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A plant that crosses Big Bud with aromatic Skunk.
  • Balanced Hybrid
  • Sweet citrus and fresh pine
  • 1300 g/plant
  • High THC
  • Earthy, citrus and berry
  • 1300 g/plant

Hailing from the sunny, cannabis-growing paradise that is Spain, Critical + is a balanced hybrid with a 50:50 Sativa/Indica ratio. Known for its well-rounded high and general versatility, the strain has enjoyed massive success in its home country and... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
When smoked, this one creates a powerfully intense buzz from start to finish. It’s well-balanced, being a mix of indica and sativa, but still a humdinger of a high.
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Critical + Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Critical + Feminized

Yield Indoor 600 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 1300 gr/plant
THC 18%
CBD 0.3%
HEIGHT 180 - 220 cm
anxiety arthritis depression insomnia migranes muscle_spasms stress
calming creative giggly relaxed talkative uplifted
berry citrus earthy pine sweet
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Critical + Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Hailing from the sunny, cannabis-growing paradise that is Spain, Critical + is a balanced hybrid with a 50:50 Sativa/Indica ratio. Known for its well-rounded high and general versatility, the strain has enjoyed massive success in its home country and is now gaining popularity in the US – especially in the Pacific Northwest and Desert Southwest regions.

An offspring of the notoriously pungent Skunk, Critical + gives a rousing welcome with its sweet, citrusy, earthy kick. It then delivers a lucid high, which intensifies into a state of utter physical and mental relaxation. Although powerful, the effect is not heavy, so it can be enjoyed at any time of the day, even while fulfilling daily chores. It’s even said to alleviate stress and provide pain relief.

The string of desirable effects is not the only upshot of Critical +. With the horticulturalists’ favorite Big Bud running in its genes, you can anticipate pendulous, resinous flowers come harvest-time. Even better, if grown outdoors in optimal conditions using these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., an output double the usual indoor yield awaits.

Growing Critical + Feminized Seeds

Critical +’s long, dense, olive-to-dark-emerald buds are mouthwatering from any angle. The plant gets even more attractive when it’s exposed to cold pre-harvest nighttime temperatures, with its leaves donning a majestic mauve hue. While the enhancement doesn’t increase potency, it certainly boosts bag appeal and market value.

Apart from its physical allure, the plant adapts well to various media like soil, coco coir and hydroponics. It ripens remarkably quickly and produces above-average yields, but cultivating it does come with a few challenges. As its heavy colas begin to swell, providing branch support may be necessary. Its nugs are also quite susceptible to mold, so maintaining optimal conditions is of utmost importance. Finally, the odor can be really strong, so you may need to use a carbon filter with an inline fan. You may want to consider guerilla growing so as not to upset the neighbors.

The consistency that indoor cultivation provides is crucial in places with fickle weather or less than ideal climate. During its 7 to 8 weeks of flowering, ensure temperatures are kept between 69 and 79°F, with RH levels around 40 to 50%. Apart from keeping the conditions well-regulated, you can grow Critical + in a Screen of Green setup to achieve as many as 1.96 ounces of fresh buds for every square foot. As another means of boosting harvest, you can perform high-stress training (HST) techniques such as topping, super cropping, or fimming.

Outdoor growing is encouraged in warm and sunny locations similar to the coastal cities of the Mediterranean. Cultivating in optimal settings can bring a whopping 44 ounces of flowers for every plant. Should the conditions be less favorable, it can still provide a decent yield as long as it’s given sufficient sun exposure and kept protected from rain showers. In the northern hemisphere, harvest begins by early October.

Fragrance and Flavor

The Skunk influence is immediately evident in the smell and taste of Critical +. It has a penetrating fragrance of wet loam with traces of sweet citrus and fresh pine. When lit up and smoked, the sour zest diminishes significantly, leaving a prominent earthy flavor with a hint of juniper berries.


Critical + hits the head first with an uplifting high that provides a swift change of mental state. Powerful but not heavy, the cerebral kick gives a sudden jolt of energy and positive vibes. Then, a rush of ideas will come surging forth in a cascade of creativity. Perfect for use in social settings, the herb also stirs giggle fits, talkativeness and a deep longing for meaningful conversations.

As well as the Sativa-eqsue effects mentioned above, the hybrid also provides the mental and physical calm usually attributed to Indicas. This relaxing influence is the ‘balancing factor’ that prevents the cerebral action from causing overzealousness. It puts the body at ease without causing couch-lock, leaving you free to move and get on with day to day tasks.

Because of its complimentary blend of effects, it can be used at any time of the day. However, because it tends to give a sluggish sensation as the high wanes, it’s best enjoyed in the afternoon or early evening. Although it’s not a particularly potent sedative, consuming it during the day can still contribute to a restful slumber.


Despite its incredible recreational value, Critical + is known in the 420 world as a medicinal strain thanks to its unrelenting potency. It serves as a gas pedal when you’re slowing down around midday, extending the productivity that’s usually in high levels earlier on.

When the mood is turning for the worse, a single hit of Critical + can be enough to bring clear blue skies again. It helps stop anxiety and stress from taking over, and has been used to alleviate depression, bipolar disorder and PTSD.

It’s also said to contain potent analgesic agents that may stop pain caused by the likes of migraines and muscle stiffness. Its anti-inflammatory properties work in the background, potentially mitigating swelling caused by multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and other degenerative diseases.

Although it’s not a strong sedative, sleep patterns may improve as a natural outcome of achieving mental and physical relief. Without the usual causes of sleeplessness, such as excessive worrying or physical uneasiness, rest may be within reach. .

For the sake of true solace, you must consume this strain in low dosages. Overindulgence can cause adverse effects such as cottonmouth and dry eyes. In more serious cases, lightheadedness, headache and even paranoia can arise.

Feminized Critical + Seeds

Critical +’s liberating and enjoyable effects make it a sought-after strain for both leisure and therapeutic use. It can divert the mind away from psychological troubles, as well as blanketing the body with comfort. Plants grown from Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s feminized seeds mature into fertile mothers if given ample attention. The already-excellent indoor yields can be as much as doubled in a favorable outdoor setting, helping you to build up an enormous stash for weeks of potential relief.

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