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A tall strain with a very high THC content.
  • Sativa Dominant
  • High THC
  • Quick Flowering
  • High THC
  • Earthy scent
  • 450 g/m2

Cinderella 99, also called C99 or Cindy, has an uncanny ability to transport all who encounter her to a magical, dreamy realm. But beneath the façade of a soft, cerebral buzz, she hides a harder hitting side. Having lulled unsuspecting users into a ... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
This one has a very high THC content and produces a remarkably lucid and energetic buzz with a creative sativa twist.
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Cinderella 99 Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Cinderella 99 Feminized

Yield Indoor 450 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 900 gr/plant
THC 20%
CBD 0.5%
HEIGHT 80 - 100 cm
anxiety arthritis depression migranes muscle_spasms stress
aroused energetic euphoric happy relaxed uplifted
apple citrus earthy pine pineapple sweet
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Cinderella 99 Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Cinderella 99, also called C99 or Cindy, has an uncanny ability to transport all who encounter her to a magical, dreamy realm. But beneath the façade of a soft, cerebral buzz, she hides a harder hitting side. Having lulled unsuspecting users into a false sense of security, this potent Sativa-dominant hybrid takes her sweet time before really announcing her presence. By then, her impatient victims have likely consumed more, and soon find themselves completely entranced and unable to break her spell. 

In more ways than one, the invention of Cinderella 99 was a matter of luck. The plant is a closely-related descendant of the premium Jack Herer strain, named after its creator: a cannabis activist and author.

It’s incredibly rare to find a seed in a pack of buds, but it occasionally happens. In this case, not only was one found in a 2-gram packet of Jack Herer, but it also fell into the hands of a breeder. As luck would have it, this little seed germinated and grew into a healthy plant with exceptional qualities.

This accidental offspring of Jack Herer and an unknown strain came to be called Princess. A vigorous plant that produces high yield, it exhibited only one real weakness: its branches were not sturdy enough to support the buds.

As a means to strengthen Princess without taking away her remarkable traits, she was crossed with Shiva Skunk. That’s how Cinderella 99 came into the world – and the rest, they say, is history. Cinderella 99 feminized seeds are now available in all their glory courtesy of Homegrown Cannabis Co. 

Cinderella 99 from Feminized Seeds

Cindy has the rare gift of being a mostly Sativa plant with an Indica growth structure. It doesn’t get much taller than three feet, and tends to have numerous lateral branches. Deemed an ideal strain for inexperienced growers, it has very good resistance to mold, mildew, pests and disease.

The plant’s short stature makes it ideal for growing indoors. While hydroponics setups speed up the growth rate, using soil is a better choice in that it can bring out the strain’s fantastic flavor profile. Either way, the flowering period only takes 7 to 9 weeks. During harvest, Cinderella 99 can provide more than 1.4 ounces per square foot. In some instances, production can double under 1000w light source.

In the outdoors, harvest time usually falls between the end of September and the beginning of October. In the hands of an expert, this strain has the potential to produce up to 35 ounces per plant.

Although Cindy is a beginner-friendly strain, it does not mean there are no hindrances. For instance, trimming and pruning the leaves can put the plant under a lot of stress. With this in mind, choosing feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. is an attractive option because it results in a crop with no hermaphroditic tendencies. It also ensures an almost 100% female army.

Fragrance and Flavor

Roam wild and free in a field on an early morning and soak in the refreshing, earthy scent all around. Add a dash of sweet citrus, and you’re getting close to how this strain smells. It’s exquisite and delightful. Once it’s lit up, a subtle pineapple aroma reveals itself. It’s a pleasure to smoke, being smooth on the throat and the lungs.


Cindy, as already mentioned, is a slow starter in the effects department. There’s a danger that impatient smokers will take too much too quickly, and before long the plant’s intensity will really rip through their minds.

Used moderately, though, she takes users on a euphoric flight without ever getting too close to the edge, leaving a sense of happiness and positivity in her wake.

A great strain to clear away the cobwebs, Cindy delivers a seemingly unlimited boost in energy. It leaves users feeling motivated and physically active. In fact, some people have reported its aphrodisiac qualities.

In time, a subtle but noticeable sensation of wellbeing spreads over the body, and, although it’s very relaxing, it’s unlikely to be in any way debilitating. Instead, it blends with the mental stimulation to give a stable, all-over-the-body buzz, while at the same time adding a dreamy, psychedelic twist to the mix. 

If more is taken, then the psychoactive effects move to a whole new level. It might cause some people to experience visual distortions in which colors seem to be brighter or more vivid. At the same time, sounds may appear amplified. It may also induce a speedy high where random thoughts flash in and out of the mind at lightning speed.

There are, of course, some potential negative effects. In smaller doses, users may have to deal with the usual dry eyes and mouth. In higher doses, some people may feel dizzy – especially with any sudden movement. Also, Cinderella 99 may cause some people to feel anxious or paranoid.


For people suffering under the pressure of day-to-day life, Cindy is a true gift in that she can help carry the mind away to a better place. Besides combating stress, she is also said to be quite adept at helping people cope with depression and melting away negative thoughts.

The plant’s ability to energize may be used to help overcome tiredness and fatigue. As well as bringing a feeling of reinvigoration, it can also increase the appetite. 

Its high THC percentage may also provide relief from body aches. Said to be a natural painkiller, Cinderella 99 may significantly reduce pain associated with numerous ailments.

Feminized Cinderella 99 Seeds

Cindy is a joy to behold. But behind the beautiful façade, the cannabinoids found in the plant work in synergy to deliver a remarkable psychedelic trip. She’s said to be a gift for medical users who have turned to her for relief from psychological and physical discomforts. These feminized seeds let growers focus more on nourishment instead of keeping an eye on gender.

Cindy’s seeds are available from Homegrown Cannabis Co., but it’s in the grow space, under the watchful eye of a caring gardener, that her magic really comes to life.

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