy with the pruning.
Strain description
Most Sativa-dominant cannabis strains are excellent for wake and bake, since they bring a glorious, happy high that makes the sun seem bright even on a cloudy day. They help boost energy and creativity, and are said to make users more productive too.Amnesia offers all these great effects and more, but nine-to-fivers would be wi

Amnesia Fast Version

From A$129.00 to A$211.00
As low as A$129.00
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
The low leaf to bud ratio means you won't be as busy with the pruning.

Amnesia Fast Version by Kyle Kushman

Amnesia Fast Version
STRAIN PROFILE Amnesia Fast Version
Amnesia {Cinderella 99 x Jack Herer x Skunk #1} x Amnesia Auto
Yield Indoor 450 - 500 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 600 - 800 gr/plant
THC 20%
CBD 0.5%
Height 100 - 150 cm
Flowering Time 6_8
Flowering Style photoperiod
Harvest Month september
Medical anxiety arthritis depression migranes stress
Effects calming creative energetic euphoric relaxed uplifted
Flavor citrus earthy lemon pine
Grows greenhouse
Climate temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Strain description

Most Sativa-dominant cannabis strains are excellent for wake and bake, since they bring a glorious, happy high that makes the sun seem bright even on a cloudy day. They help boost energy and creativity, and are said to make users more productive too.

Amnesia offers all these great effects and more, but nine-to-fivers would be wise to avoid it before work. It's an aptly named plant, since just a single toke sends a cerebral blow that's capable of causing a brief memory blackout. Instead of a pre-work push, its many enthusiasts tend to use it when they need some extra vigor – before hitting the gym or engaging in physical activities, for example.

This super potent variety is also said to offer a useful range of therapeutic benefits. A staple in dispensaries, its effectiveness has helped it take the medical cannabis industry by storm. Not only does it offer potential pain relief, but it may also help patients with mental health concerns.

Once it's lit up, its pungent smoke provides a better wake-up call than any alarm clock. It has an unmistakable lemon aroma with earthy undertones, providing users with a truly mouthwatering experience. Both its scent and taste are sure to tempt eager potheads to overindulge – so make sure you exercise restraint.

Aside from being a joy to consume, growing your own 'Fast Version' of Amnesia is pure bliss too. These seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. are made by blending the original Amnesia with the autoflowering version of the same strain, and they can be grown in pretty much any setup. Not only are they fast to finish, but the yields are sizeable as well.

Growing Amnesia from Fast Version Seeds

Apart from its rapid finishing time, Amnesia Fast Version is very much like the original. It grows into a beautiful specimen with a Christmas tree-like structure, and it doesn't require much manicuring since it's not bushy and it has a low bud-to-leaf ratio. Its colas are long, and although they're not very dense, they can still be very weighty. To ensure each one reaches full maturity, providing support to the branches with the heaviest loads is a must.

As with other fast strains, this plant thrives in soil or hydroponics, and employing a Sea of Green setup is the best path to a promising harvest. Flowering way quicker than its older sister, it can produce up to 1.63 ounces per square foot within just 7 to 8 weeks.

If planted outdoors, it can stretch to 5 feet tall, and it prefers a warm and balmy Mediterranean climate. It can also prosper in colder places thanks to its Rudy roots. In the northern hemisphere, growers can start drying and curing by late September to early October, with each plant yielding up to 28 ounces.

Fragrance and Flavor

A pleasing infusion of cedar and citrus, Amnesia's aroma fills the room the moment it's lit up. It also reveals a refreshing dankness that calls to mind the scent of a damp rainforest floor.

The great news is that it tastes just as good as it smells, and delights the palate with a tangy burst of lemon. There's also a distinct nuance of pine nuts that calms the rather strong and sour citrus hit.


This Sativa-dominant strain is excellent for daytime use. Enticing sleepy tokers with a get-up-and-go attitude, it's one the best wake-and-bake weeds you're ever likely to encounter. It's far better than coffee since it has the same rousing effect, but without the caffeine jitters. Lasting for many hours, it uplifts the mind and showers the soul with positive vibes.

It's not a good choice for a pre-work kicker, though, since it delivers an intense euphoric jab that may leave some users feeling a bit disoriented. It's also said to cause short-term memory loss – not a good idea if your job requires you to keep your mind on the ball!

But for artistic minds who long for a creative push, this may be the perfect strain. Each bowl brightens the surroundings, making colors seems more vivid and taking music to a different dimension altogether. It'll send you on a seemingly out of this world adventure, inspiring new, inventive ideas which can be especially valuable to writers, painters, and musicians.

Despite having only a minimal Indica presence, there's more than enough there to balance out the high. It induces calmness and relaxation that adds composure to what can be a tsunami of energy. Under Amnesia's influence, you'll remain lively but not hyperactive.

Newbies and THC-sensitive users are the most likely to encounter unwanted side effects such as cottonmouth or dry eyes. Some may get dizzy, while a few may experience paranoia or anxiety. The key to avoiding these is to go low and slow, pacing yourself correctly and keeping the doses within your personal limits. Staying properly hydrated is an important factor to bear in mind as well.


Amnesia has been well-received on the medical cannabis scene, thanks to its fast-acting and long-lasting effects. It's said to be a useful tool for treating mental concerns and chronic pain with minimal side effects.

Providing a tranquil and happy high, it may benefit people struggling with stress, PTSD and depression. The positive mental state it induces may help them get through the day with a smile on their faces. – and the vigorous boost may be a gift to those slowed down by fatigue.

Cancer patients have also turned to Amnesia for support. Its 'munchies' effect can help increase the appetite, while fighting off nausea and vomiting caused by the side effects of chemotherapy. Those battling eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia have also reported great results, and using this herb regularly may even lead to weight gain.

Aside from bringing a string of cerebral benefits, the strain is also said to work wonders for pain management. Just a toke or two may reduce physical symptoms caused by the likes of eye pressure, arthritis, PMS and migraines.

Fast Version Amnesia Seeds

The fast version of Amnesia provides extra encouragement for fans who want to try growing their own stash of this popular strain. These seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. grow into high-yielding plants that that flower significantly faster than the original variety. That means tokers can enjoy a daily dose of this awesome herb without having to worry about running out of supply – and there'll even be enough left over to share with your friends.

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