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There's nothing better than blowing bubbles.
  • Balanced Hybrid
  • Unique Flavours
  • Easy To Grow
  • Uplifting and creative kick
  • Tastes like Gumball
  • 600 g/plant

Bubblegum is an aptly-named old favorite that brings to mind the taste of classic gumballs in just one puff. First-timers and veterans alike are sure to enjoy this strain for its scent, flavor and effects. Relaxing and with an uplifting and creative ... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
This one is perhaps more mentally stimulating than many might expect, but it nevertheless delivers the classic, relaxing indica hit that smokers all over the world know and love.
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Bubblegum Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Bubblegum Feminized

Yield Indoor 350 - 550 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 600 gr/plant
THC 18%
CBD 0.3%
HEIGHT 100 - 120 cm
anxiety arthritis depression inflammation insomnia migranes pain
creative focused happy relaxed talkative uplifted
flowery tropical
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean cool_cold
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Bubblegum Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Bubblegum is an aptly-named old favorite that brings to mind the taste of classic gumballs in just one puff. First-timers and veterans alike are sure to enjoy this strain for its scent, flavor and effects. Relaxing and with an uplifting and creative kick, this tasty bud is an absolute must-try.

Bubblegum’s parentage is not well documented and, as such, is a source of mystique and mystery. Said to have hailed from Indiana, the original Bubblegum has been around since the 70s. It was then taken all the way to Amsterdam to be further cultivated. By blending it with an unknown Indica, breeders created the current, popular version of Bubblegum we know and love.

With decades of love and affection under its belt, Bubblegum's staying power comes down to its potency and satisfying effects. Indeed, the strain has collected several awards which vouch for its superior quality, including no less than four High Times Cannabis Cup wins. It also finished in 1st place at the 2006 Spannabis Champions Cup, and in 3rd place the following year. Then, in 2012, it bagged the 3rd place in the 2012 Expogrow.

Growing Bubblegum from Feminized Seeds

Bubblegum is a joy to cultivate and does not cause any issues for most growers. The plant is not demanding at all – it matures beautifully and yields heavily. Coated in a rich layer of golden resin, the sticky buds boast a yellowish appearance. Meanwhile, the plant’s forest green foliage contrasts with (and therefore showcases) its deep orange pistils. This variety never fails to capture the eyes of onlookers, and it’s hard to resist chopping it down and lighting it up right away.

Thanks to Homegrown Cannabis Co., growing Bubblegum from feminized seeds can be more fruitful than ever. Going for an all-female crop helps gardeners to maximize their harvests, since there are no male plants to weed out and discard. Instead, you get a whole batch of fertile, nug-producing fems. Now that sounds like a dream garden!

In a controlled environment, this beauty can offer around 1.14 to 1.8 ounces of resinous buds per square foot. It is by no means a scrooge if grown in optimal conditions. For it to thrive, growers should go for the SOG method and let it fully flower for 8 to 9 weeks.

Like most other strains, Bubblegum prefers a sunny Mediterranean climate. In such wonderful surroundings, this charmer can produce over 21 ounces per plant. But outdoor growers who are not blessed with such warm settings need not worry. This resilient and hardy specimen can prosper even in places with less than ideal weather. Growers can start sowing as early as the end of April, and harvest should happen no later than early October.

Fragrance and Flavor

True to its name, Bubblegum smells and tastes very much like a gumball. With just one whiff, childhood memories are sure to come rushing back. When it’s lit up, it further delights both the nostrils and the palate with fruity and floral notes. After exhaling, smokers will detect a hint of creaminess on the tongue. This strain is a veritable feast for the senses that makes lucky potheads crave more and more.


Bubblegum is the ideal strain for some post-work unwinding and relaxation. It offers various benefits for both the mind and the body. And, although it is considered potent, even less experienced users can take it in moderation. Best consumed around late afternoon or early evening, it’s vital to complete all pending tasks before lighting this baby up. This robust Indica strain can leave those who dance with it feeling immobile and heavy-bodied for a good few hours.

On top of this, and refusing to be outshined, there’s also a pleasing Sativa kick. As the body rests, it gives an uplifting and creativity-boosting effect that keeps the mind busy. Users will likely want to engage in activities that don't involve much physical activity. Some feel a sudden urge to paint, others read or listen to music.

For those whose choice of leisure requires lots of imagination, this strain is a fantastic side-kick. It helps people to think outside the box, and can lead to a much-needed Eureka-moment. Artists, writers and the like find refuge in Bubblegum, and turn to it for help in creating a new masterpiece.

There are also those who prefer to use Bubblegum in social settings – it’s a happy, cerebral, chatty buzz that’s great for parties. Whatever one chooses to do, Bubblegum is sure to make it fun.

After a long day at work, exhausted souls want to feel better. With so many tasks and responsibilities, relaxation often seems a luxury rather than a right. With this weed, however, physical calm coupled with a soaring mental boost is but a puff away.


Among medicinal users, Bubblegum has received much praise. Satisfying for all the senses, it’s also said to bring mental and somatic benefits. Comfort and relief could very well be just a few tokes away for those who are suffering.

Thanks to its blissful mental high, Bubblegum may also decrease the symptoms of certain mental conditions. It’s said to good at fighting off panic attacks, allowing users to relish worry-free moments. The strain has reportedly been used by people battling General Anxiety Disorders and Major Depressive Disorders.

An effective sedating joint, the Bubblegum experience almost always ends with a sound sleep. With just a couple of tokes, it can help insomniacs to bid sleepless nights goodbye, allowing them to wake up feeling refreshed the following morning.

The strain is also said to be a great option for pain management. This function comes courtesy of its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. People with rheumatoid arthritis, chronic migraines and fibromyalgia have turned to Bubblegum for relief.

Others may benefit from the munchies it produces. Those who have appetite issues find themselves able to eat the food they love once again. This may be helpful for cancer patients whose appetites have diminished due to chemotherapy. Under the influence of Bubblegum, food often smells and tastes better than ever before.

As well as the positive effects, though, there may also be negatives. Users sensitive to THC may get dizzy or experience paranoia or anxiety. Should any of these three issues persist, consider reducing dosage or switching to a milder weed.

Additionally, it may also cause bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth. To avoid these relatively minor annoyances, stay hydrated before, during and after a smoke out.

Feminized Bubblegum Seeds

Bubblegum is a must-have strain that pairs bodily relaxation with mental stimulation. Loved by old-school and millennial tokers alike, its fragrance and flavor invite users to take toke after toke. Luckily, loyal fans of this strain can grow their own stash and get even more for their money. By using feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co,, gardeners can rest easy in the knowledge that each plant will mature into a fertile, hefty-yielding female. Why buy buds when growing your own is so rewarding and easy?

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