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Critical Autoflower
From A$129.00 to A$201.00
Critical Autoflower
Critical Autoflower
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
The buds on this Critical are enormous, make sure you give it extra support.
Strain description
Critical Auto is, in some ways, simply a more beginner-friendly version of the original strain. It takes the sought-after traits of its photoperiod predecessor and combines them with Lowryder's

Critical Autoflower

From A$129.00 to A$201.00
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
The buds on this Critical are enormous, make sure you give it extra support.

Critical Autoflower by Kyle Kushman

Critical Autoflower
STRAIN PROFILE Critical Autoflower
Yield Indoor 350 - 400 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 100 - 200 gr/plant
THC 11%
CBD 0.2%
Height 60 - 90 cm
Flowering Time 8_10
Flowering Style autoflowering
Harvest Month all_year
Medical anxiety arthritis depression insomnia migranes muscle_spasms nausea stomach_ache
Effects calming creative euphoric giggly hungry relaxed sleepy uplifted
Flavor citrus sweet woody
Grows greenhouse
Climate temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean

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Strain description

Critical Auto is, in some ways, simply a more beginner-friendly version of the original strain. It takes the sought-after traits of its photoperiod predecessor and combines them with Lowryder's Ruderalis qualities, creating a plant that's easier to grow and less intense when consumed.

With around 9 to 13% THC, Critical Auto is moderately potent and perfect for de-stressing. Like the photoperiod variety, its effects are Indica-oriented and excellent for nighttime usage. It's euphoric and relaxing, but unlikely to cause couch-lock, so non-strenuous movement is still permitted. It enhances creativity, so the mind is sure to be occupied with new ideas that users may find useful.

This autoflowering plant has a much swifter life cycle and allows for an all-year-round harvest. Novices can successfully grow these seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. and achieve medium yields with hardly any hard work.

Growing Critical Autoflower Seeds

Growers love Critical's robust Indica structure and incredible bud production, while Lowryder is known for its quick growth cycle and ability to thrive just about anywhere. In crossing these two, the most desirable traits of both parents were passed on to the autoflowering offspring.

Critical Auto shares a medium-sized yield even when given just the basic TLC and minimal supervision. Its strong branches can hold up its colas without any support or trellis, and it's resistant to pathogens that often plague cannabis plants. The quality and scale of its output, though, will reflect the care it was given as well as the environment it was grown in.

This small plant only reaches around 2-3 feet indoors and a maximum of 4.5 feet outside. It can grow almost anywhere – on the balcony, by the windowsill, or amongst other plants in the garden – without attracting attention, and it doesn't require any training. In fact, stressing the plant is a big no-no, because you want it to focus on budding instead of recovering from injury. Its swift 8 to 10 week-long life cycle means it may not have enough time to recuperate properly.

Critical Auto does well in soil, coco fibers, or hydroponics. When grown indoors, SOGing provides the most optimal yields – around 1.15 – 1.31 ounces per square foot. Outdoor cultivation, on the other hand, produces 3.5 to 7 ounces per plant. Although it yields less than a photoperiod plant, it can be grown all year round and, therefore, provide a harvest any time of the year.

Fragrance and Flavor

Critical Auto has an incredibly dank aroma with sweet, fruity and citrusy notes that attract the attention of old-timers and newbies alike. When inhaled, the blend of citrus and woody flavors is most discernible, but a hint of muskiness lingers in the background.


Critical Auto is a calming yet stimulating bud that's best used for some after-work relaxation and leisure. Its euphoric high frees the mind of worries while also boosting sensitivity to surroundings so that colors, images, sounds and emotions seem more intense. Along with the enhanced sensory perception comes an inward stream of new ideas, aiding those with a creative inclination and supercharging their artistic function.

The body feels a profound soothing influence throughout that makes the muscles feel heavy. Movement is a lot less appealing, but still possible. Apart from providing comfort, it's great for group sessions since it uplifts the mood, induces giggle fits and allows mobility. Most people can enjoy the buzz for a few hours before falling into a deep sleep.

Consume Critical Auto in moderation to keep the experience pleasurable. Although its THC content is modest, it may cause lightheadedness, heightened anxiety or paranoia. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are also quite common.

Critical Autoflower Seeds

Critical Auto is simple to cultivate, has a quick life cycle, and allows an all-year-round harvest. That means even novice growers can successfully rear these Homegrown Cannabis Co. seeds and achieve medium yields without backbreaking efforts. Patients can earn their much-needed supply instead of buying expensive products from dispensaries. It can be grown indoors for a potential harvest of to 1.15 to 1.31 ounces per square foot and outdoors for up to 7 ounces per plant.

These moderately-potent buds are powerful enough to provide a holistic calm. They deliver euphoria and relaxation, but are unlikely to cause couch-lock, so movement and the pursuance of non-strenuous activities is still possible. Critical Auto can be used when pursuing creative endeavors, socializing, or just killing time. It may even mitigate symptoms of stress, pain and insomnia.

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