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The perfect dessert smoke!
  • High THC
  • Easy To Grow
  • Thick, Dense Buds.
  • Euphoric flight
  • Sweet fruity scent
  • 400 to 500 g/m2

Some strains have made such a positive impact on the cannabis scene that they need no further introduction – and Bubblegum is definitely one of them. It's been a staple in coffeeshops, dispensaries and grow spaces for more than two decades, and it'... Read More

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With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts!

We deliver high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with impeccable and stabilized genetics swiftly and discreetly worldwide at a competitive price.

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
This one’s seriously strong and it produces a weighty and couch-locked stone that’ll give you the munchies! So get the snacks in, sit back, and enjoy!
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Bubblegum Autoflower

STRAIN PROFILE Bubblegum Autoflower

Yield Indoor 400 - 500 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 250 gr/plant
THC 18%
CBD 0.3%
HEIGHT 90 cm
anxiety arthritis depression insomnia migranes stress
creative euphoric happy hungry relaxed sedative uplifted
berry sweet
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Bubblegum Autoflower Profile by Kyle Kushman

Some strains have made such a positive impact on the cannabis scene that they need no further introduction – and Bubblegum is definitely one of them. It’s been a staple in coffeeshops, dispensaries and grow spaces for more than two decades, and it’s now faster and easier to grow than ever before thanks to these autoflowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Born in Indiana but developed in The Netherlands in the early 90s, this hybrid is a cross between Indiana Bubblegum and an unidentified Indica strain. It took many years of inbreeding to stabilize it while preserving its most attractive traits. The great news is that all the effort was worth it – and now you can get your hands on a piece of the action too.

Although its genetics are Indica-dominant, this sweet tasting herb has a balanced, fifty-fifty effect. Its 20% Sativa makeup works its magic first by sending users into a euphoric mind rush while the bubblegum flavor provides flashbacks to happy childhood memories. Then, the 80% Indica component comes sauntering in, bringing a relaxing body high.

This strain has won four different Cannabis Cup awards: two in 1994, one in 1995, and another in 1999. It has achieved such success not only for its taste and smell but also because of the incredibly satisfying physical and psychological experience it can provide.

Growing Bubblegum from Autoflower Seeds

Beginners and experts alike will enjoy growing Bubblegum. Although small, it’s sturdy and easy to grow and manage, and it’s even more effortless with these autoflowering seeds. These beans don’t depend on light cycles to flower, so they can be planted and harvested all year round. They finish much quicker than the original plant too.

Indoors, Bubblegum can grow up to three feet tall and thrives best in a hydroponics or soil setup, and it’s also highly adaptable to SOG. It’ll spend eight to nine weeks flowering, after which you can anticipate a generous yield of around 1.31 to 1.63 ounces per square foot.

When grown outdoors, the plant can get a bit taller, and usually reaches around four feet. It’s susceptible to rot and mold, so it needs plenty of sun and a shelter to keep it dry. If everything goes well, add a mid-October harvest time to your calendar and prepare to be amazed!

Fragrance and Flavor

As its name suggests, this strain has a sweet, fruity scent that’s a delight for the nostrils. With just one sniff, seasoned users will know right away if someone is smoking Bubblegum close by. The taste is similar to the flavor, leaving a sugary taste with a hint of mixed berries on the lips.


It's no question that Bubblegum is sheer joy for the senses. Its well-balanced effects provide a gratifying experience for both the body and mind.

The fast-acting Sativa properties are always the first to take effect. With just a few puffs, you’ll be riding the happy waves and positive vibes, and enjoying the upbeat thoughts that come pouring in. You’ll instantly feel uplifted and sociable – you’ll want to enjoy the company of others. Along with the elevated mood, there’s often a boost in creativity too.

It doesn’t take long before the Indica effect manifests in full force. While you’re still soaring on the euphoric flight, a gentle full-bodied relaxation will envelop you from top to toe. Before long, any accumulated physical stress or tension will begin to melt away. For this reason, many tokers prefer to wait until the late-afternoon or evening before lighting up this strain. It has sedative effects so using it before work is not advisable.


Bubblegum has been used as a medicinal strain to help treat a number of health conditions, and has established itself a reliable, go-to herb in the medical cannabis arena.

Thanks to its mood-uplifting potential, it may help tame the symptoms of anxiety, depression and chronic stress. Although it’s not a remedy, patients may get a couple of hours’ relief from their torments. .

Bubblegum is also said to come with a long list of physical benefits. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it may diminish or reduce pain caused by the likes of body tension, headaches, menstrual cramps, migraines and backache.

It’s also likely to lead to an insatiable appetite – known as the munchies. People have turned to it to help them overcome eating disorders, appetite loss and nausea. Insomniacs, too, may benefit from its sedating effects – after the rush of the initial high, it’s common to feel sleepy and lethargic.

As with most cannabis strains, it’s normal to experience dry eyes and cottonmouth from smoking Bubblegum. If you find them particularly irritating, then remaining properly hydrated and using over-the-counter eye drops may help.

There are also potentially more serious adverse reactions. Beginners and vulnerable people may encounter paranoia, anxiety and dizziness. Should this happen, you’ll need to decrease the dosage or switch to a different strain instead.

Autoflower Bubblegum Seeds

It took many years of pairing and enhancing to produce the Bubblegum people know and love today. Thanks to these autoflowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., growers can get their hands on this plant quicker and more easily than ever before. With only minimal effort, you can harvest an abundant yield at any time of the year. That’s a sweet deal indeed!

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