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Bubblegum Haze Feminized
From A$128.00 to A$206.00
Bubblegum Haze Feminized
Bubblegum Haze Feminized
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
Can finish very tall so make sure you plan your space well.
Strain description
A notable member of the Haze family, Super Silver Haze is famous for many amazing reasons. Every toke of this celebrity strain coats the tongue with an earthy citrus tang. Its Sativa genes revitalize the mind and offer an active yet calm high.Bubblegum, on the other hand, is a smooth, Indica-heavy strain. Euphoric and relaxing,

Bubblegum Haze Feminized

From A$128.00 to A$206.00
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
Can finish very tall so make sure you plan your space well.

Bubblegum Haze Feminized by Kyle Kushman

Bubblegum Haze Feminized
STRAIN PROFILE Bubblegum Haze Feminized
Yield Indoor 400 - 600 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 700 - 1000 gr/plant
THC 20%
CBD 0.5%
Height 200 cm
Flowering Time 8_10
Flowering Style photoperiod
Harvest Month october
Medical anxiety arthritis depression migranes stress
Effects creative euphoric relaxed uplifted
Flavor berry citrus lemon sweet
Grows greenhouse
Climate temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean

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Strain description

A notable member of the Haze family, Super Silver Haze is famous for many amazing reasons. Every toke of this celebrity strain coats the tongue with an earthy citrus tang. Its Sativa genes revitalize the mind and offer an active yet calm high.

Bubblegum, on the other hand, is a smooth, Indica-heavy strain. Euphoric and relaxing, it's also a handy herb indeed when it comes to stirring creativity. Despite its enjoyable and sociable buzz, its sweet candy smack almost always gets the headline.

By blending them together, the breeders have created the mouthwatering and versatile Bubblegum Haze. A tasty treat with an excellent Sativa high, it also has enough of an Indica twist to ensure much-needed relaxation. This newcomer is a great all-rounder and a must-try for those seeking a tasty toke with a well-balanced kick.

A growing number of Bubblegum Haze's loyal fans have taken to cultivating their own crop in order to secure a sizable stash of buds. Marijuana enthusiasts who'd like a toke of this baby may choose to do the same, because the buds are quite difficult to come by. The great news is that these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. help make your cultivation journey a little bit simpler. Without males to watch out for, growers can focus on nurturing the female plants instead.

Growing Bubblegum Haze from Feminized Seeds

An excellent choice for experienced growers, Bubblegum Haze needs a lot of manicuring to help it thrive. It grows 7 to 10 feet tall and is quite bushy for a Sativa. As it matures, it needs pruning and trimming to encourage better air circulation.

The plant's colas tend to get too heavy for its branches, so installing a support frame or trellis cage is essential. Growers must put the screen in position for a SCROG setup before the plant starts to pop its buds. Don't worry, though – all this effort will be repaid with a massive yield.

Bubblegum Haze prefers to grow in soil, coco fibers, or hydroponics. Indoors, it flowers for 9 to 10 weeks and produces up to 1.96 ounces per square foot. If you think those yields are huge, wait until you see what it can do outside: in an optimal outdoor location, it doles out 24.6 to 35 ounces per plant.

Growers in Spain, Italy or the Mediterranean are most fortunate as the plant loves a lot of warmth and sun. Those in the northern hemisphere can still achieve optimum yields though – planting around April or May gives enough time for the plants to be ready for harvest by mid to late October.

Fragrance and Flavor

Just a tiny bowl of Bubblegum Haze is enough to remind people of summer getaways and delicious candy treats from childhood. It tantalizes the nostrils with its sweet and sour citrus aroma. Releasing a mix of berry and lemon zest, the palate gets its fair share of fruity goodness too. The smoke is smooth and creamy, and unlikely to burn the throat or cause coughing.


Bubblegum Haze isn't great for pre-work use, unless you're an artist in need of an inspiration boost. Although slightly Sativa-leaning, this herb has a powerful Indica capacity too. It's excellent for afternoon or early evening consumption, since its uplifting effect comes with a heavy-bodied sensation too.

A cerebral buzz will kick in promptly after the first toke. Strong yet never disorienting, it revives the mind with just one jolt. It's a positive awakening that brings about euphoria and an uplifted mental state. Then, it gets creative juices flowing, which certainly delights those with an artistic inclination.

Using this strain in moderation will allow you to stay mobile. Although the relaxation causes subtle lethargy, activity is still possible most of the time. Those who need to remain energetic should stay away from Bubblegum Haze though, since it only permits non-strenuous activities.


Luscious, fast-acting, and said to be extremely beneficial too, medicinal tokers love Bubblegum Haze. Its string of effects may aid patients with mental health issues and those tormented by pain.

The herb's influence may suppress the symptoms of a long list of psychological troubles. Its happy kick helps drive out negative thoughts, potentially bringing relief to those with depression, chronic stress, PTSD and Bipolar disorder. It induces a mild case of the munchies that helps increase the appetite – this could be a real gift to people with eating disorders.

Patients suffering from painful physical conditions have also benefitted from Bubblegum Haze. It's said to be great for subduing pain thanks to its robust analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Those tormented by arthritis, PMS, eye pressure and migraines are its primary users.

Enjoying the plant in moderation is the key to having a thoroughly pleasant experience. Excessive use, along with dehydration, can cause cottonmouth and dry eyes. Although extremely rare, a few may also experience lightheadedness, paranoia or anxiety.

Feminized Bubblegum Haze Seeds

Unlike thousands of other strains, Bubblegum Haze is not easily accessible in dispensaries. To enjoy its many delicious benefits, growing a crop from Homegrown Cannabis Co.'s feminized seeds may be the best option for tokers with some cultivating know-how. These feminized seeds are perfect for those who don't intend to breed. Whether you're a commercial cultivator or a home grower, these fertile fems ensure a plentiful stash for daily toking.

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