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  • Medium THC
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Heavy Yields
  • Cerebral gentle buzz
  • Strong fuel aroma
  • 475 g/m2

Aptly named Diesel, this cannabis can fuel up the brain engine for many hours. For people who want to go into a cerebral overdrive, this is the perfect strain. Not to mention, it is also a no fuss plant that aspiring growers with little to no experie... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
This mostly-sativa plant creates a head-high that leaves the body energised and light. But the real joy here is in the flavour – delicious fuel notes with a slightly bitter aftertaste make Diesel a strain to be savoured.
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Diesel Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Diesel Feminized

Yield 475 gr/plant
THC 16%
CBD 0.2%
HEIGHT 300 cm
anxiety arthritis depression inflammation migranes stress
creative energetic focused relaxed uplifted
citrus diesel grape grapefruit
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Diesel Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Aptly named Diesel, this cannabis can fuel up the brain engine for many hours. For people who want to go into a cerebral overdrive, this is the perfect strain. Not to mention, it is also a no fuss plant that aspiring growers with little to no experience can try. With Homegrown Cannabis' feminized seeds, they can even surpass the yield veterans get.

Bred in the USA, the potent marijuana is a cross between a Mexican Sativa and an Afghani Indica. This hybrid's 60% Sativa and high THC level are strong enough to give a long-lasting euphoric high. At the same time, its decent 40% Indica content is effective in relieving inflammation.

Furthermore, true to its name, the weed boasts of petrol scent and flavor. Made interesting by unexpected undertones, it can invigorate even a tired, sleepy soul. For those weighed down by daily stressors, Diesel is an excellent revitalizing weed.

Growing Diesel from Feminized Seeds

As mentioned, Diesel is easy to grow. It does not need more than the usual caring and grooming. Growers who lack experience and knowledge are very much encouraged to try. It is important to note, however, that a little research and practice will go a long, long way.

Growing Diesel indoors requires many considerations. This plant can grow big and tall. As such, cultivators must think of how long they should keep it in vegetative phase and what pot size to use. Those two factors dictate the overall size of the weed. Additionally, going for SCROG setup will result in a bigger harvest.

It will spend 9 to 10 Weeks in flowering period. In this stage, the beauty will produce large, bright green nugs with bright orange hairs. What's more, it has plenty of crystals that users just can't resist. By harvest time, expect a yield of 475 grams per square meter.

A Diesel loves basking in the sun and thrives in an outdoor location with direct access to sunlight. There, it can even reach about three meters tall and give a heavy yield of up to 950 grams per plant. In the northern hemisphere, harvest would come around October.

Fragrance and Flavor

True to its name Diesel prides itself with a strong fuel aroma. It also has a note of grapefruit that makes it more fascinating. Similarly, its smoke will expose a smooth, lingering citrus and gasoline taste.


The Diesel's high THC content is always first to take effect. It gives a mental uplift that is strong enough for a soaring high, but not too much that it overwhelms. Then, its constant partner, the Sativa, will also kick in. Users will be in a positive mood, as well have an increase in focus and creativity.

Balancing the duo's potency is the ganja's 40% Indica makeup. As it's not of hefty volume, it can endow physical relaxation that won't couch-lock. People can do their day-to-day activities with a calm body that will not melt into disuse.

Start the day right by smoking Diesel while having a morning coffee. Feel the cerebral buzz go on a gentle ascend as seconds and minutes pass by. Take advantage of the boost in concentration and the pour of great ideas. Together, they can serve anyone well in work or any endeavors. And, last but not the least, get to do and experience all those with tranquility down to the limbs.


In the medical cannabis world, Diesel has two significant uses. First is its ability to ease the symptoms of mental health concerns. People with ADD and ADHD benefit from its focus-boosting effect. As a result, they are able to manage their attention span to the tasks at hand.

In addition, the euphoric high it gives can expel negatives thoughts. For that simple reason, anyone troubled by anxiety and depression will have a happier outlook after smoking this cannabis. This change in mood and emotions is not permanent, but it may help a sufferer recover faster.

Not only confined in soothing matters of the mind, Diesel also has physical effects. Because it contains anti-inflammatory properties, consuming this dope relieves pains and aches. It can bring comfort to individuals suffering from eye pressure, headaches, and migraines.


This predominantly beneficial herb also comes with a few adverse reactions. The drying of eyes and mouth are the most common displeasures from cannabis smoking. To escape this infamous duo, stay hydrated before, during, and after marijuana use.

Known to help appease psychological burdens, Diesel may also trigger them. In rare instances, users with poor THC tolerance may feel overwhelmed and confused by the sudden deluge of ideas. It may cause them to get dizzy or, worse, anxious or paranoid. Should this happen, do shift to a different strain with low THC level.

Feminized Diesel Seeds

A bliss to smoke and cultivate, Diesel now has more to offer its loyal users. With Homegrown Cannabis' feminized seeds, even unskilled growers can have a higher than average yield. They can have as much female, cannabis-bearing plants as they want. More nugs for less work and effort, that's not bad at all.