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Stupendously stinky medicine.
  • Easy To Grow
  • Pungent Aroma
  • 2:1 Ratio
  • Calming effect
  • Scent of fresh, sweet flowers
  • 450 to 500 g/m2

Auto CBD Cheese Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to unique traits, nothing comes close to Cheese and its descendants. For decades, the strain's remarkable flavors, dense tricho... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
A stable, highly medicinal strain with natural resistance to pests, mold and disease.
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CBD Cheese Autoflower

STRAIN PROFILE CBD Cheese Autoflower

Yield Indoor 450 - 500 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 60 - 170 gr/plant
THC 6%
CBD 12%
HEIGHT 75 - 150 cm
anxiety arthritis depression migranes muscle_spasms stress
calming euphoric relaxed sedative uplifted
cheese flowery herbal orange sweet
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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CBD Cheese Autoflower Profile by Kyle Kushman

Auto CBD Cheese Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to unique traits, nothing comes close to Cheese and its descendants. For decades, the strain’s remarkable flavors, dense trichome layers, and copious yields have remained unrivaled.  Now, a new hybrid has been added to the Cheese strains family tree – and its seeds are available from Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s catalog for your growing pleasure. 

The brand-new Auto CBD Cheese shares the unique flavor, genetic stability, and prolific yields of Cheese XXL, with the infusion of Auto CBD genetics. The latter brings fruity orangey notes and high levels of cannabidiol, endowing its offspring with more potent healing qualities. Not only is it useful for inducing a serene and calming high, but it also provides potential relief from a number of physical and psychological ailments. 

Auto CBD Cheese is often referred to as the faster and gentler Queen of England. This new version still features the hallmark traits of its mother strain, but with the infusion of high CBD levels and autoflowering genetics. It induces a gentler high while blooming at a faster rate than its photoperiod kin.

With Auto CBD Cheese, cannabis enthusiasts can relish Cheese XXL Auto’s intense aroma and peculiar taste without having to worry about getting too high.

Growing Auto CBD Cheese

This hybrid hails from a diverse gene pool of Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis strains. The autoflowering genes responsible for its fast growth rate are derived from Ruderalis roots, while its thin leaves and long branches are Sativa-inspired. The Indica genetics profoundly influence the growth pattern: the plant is dense, bushy, and compact, standing at only 2.5 feet to just over 5 feet tall. It can be cultivated both indoors and outside, or in a greenhouse. 

The strain requires the help of a gardener with rudimentary horticulture skills and some previous experience in cannabis cultivation, but it’s quite resilient to pests and disease thanks to its Skunk genes. To maximize its potential, think carefully about the growing medium. Organic soil enhances the terpene profile and results in intensely aromatic and flavorful buds. Adding one-third of coco coir will increase the oxygen saturation in the root system, speeding up metabolism and nutrient uptake. This eventually leads to an optimized growth rate.

Given their bushy structure, it might be tempting to prune the plants to provide better air circulation and light penetration in the lower layers. However, as a general rule, high-stress training should be avoided at all costs as it may prove to be counterproductive. Opt for low-stress training instead, by bending or tying the branches to spread them out.

Given that Auto CBD Cheese has some complex requirements, its autoflowering genetics make it significantly more manageable. In as little as ten weeks, the germinated seeds could be ready for harvest, usually by late September if growing outdoors. Despite it being an auto, this strain retains the high-yielding capacity and astounding resin production of the original Cheese.

When grown indoors, 1.47 to 1.63 ounces per square foot is pretty easy to achieve. Outdoors, each plant can produce 2 to 6 ounces of resinous buds when provided with ample sunlight.

Fragrance and Flavor

Properly cured Auto CBD Cheese buds feature the distinctive and intense aromas of aged cheese along with the scent of fresh, sweet flowers and the tangerine notes of CBD Auto. 

The unforgettable and decadent flavor of cheese, herbal spice, and orange tang exquisitely complements its rich bouquet.


Cheese strains are highly coveted for their famous taste, but their heavy-hitting psychedelic effects are often a drawback for beginners or those with low THC tolerance. Now, with this CBD-enriched cheese strain, more and more cannabis patrons will get to relish the plant’s delights without the fear of a weed hangover.

Given its 1:2 THC to CBD ratio, the strain’s 12% CBD content effectively counteracts the adverse effects of its 6% THC levels and mellows out its potent psychoactive traits. Auto CBD Cheese is a delightful strain for winding down and engaging in blissful and relaxed social interaction. It’s calming, chilled out and uplifting.

After consumption, it may take a while for the high to set in. Once it does, it spreads like warm butter from the forehead to the limbs, easing muscle tension as it goes. Its mild and soothing sedative touch erases stress and lures users to a peaceful and blissful state of mind. It’s a perfect nightcap after a stressful day of hustling and bustling.

Despite its toned-down THC levels, overconsuming this strain can still cause adverse effects such as mild paranoia and anxiety. For best results, it’s important to dose carefully and stick within your personal limitation and tolerance. Some minor side effects such as dry eyes, cottonmouth, and dizziness are very common and can be toned down by drinking enough fluids.


There’s more to Auto CBD Cheese than its unforgettable scent and flavor. Its soaring levels of CBD arguably make it more valuable to medicinal users than those seeking a recreational high. Its stellar cannabidiol levels bring potential therapeutic benefits that may provide long-lasting relief from mild to moderate conditions such as stress, anxiety, pain, and insomnia. 

Cheese strains are renowned for their stress-busting potential, and this plant is no exception. With just a few hits, it may significantly reduce stress levels, while its uplifting and euphoric qualities may also help those afflicted with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It works by targeting and stimulating the release of happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin which, in turn, can help elevate the mood. 

Its munchie-inducing buzz may also be useful for boosting the appetite of chemotherapy patients and those suffering from eating disorders. Its relaxing traits may also be hugely beneficial to people struggling with insomnia and other sleeping disturbances. Aside from targeting psychological symptoms, Auto CBD Cheese may also provide a reprieve from pain caused by the likes of migraine, backache, arthritis, muscle spasms, and cramps.

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