Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie Feminized
From A$132.00 to A$371.00
Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie Feminized
Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie Feminized
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Kyle Kushman Says:
If the slipper fits, wear it!
Strain description
Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie combines the best traits of two iconic strains. Cinderella 99 offers a stress-crushing cerebral high that releases the mind and body from fatigue. As if that's not enough, it's also quite a looker with thick, sparkling

Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie Feminized

From A$132.00 to A$371.00
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
If the slipper fits, wear it!

Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie Feminized by Kyle Kushman

Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie Feminized
STRAIN PROFILE Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie Feminized
Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie
Yield Indoor 300 - 350 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 350 gr/plant
THC 20%
CBD 0.5%
Height 120 - 170 cm
Flowering Time 8_10
Flowering Style photoperiod
Harvest Month october
Medical anxiety arthritis cramps depression fatigue migranes stress
Effects energetic euphoric focused happy relaxed uplifted
Flavor citrus diesel earthy sour spicy
Grows greenhouse
Climate temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean

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Strain description

Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie combines the best traits of two iconic strains. Cinderella 99 offers a stress-crushing cerebral high that releases the mind and body from fatigue. As if that's not enough, it's also quite a looker with thick, sparkling trichomes that coat its buds and leaves.

Lemon Pie is equally stunning, and it smells great too – emitting a sharp aroma with a citric tinge. There's also a subtle sweetness and a hint of diesel, which intensifies as the flowers continue to develop. More than anything else, though, the high is its most distinguishing feature – it's productive, creative and long-lasting.

Indeed, both are excellent strains in their own right, and the decision to cross them could not have come too soon. Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie delivers a potent high that blends a clarifying head buzz with a satisfying comedown that settles in the limbs. Not only that, it's also easy to grow, robust, and yields vigorously.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is delighted to offer this beautiful plant in feminized seeds that even beginners should be able to cultivate.

Growing Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie Feminized

Cinderella 99 is a prized strain in the growing community, famed for its ease of cultivation, short flowering period and high returns. Lemon Pie is equally impressive in the eye-candy department, with long leafy branches covered in resin-coated buds. The fusion of these two, as expected, creates a new breed that's even better than the sum of its parts.

Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie is a relatively tall plant that produces humongous buds covered in a thick blanket of sparkling trichomes. It's also quick-flowering, reducing the waiting time that usually lasts up to 12 weeks for most Sativa-leaning strains.

One factor that affects the quality and yield is the height of the plant. Even with a powerful HID lamp, the light intensity in the lower parts is weak, resulting in poorly developed buds. Increasing the wattage is not an option as it could scorch the upper canopy.

Remedying this is easy, though, by employing the Screen of Green technique. After topping the plant to keep its height manageable, the branches can be manipulated to form new bud sites, and woven through the screen mesh. By making sure the flowers in the upper canopy are evenly spread, each one receives the same amount of light which results in consistently high-quality buds.

Supplementing its growth with additional boosters is not necessary, and there's no need to deviate from the usual feeding and watering. After 8 to 10 weeks of flowering, Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie will produce 1 to 1.15 ounces per square foot.

A sunny environment with low levels of humidity brings out the best in this cheerful plant. It still performs well in colder regions, but the yields will likely be lower. In optimal conditions, the harvest period usually falls in the second to third week of October. A typical harvest is around 12.3 grams per plant.

Fragrance and Flavor

Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie emits a sharp citric scent that is splashed with spicy, sour, diesel notes. When smoked, it's usually the taste of fuel that takes over. On the exhale, it leaves an earthy aftertaste.


Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie packs an 18% to 22% THC level and can deliver a very powerful punch. The high starts with a subtle energizing buzz that swarms into the mind and the body, inducing euphoric cerebral stimulation even as it clears the head and sharpens focus. These effects help keep users motivated, productive and physically active.

As the buzz creeps into the body, tensions melt away, replaced with waves of soothing relaxation that further uplift the mood. Instead of causing lethargy, it blends perfectly with the cerebral stimulation to keep the mind sharp, and the creative thoughts free-flowing.

As with most cannabis strains, there are some potentially negative effects. Red, irritated eyes and cottonmouth are common, and some users may experience dizziness, anxiety and paranoia. Moderation will help reduce the likelihood of experiencing anything worse than the dry spell.

Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie Feminized Seeds

Having Cinderella 99 x Lemon Pie in the garden is highly advantageous. It has diverse effects, ranging from a stimulating productive high to a stress-crushing buzz of relaxation. It also enhances the mood and helps soothes aches and pains to improve your general sense of wellbeing.

Cultivating it is easy, especially with these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. The plants are naturally sturdy and resilient, making them an easy-to-grow addition to any garden or indoor grow-space.

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