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Candyman mixpack from Homegrown Cannabis Co. brings together three of the sweetest and most delectable strains in the world of cannabis - Girl Scout Cookies, Cherry Pie, and Candy Kush. These hybrids are most known for tantalizingly s... Read More

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Candyman Mix pack Profile by Kyle Kushman


Candyman mixpack from Homegrown Cannabis Co. brings together three of the sweetest and most delectable strains in the world of cannabis - Girl Scout Cookies, Cherry Pie, and Candy Kush. These hybrids are most known for tantalizingly sweet flavors and aroma that keep connoisseurs coming back for more. However, the commonality between the trio does not stop there; these high-THC strains also share a rush of euphoria and happiness. This dreamy cerebral experience is then complemented by a full-body relaxation that inspires tranquility without the sedation.

With regards to cultivation, these strains are beginner-friendly because of the robust pest and disease resistance it inherited from the legendary, Durban Posion, OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple. Growers of all skill levels are also particularly fond of these cannabis varieties for its superior genetics that allow it to produce prolific yields of dense buds generously coated with a thick layer of syrupy trichomes. With the Candyman mixpack, the dilemma of choosing between Girl Scout Cookies, Cherry Pie, and Candy Kush will no longer be a problem as Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers all three hybrids in one incredibly sweet mixpack that comes at a discounted price.

Growing Candyman Mixpack

Cultivating the strains in the Candyman mixpack is rather easy. In fact, some rudimentary knowledge and skills in cannabis horticulture are enough to successfully grow Girl Scout Cookies and Candy Kush. This is because these strains allow for a large margin of error with its inherently sturdy build.

On the other hand, although Cherry Pie also has high resistance towards pests, molds, and diseases, it is slightly more complicated to grow for beginners as it tends to be more finicky with its requirements. Nevertheless, simultaneously growing these strains is quite possible when Cherry Pie is given a bit more attention. These strains adapt well to any environment, but generally, indoor cultivation is the safest bet as it gives the grower more control over environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.

Girl Scout Cookies

Given its superior horticultural qualities, most would assume that Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is an intimidating and challenging strain to grow. However, the truth is quite the contrary as it is among the easiest hybrids to cultivate due to high resistance to molds, pests, and diseases. In fact, even complete amateurs could try rearing this plant and still get rewarded with top-shelf buds without much difficulty.

Considering its Indica-dominant traits such as having bushy stature and sturdy stems, this medium-sized plant is a prime candidate for Sea of Green (SOG) training. Not only does this technique significantly reduce the period spent in the vegetative phase, but it also maximizes the space and light exposure while increasing the overall yields. This plant generally requires little attention, but it does need constant pruning to increase the airflow in its lower branches and prevent mold attacks.

This high-yielding plant can also thrive in any environment - be it indoors or outdoors - as long as the climate is as warm and dry as that of the Mediterranean. However, cold shocking it during the last two weeks before harvest could reveal its light purple hues and enhance trichome production. Feeding it with sufficient amounts of calcium and magnesium will also work wonders in enhancing the bud production. Using either a hydroponics system or organic soil will also work well with this strain. However, it is worth noting that nutrient feeding will be much easier with the use of organic soil as this substrate acts as a buffer against extreme pH fluctuations.

GSC takes its sweet time in flowering, but it certainly makes the long wait worth it. After 9 to 10 weeks, expect to harvest 600 grams of dense, resinous buds.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is yet another plant that delights veteran and novice growers alike with its superior characteristics. However, it is relatively more challenging to rear compared to the others in this mixpack. Still, it is entirely doable when armed with enough understanding about cannabis horticulture.

This plant is highly resistant to molds, mildews, and other diseases. However, regular maintenance such as pruning is still a must as this strain tends to develop many side branches. In doing so, cautiously use low-stress approaches because this plant has a slight tendency towards becoming a hermaphrodite when shocked or stressed in case of overdoing pruning. Feeding it with nutrients must also be done mindfully to avoid stressing it.

Cherry Pie grows to be a medium-sized plant that prefers warmer climates with temperatures hovering around 21°C to 27°C. When cultivated indoors, it is advised to keep the relative humidity (RH) level between 40% to 50%. Its terpene and flavor profile flourish best with the use of organic soil as the substrate. Applying the SOG method is also ideal in boosting growth and productivity.

With proper care and sustenance, Cherry Pie will reward growers with 400 to 550 grams of exquisitely aromatic and flavorful buds covered in sugary resins.

Candy Kush

Cultivating the decadent Candy Kush is a no-sweat process. This unassuming plant grows to about 5 ft tall but requires little attention and maintenance as it is naturally resistant to molds, pests, diseases, and even cold climates. In fact, it even prefers somewhat colder weather, especially when grown outdoors - thus, making it a perfect fit for those who live in a cold place.

This plant thrives in both indoor and outdoor setups. Likewise, it favors both soil and hydroponics as the substrate. However, unlike the previous two strains that flourish in SOG, Candy Kush best thrives with the use of the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method. This technique is useful in curbing its stretching so that its branches grow laterally instead of vertically. Coaxing lateral growth is also beneficial in increasing yields as it exposes more bud sites to the light source. Additionally, ensure adequate ventilation in its lower-lying portions by constantly pruning the unnecessary fan leaves underneath the screen.

