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Amnesia Lemon Fast Version

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An unforgettable hit of lemon and Skunk.
  • Quick Flowering
  • High THC
  • Strong, Citrus Aroma
  • High THC
  • Citrus fragrance
  • 300 to 450 g/m2

A robust slightly Sativa-leaning hybrid, Amnesia Lemon is an excellent energy booster. The pot is perfect for a daytime or afternoon toke as it also induces motivation and creativity. With a steady high that lasts for hours, it increases productivity... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
Vigoruous growth with potent, mouth-watering buds.
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Amnesia Lemon Fast Version

STRAIN PROFILE Amnesia Lemon Fast Version

Yield 300 - 450 gr/plant
THC 20%
CBD 0.5%
HEIGHT 150 cm
anxiety depression fatigue stress
creative energetic relaxed
citrus earthy lemon pepper spicy sweet
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Amnesia Lemon Fast Version Profile by Kyle Kushman

A robust slightly Sativa-leaning hybrid, Amnesia Lemon is an excellent energy booster. The pot is perfect for a daytime or afternoon toke as it also induces motivation and creativity. With a steady high that lasts for hours, it increases productivity effortlessly. A bowl or two shares the same effects as a strong cup of coffee but without the jitters.

Offering a fusion of scents and flavors in every hit, smokers can't get enough of the weed. A burst of dank citrus fills the room the moment the bud is lit. Not only sharing a pleasant aroma, its spicy lemon zest pleases the tastebuds as well.

Amnesia Lemon's fast version gives the same benefits of the original strain, but with shorter flowering time. The resilient herb thrives in any set-up with minimal face time and TLC. Bred by Homegrown Cannabis, even newbies get a rewarding cultivating journey without back-breaking efforts.

Growing Amnesia Lemon from Fast Version Seeds

Although known for its Sativa effects, Amnesia Lemon adopts a very Indica structure. Having such a form has its advantages and disadvantages. Producing huge colas of pinecone-shaped nugs, harvest is sure to be plentiful. And, because its branches are thick and sturdy, it'll get by without needing any support.

On the other hand, it also means that the weed's foliage is bushy and its flowers have a high leaf to bud ratio. As such, it'll need periodic pruning and trimming for proper air circulation. If done correctly, the moderately resilient plant can avoid molds and mildew.

The pot appreciates the security it gets in a controlled environment. Sowing it in soil or hydroponics allows it to sprout and grow handsomely. Meanwhile, opting for a SOG setup and putting it under 600W HPS light afford a hefty yield. After flowering for only 7 to 8 weeks, cropping of up to 450 grams per square meter awaits come harvest-time.


Like most floras, this variety loves plenty of warmth and sun. Spain, Italy, and the islands in the Mediterranean are the best places to grow it. Fortunately, due to its Indica form and Ruderalis roots, it can also flourish in colder regions. In the northern hemisphere, planting it around July or August allows it to yield up to 600 grams each. And, by October or November, the heavy produce is ready for drying and curing.

Discreet growers might have a bit of difficulty masking the pot's pungent aroma. It gives off a strong fragrance that might arise suspicion from nosy neighbors. If keeping a low profile is essential, guerrilla growing is a good option. Because it only grows up to 150 cm tall, finding a secret spot for this little beauty is easy.

Fragrance and Flavor

A single hit of Amnesia Lemon is enough to fill the room with its unmistakable aroma. Although intense, its citrus fragrance does not overwhelm. Awakening the senses with its sour kick, it also comes with a musty, peppery scent that warms the nostrils. Long after the smoke has diminished, its earthy spice still lingers.

Aside from its superb odor, the pot also holds a delightful taste. Its penetrating fume may trigger coughing, so going for small bowls is a must. As the flavor settles, a sweet and sour lemon tang coats the tongue. Also boasting a spicy herbal undertone, the palate relishes the variety of flavors.


Amnesia Lemon enjoys soaring popularity in the coffee shops of Amsterdam. Its brand of mellow buzz is best savored during mid-day when energy starts to run low. Many also use it in the afternoon while pleasuring in coffee and chats with friends.

Those with imaginative minds love the strain as it induces artistic mental stimulation. Along with the push in creativity, it also comes with an active yet calm high. Its tokers stay productive especially in tasks that involve moderate amounts of movement.


Despite offering amazing benefits, the pot is not exempted from having adverse effects. Newbies and those sensitive to heavy loads of THC may experience dizziness, mild anxiety, or paranoia. Overindulging is most definitely a no-no with this ganja.


As with other strains, most users also encounter dry eyes and cottonmouth. Although it is not concerning, it can be uncomfortable. Consuming ample fluids eases the parched discomforts. Having an OTC eye lubricant also helps in soothing dry, bloodshot peepers.


Amnesia Lemon is quite in demand in the medical marijuana industry. Not only does the pot offer a lovely-tasting toke, it holds therapeutic benefits too. The weed can manage chronic pains and ease mental health concerns. What's more, its wonderful effects come with minimal adverse reactions.

The strain's joyous high appeases the symptoms of psychological troubles. Patients battling depression, PTSD, Bipolar disorder, and stress are its frequent users. A toke or two also induces sufficient energy that fuels an over-fatigued person braving a busy day.

An all-around medical marijuana, the variant is sought after to alleviate pains too. Often prescribed to people tormented by arthritis and migraine, comfort materializes fast. Affording a long moment of respite, the relief lasts for many hours as well.

Fast Version Amnesia Lemon Seeds

Amnesia Lemon is the perfect strain for newbies and seasoned growers alike. Sturdy and moderately resilient, it won't require laborious efforts to develop beautifully. With its Homegrown Cannabis fast version seeds, cultivators can also achieve a generous yield in less time. Indeed, having enough supply to enjoy daily and share with friends need not be difficult to fulfill.