Fruity Glue Regular
From A$82.00 to A$214.00
Fruity Glue Regular
Fruity Glue Regular
Number of Seeds:
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  • High THC
  • Fruity and lemon notes
  • 550 g/plant
  • Indica Dominant
  • Fruity and lemon notes
  • 550 g/plant
Strain description
Cannabis enthusiasts who are fans of the ultra-potent Gorilla Glue and the deliciously terpy Grapefruit shouldn't miss their hybrid budchild, the appropriately-named Fruity Glue. It boasts many of its popular parents' best traits, making it one of the hottest new marijuana varieties around. With insane resin production, quick-hitting effects and

Fruity Glue Regular

From A$82.00 to A$214.00
  • High THC
  • Fruity and lemon notes
  • 550 g/plant
  • Indica Dominant
  • Fruity and lemon notes
  • 550 g/plant
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Fruity Glue Regular by Kyle Kushman

Fruity Glue Regular
STRAIN PROFILE Fruity Glue Regular
Gorilla Glue x Grapefruit
Yield Indoor 400 - 500 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 550 gr/plant
THC 23%
CBD 0.7%
Height 100 - 150 cm
Flowering Time 8_10
Flowering Style photoperiod
Harvest Month october
Medical anxiety depression insomnia migranes stress
Effects calming relaxed sedative sleepy uplifted
Flavor citrus lemon
Grows greenhouse
Climate temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean

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Strain description

Cannabis enthusiasts who are fans of the ultra-potent Gorilla Glue and the deliciously terpy Grapefruit shouldn't miss their hybrid budchild, the appropriately-named Fruity Glue. It boasts many of its popular parents' best traits, making it one of the hottest new marijuana varieties around. With insane resin production, quick-hitting effects and beginner-friendly growth tenden-cies, there's a lot to love about this plant.

With a delectably sweet citrus fragrance, Fruity Glue delivers a THC power punch of up to 24% in an incredibly mouthwatering way. It sends a relaxing wave that washes over the mind and body, calming noisy thoughts and soothing physical discomforts. As soon as users are at ease, its cerebral influence will shine through, providing an emotional uplift that improves the mood and potentially helps ease stress and depression.

The high concludes with a good night's sleep that may even knock insomniacs for six. But the great news is that Fruity Glue is not a knock-out sedative and does not entirely restrict motor functions until the downturn comes. Having said that, it can still leave you messed up from the get-go if you take too much, too soon.

While Fruity Glue buds are hard to find, those looking to cultivate this aromatic plant at home can do so using these regular seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. They can be grown indoors or out for a rewarding harvest, and they're suitable for growers and breeders of all skill levels.

Bear in mind that regs have a 50% chance of sprouting a female plant. If you're growing for con-sumption, you have to get rid of the other 50% to ensure your future bud-bearers do not end up pollinated. This is not a difficult task, but it needs to be accomplished correctly and promptly.

Growing Fruity Glue Regular Seeds

Fruity Glue combines the various advantages of Indica and Sativa, making for a straightforward cultivation experience. It's a medium-sized plant that works perfectly in limited spaces or when you need to keep the operation low-key. It can double in height while popping its buds, and so most of the vertical growth happens during the 8 to 10 weeks of flowering.

The hybrid typically develops a thin foliage of long, narrow leaves, which means moisture accu-mulation is rarely an issue. If such concerns arise while growing indoors, it's most likely due to mismanagement of the grow area. A favorable controlled environment should have proper air movement, good drainage and a correctly-sized dehumidifier.

Temperature and humidity are closely related, and both must be kept within suitable parameters. While the plant vegetates, keep the RH level around 45 to 55% and the daytime temperature be-tween 69 and 77°F. Lower to 35 to 45% and 68 to 75°F as soon as you switch to the 12/12 cycle. The nighttime temperature, on the other hand, must be about 7 to 9° cooler.

In the right conditions, it's perfectly possible to achieve 1.32 to 2.64 ounces per square foot of indoor grow space, and you can improve your chances of earning such yield size by employing the Sea of Green technique. The SOG method not only boosts bud production, but also maximiz-es the use of small grow areas and results in an earlier harvest.

If you prefer to grow outdoors, a yield of up to 19.4 ounces per plant is possible in a warm and sunshiny location. The strain displays maximum budding potential in regions with a Mediterrane-an-type climate such as Southern Italy, Spain or coastal California. If you're cultivating anywhere in the northern hemisphere, start harvesting by mid-October.

Growing Fruity Glue regular seeds for consumption requires getting rid of male plants. Should one pollen sac burst, it could pollinate an entire batch of females, resulting in smaller, less resin-ous, seeded flowers that are unpleasurable to smoke. Fortunately, males pop pre-flowers (the first gender indicator) earlier than females, which gives growers a bit of time to remove them.

Fragrance and Flavor

Fruity Glue has a tangy aroma with hints of citrus. When lit up, the buds give off a thick smoke that may be harsh on the throat and lungs in large drags. On the exhale, it leaves behind robust fruity flavors with prominent notes of lemon.


Unlike many Indica varieties, the effects of Fruity Glue kick in fairly quickly. It can be felt in the face first, giving a warm feeling around the cheekbones and creating a subtle pressure in the tem-ples. As these initial sensations dissolve, you'll notice a full body sense of relaxation.  Ten-sion in the limbs will dissipate, followed swiftly by worries and negativities which will fade into the background.

Slight changes in sensory perception may manifest as well, and you may experience minor visual and auditory distortions. Time may also seem to be passing by more slowly.

Fruity Glue is certainly not for anyone that's looking to maintain or increase productivity. Alt-hough its physical effects aren't completely incapacitating, the thought of moving around won't seem very inviting. Under modest doses, and with strong enough will, basic tasks or errands can still be accomplished. The comedown may be immobilizing and eventually narcotic, though, and the same can be expected if the intake is increased.

This strain is a perfect accompaniment to passive activities like binge-watching or snacking. If group sessions are your thing, you can enjoy it while passing the time with like-minded friends. Its laid-back, sedative effects are best appreciated in the evening, or anytime you've got several hours to spare.

Regular Fruity Glue Seeds

Fruity Glue buds are hard to get hold of, but terp-hunters and concentrate makers who are look-ing for an exciting new strain to try can grow their own crop from these regular seeds. It's a be-ginner-friendly variety that produces decent-yields of 19.4 ounces per plant outdoors or 1.32 – 2.64 ounces per square foot indoors. Its sweet, lemon-scented buds provide relaxation and com-fort, and it may even be used to ease the symptoms of conditions ranging from stress and anxiety to chronic pain and insomnia.

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