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  • Great For Beginners
  • Equisite Flavours
  • 400-500 gm/plant
  • Great For Beginners
  • Equisite Flavours
  • 400-500 gm/plant

Blueberry is well-loved by sweet-toothed connoisseurs seeking a profoundly relaxing experience. Akin to its namesake, this Indica-leaning variety effuses a fruity punch that instantly knocks out stress and fatigue with a sedating high. Not only that;... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
Easy to grow without too much stretch, one of the tastiest strains around.
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Blueberry Regular

STRAIN PROFILE Blueberry Regular

Yield 300 - 500 gr/plant
THC 15% - 24%%
CBD 0.1 - 1%
HEIGHT 80 - 100 cm
anxiety arthritis depression migranes stress
creative euphoric focused uplifted
berry sweet vanilla woody
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Blueberry Regular Profile by Kyle Kushman

Blueberry is well-loved by sweet-toothed connoisseurs seeking a profoundly relaxing experience. Akin to its namesake, this Indica-leaning variety effuses a fruity punch that instantly knocks out stress and fatigue with a sedating high. Not only that; it also induces a mellow uplifting cerebral buzz along with a long list of therapeutic benefits.

Blueberry is a three-way cross between remarkable landraces. Much of its genetics constitute an Afghani Indica. The inherent calming property is why it is perfect for capping off the night. Its ability to provide a soaring cerebral high, on the other hand, is an influence of two renowned strains. One is a Thai Sativa landrace. The other one, Purple Thai, is also responsible for the beautiful purplish coloration.

Cannabis Connoisseurs and old-school growers would appreciate Blueberry regular seeds provided by Homegrown Cannabis Co. These seeds, produced by a carefully selected mother plant, have undergone stringent quality control measures. As such, not only is the rate of germination high, but it also houses stable, incredibly reliable genetics with the potential to grow into healthy plants.

Cultivating Blueberry at home is a joy. For one, it is naturally resistant to pests and diseases. It affords beginners a leeway in small mistakes. At the end of the journey, the fully developed plants can provide generous yields. After post-harvest drying and curing, it is up to individual preference whether to use it recreationally or medically. Regardless, one thing to expect is a sublime experience.

Growing Blueberry from Regular Seeds

Given its inherently sturdy and non-finicky nature, Blueberry is reasonably easy to cultivate. However, these are regular seeds. Thus, there is a 50% chance of sprouting males. As a way to compensate, the practice is to germinate twice the number of seeds intended. For breeders, this type of seed is favorable. On the other hand, some people may view the presence of males as a waste of time, effort, and money. In exchange, though, the females grown are going to exhibit traits that are as close as possible to the original mother plant.

This strain is an eye-candy. After all, it captivates attention with its dense buds generously covered in a glaze of crystalline trichomes. Such prolific resin production is a testament to its potency. Exposing it to cold temperatures also triggers the appearance of beautiful purple hues.

With stout stature and thick foliage, this plant needs frequent pruning and trimming to ensure that the lower branches get adequate light exposure and airflow. Installing oscillating fans and ventilation systems is also an excellent way of maintaining optimal humidity and temperature levels.

Blueberry is an excellent candidate for the Sea of Green set up indoors. It thrives in organic mixed with 1/3 coco coir, being able to develop a better terpene profile. Hydroponics is also a viable option as directly feeding the roots allows for vigorous growth. Couple this with 18 hours of exposure to 600-watt LED/HPS lamp during the 8-9 weeks flowering period, and it yields 350 to 500 grams of breathtakingly resinous buds.

Meanwhile, bigger yields can be achieved outdoors if the climate is warm, balmy, and tropical. When exposed to plenty of sunlight, each plant can produce as much as 500 grams of trichome-laden buds by the middle or end of October.

Fragrance and Flavor

As the moniker hints, Blueberry exudes a fruity, berry scent that seduces the senses into taking a whiff. Once lit, the taste of ripe blueberries blended with sweet, creamy vanilla permeates the palate, leaving a woody flavor on the exhale.


Blueberry's hard-hitting psychoactive effects manifest a few minutes within dosing. It initially inspires a wave of blissful euphoria, uplifting the mood and shunning pessimistic thoughts. Moreover, it also slightly boost creativity and focus.

Not for long, though, as a soothing sensation gradually engulfs the whole body following the initial invigorating high. Blueberry eliminates muscle tension, stress, and fatigue, replacing it with a warm, comforting embrace of profound relaxation. Eventually, these body-melting effects weigh down the limbs, inducing a lazy couch-lock.

With every passing moment in bliss, the eyelids start to droop, until the only sensible thing to do is relish the tranquility and drifting off to a peaceful sleep. These effects make it perfect for concluding a stressful and tiresome day.

This strain is undoubtedly potent with THC concentrations hitting the 24% mark. An excessive dose can cause dizziness, paranoia, or bouts of anxiety. While these side effects tend to be temporary, it could be uncomfortable, especially for beginners.


Given its incredibly soothing and uplifting effects, Blueberry is a popular choice for patients seeking moments of respite from various health concerns. It works wonders in alleviating both physical and psychological disorders.

Blueberry can be the go-to strain for battling mental health issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and social anxiety. It uplifts the mood by restoring the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain. In essence, it inspires blissfulness by triggering the production and release of serotonin and dopamine.

Meanwhile, it has calming and muscle relaxant effects that are primarily responsible for alleviating pains. It loosens up the muscles and soothes fatigue, all while diminishing pain caused by chronic conditions like migraines, dysmenorrhea, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis.

As the discomforts trickle away, the only sensation left would be the compelling force of sleepiness. Once nestled in a comfortable position, be prepared to depart into dreamland with this strain's soporific effects. Such properties make it a viable alternative to sleeping pills.

Blueberry Regular Seeds

Given its multiple accolades and superior traits, Blueberry is unquestionably a strain worthy of praise. It offers irresistible perks for recreational and medicinal users alike. Aside from providing a sublime uplifting and tranquil experience, this strain also impresses with a lengthy list of health benefits.

Regular Blueberry seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. have stable growth patterns that are favorable to home growers. Among these are resilience and ease of cultivation. Under optimal care, it can provide a hefty harvest of trichome-speckled buds exuding a delightful fragrance.