With the use of the right horticultural techniques, this plant will bear 400 to 500 grams of incredibly dense popcorn buds dripping with syrupy trichomes.

Fragrance and Flavor

Perhaps the most apparent commonality between this trio is its tantalizingly sweet flavor and aroma that inevitably entice cannabis connoisseurs with a sweet tooth. However, there are nuances between the strains that are also worth noting.

For one, aside from the trademark sweetness of this mixpack, GSC bears a chocolatey, mint taste with underscores of pepper, nutmeg that accentuate its cookie flavor. It also exudes an earthy, herbal fragrance redolent of lemons, skunk, spice, and diesel.

On the other hand, Cherry Pie’s flavor is indeed reminiscent of its namesake. The perfect combination of sweetness and sourness reminds the taste buds of fresh berries and cherries. Unsurprisingly, it also entices the senses with the fruity fragrance of freshly baked pie along with undertones of lemon, skunk, berry, and cherry.

Lastly, the overwhelmingly sweet smell and taste of Candy Kush make it apparent why it was named as such. Much like fruity candies, it further creates a complex flavor profile with the addition of sour notes reminiscent of citrus and berry.


Indica lovers who also fancy some uplifting cerebral high are in for a treat with the well-balanced effects of the strains in the Candyman mixpack. Not only are these hybrids incredibly appetizing, but these also deliver a satisfying cannabis experience filled with the perfect blend of energizing euphoria and relaxing sedation. And although the trio is predominantly Indica, its relaxing effects are in no way couch locking. Thus, making it a perfect choice for late afternoon strain snacking, where a smooth transition between stimulation and relaxation would be most useful.

Girl Scout Cookies

GSC manifests its presence with immediate cerebral effects that urge the mind to be alert, sociable, focused, and creative. It also brings forth immense euphoria that makes the consumer giddy while feeling as light as a feather.

After the initial stimulation, the effects smoothly transition into a profound Indica-style relaxation that sinks right through to the body’s core but is in no way couch locking. As the warm, soothing feeling spreads from the temples to the limbs, it melts away pent up stress and fatigue. Thus, making it an exceptional feel-good strain for winding down after a long, stressful day - all while staying mentally agile.

Cherry Pie

Much like GSC, Cherry Pie’s effects are also perfectly balanced between euphoria and tranquility. Upon getting a whiff of this delectable strain, it induces an upbeat feeling that uplifts the mood and energy levels. Such clear-headed cerebral effects also inspire motivation, focus, and creativity which, in turn, fuel productivity.

After a few moments though, prepare to feel the Indica effects that start as a mild, soothing body buzz but eventually transforms into a wave of relaxation that leaves the mind and body free from worries and stress. Like a warm blanket, the sense of tranquility envelops the consumer into a reassuring sensation of calmness, but not in a sedating way - thus, allowing one to function throughout the day without a heavy feeling.

Candy Kush

Not to be confused with Trainwreck and OG Kush’s offspring - Kandy Kush (with a ‘K’), this strain is a descendant of Blue Dream and OG Kush. Its effects tend to be more Sativa-leaning despite it being a predominantly Indica strain.

Much like the other two strains in the mixpack, Candy Kush’s euphoric head buzz precedes its relaxing effects. Upon inhaling its smoke, the cerebral effects are felt almost instantly, followed by an extreme case of the munchies. As such, it is an excellent idea to stock up on snacks before taking a hit from Candy Kush as the consumer is bound to be overridden with ravenous hunger later on.

A few moments after the initial head rush wanes, prepare to be consumed by a dreamy and euphoric feeling of relaxation that melts away stress and a whole lot of other discomforts. In moderate doses, this relaxation is pleasantly balanced - meaning, it is not overbearing to cause a trance-like lethargy. However, when taken in larger amounts, it can be powerful and sedative enough to the point of inducing sleepiness. This makes Candy Kush an excellent strain for late-night medicating sessions.


All three variants in this mixpack offer immense head to toe relief from various illnesses and discomforts - both physical and psychological in nature. Even better, these fast-acting therapeutic effects ensure long-lasting symptom relief.

With THC levels ranging from 16 to 24%, these strains are certainly not ones to trifle with. Although its delectable flavor and aroma might be irresistible, practice caution by sticking to the recommended dosage. Otherwise, it could induce adverse effects such as headaches, lightheadedness, paranoia, and aggravated anxiety.

On the other hand, some mild discomforts such as dry mouth and eyes are inevitable. Nonetheless, these symptoms tend to wane on its own, although the process could be expedited by rehydrating with lots of fluids.

Mixed Candyman Pack

A mixpack specifically made for cannabis enthusiasts with a sweet tooth, the Candyman mixpack combines irresistible saccharine flavors and aroma with perfectly balanced effects. This trio offers a sublime cannabis experience with its euphoric and invigorating effects complemented by a dreamy relaxation that will surely soothe tired souls.

Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s GSC, Cherry Pie, and Candy Kush’s appeal are not limited to its flavor and effects. These strains are also cherished by expert and novice cultivators alike for to its legendary genetics, ease of cultivation, and high yielding capacity.

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