Critical Jack Feminized
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Critical Jack Feminized
Critical Jack Feminized
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Kyle Kushman Says:
Lovely aroma: like sprinkling dried oregano over the dying embers of a barbeque.
Strain description
With a notable lineage, Critical Jack can satisfy users looking for an enjoyable toke. It is a world traveler that has become one of the most highly cultivated plants in the 420 community. It culminated its rise to fame by winning the top prize in the overall category in the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup and the Sativa division in 1999. In more

Critical Jack Feminized

From A$128.00 to A$206.00
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
Lovely aroma: like sprinkling dried oregano over the dying embers of a barbeque.

Critical Jack Feminized by Kyle Kushman

Critical Jack Feminized
STRAIN PROFILE Critical Jack Feminized
Critical Plus x Jack Herer
Yield Indoor 600 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 1200 gr/plant
THC 20%
CBD 0.5%
Height 300 cm
Flowering Time 8_10
Flowering Style photoperiod
Harvest Month september
Medical anxiety arthritis depression fatigue migranes pain stress
Effects focused relaxed uplifted
Flavor flowery lemon pepper pine spicy sweet
Grows greenhouse
Climate temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean cool_cold

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Strain description
With a notable lineage, Critical Jack can satisfy users looking for an enjoyable toke. It is a world traveler that has become one of the most highly cultivated plants in the 420 community. It culminated its rise to fame by winning the top prize in the overall category in the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup and the Sativa division in 1999. In more recent years, it also bagged the first place in the 2015 San Bernardino Hempcon Cup.
Bred by crossing Critical Plus with Jack Herer, this weed is a product of royalty. Having a pedigree that includes legendary strains carries plenty of expectations. Needless to say, the hybrid surpassed those towering high anticipation with flying colors.

The joint is famous for its uplifting and clear-headed high. With such effects, it became an instant hit among medical and recreational users. Its THC levels reach 18% to 21%, making it fairly potent yet not overwhelming.

Critical Jack is also popular with growers because of how easy it is to grow. Its feminized Homegrown Cannabis seeds are fast flowering and produce heavy yields. Even people who are new to cannabis growing will have no problem cultivating this strain. Able to thrive in any types of settings, growing this hybrid is sure to be a fruitful experience.

Growing Critical Jack from Feminized Seeds

Critical Jack is a beginner-friendly strain that flowers quite fast. The plant has a sort of wispy structure with light green leaves that turn purple when it’s cold. Although it seems like it has an Indica form, apart from its foliage, the plant is all Sativa.

The weed can grow to a staggering height of up to 300 cm. Covering its cone-shaped buds are frosty trichomes and light brown pistils. In addition, it can grow indoors and outdoors and has good resistance to pests and mold.

When growing indoors, using the SCROG (Screen of Green) method can get optimum results. If space is rather limited, using a smaller pot and cutting short its vegetative phase will do the trick. Flowering time is relatively short and lasts for only 8 to 9 weeks. It yields a generous 600 grams per square meter once the buds are ready for harvest.

Outdoors is where Critical Jack truly shines. Its height can make being discreet a bit difficult for some, though. For this reason, guerrilla growing may be a good option. In any case, if the plant is grown in a Mediterranean-type climate and given proper care, it will prosper well. Harvest time for outdoor growing should be no later than the end of September to early October. The yields are massive with each plant producing up to 1200 grams of tasty nugs.

Fragrance and Flavor

While the hybrid’s buds really don’t look all that special, it’s scent is something else. It emits a sweet piney fragrance with a lemony floral undertone. When grinded or crushed, the flowery aroma becomes more noticeable. Despite having a masculine name, its odor is more on the feminine side. Nonetheless, it appeals to most users regardless of the gender.

Its great flavor further complements the weed's irresistible aroma. On inhale, it lets out a spicy, peppery taste that works surprisingly well with its scent. The smoke is also perfect for smokers looking for a joint that won’t cause coughing. Often overlooked, the strain’s delightful extract is a huge aspect of its success.


Many Sativa-heavy strains offer a euphoric effect which is much desired by tokers. Unfortunately, though, it also often comes with some drawbacks. Some leave users unable to focus which affects their productivity. Others end up with uncontrollable fits of giggles which may weird out other people.

Critical Jack provides the same elated mental buzz from the onset, but in a gentle manner. The high is mellow yet still very enjoyable. It brightens the mood but also enables one to focus. This is what sets Critical Jack apart from the other strains

It also gives smokers an energy boost that’s similar to drinking a double shot of espresso. Paired with an improved concentration, users are able to get things done even while high.

Being a balanced hybrid, Critical Jack’s Indica works well with its Sativa properties. As its cerebral flight slowly descends, one begins to feel calm and relaxed. Other strains have this effect as well, but often leave users couch-locked. This is why Critical Jack is such an acclaimed daytime cannabis.


Medical practitioners and users hold Critical Jack in high regard. Loaded with pharmaceutical properties, the strain is most definitely valuable. Its happy Sativa kick benefits those suffering from depression, stress, and many others. Blissful thoughts push the gloomy ones away, giving them a couple of hours of escape. As it can also boost energy, the weed is useful in treating fatigue as well.

Moreover, the miracle plant can also ease pains to a certain degree. Most people using it for such purpose are those with migraines and arthritis. Additionally, an hour or so after the first puff, the munchies will kick in and users will feel hungry. This effect helps to stimulate one’s appetite. Cancer patients and people with eating disorders find it extremely helpful.

Critical Jack, for all its amazing benefits, doesn’t come without a few setbacks. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are the two most common adverse reactions to smoking cannabis. To remedy these side effects, simply drink plenty of fluids.

Some users have also reported feeling slightly dizzy when smoking this strain. Most often, it happens at the onset as the strain’s mental buzz begins to settle in. This offshoot doesn't usually last for more than two minutes. If one is THC sensitive, however, it may persist and even advance to anxiety.

Feminized Critical Jack Seeds

An award-winning hybrid with an impressive pedigree, Critical Jack lives up to the hype. Its refreshing aroma and balanced flavor make it an absolute favorite of recreational and medical tokers. With an uplifting mental buzz that also provides users with an energy shot, this is a must-try for users.

Easy to grow and fruitful, even novice growers will have fun cultivating its feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis. All cannabis connoisseurs need to add this winner in their marijuana collections.

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