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Cannabis cultivation may seem intimidating, especially for those who have never done it before. But fret not, for the Gateway mixpack offered by Homegrown Cannabis Co. will make the task painless with its easy to grow legendary strains - White Widow,... Read More

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Gateway Mix pack Profile by Kyle Kushman

Cannabis cultivation may seem intimidating, especially for those who have never done it before. But fret not, for the Gateway mixpack offered by Homegrown Cannabis Co. will make the task painless with its easy to grow legendary strains - White Widow, AK-47, and Bubble gum.

White Widow is an all-time favorite staple in any Amsterdam coffee shops. Often dubbed as the “Queen of Weed,” this best-selling strain is well-celebrated for delivering a highly energizing cerebral high and enhancing sociability. The thick coating of frosty trichomes gives its buds a whitish appearance, and an ominous warning of the power it packs. At up to 25% THC, it has more than enough to take one on a soaring high. What is surprising, though, is that this legendary strain can be cultivated without trouble even by complete amateurs.

AK-47, despite its aggressive moniker named after a Russian assault rifle, inspires a mellow and relaxing high that could turn even the most belligerent person into a peaceful fellow with just a few hits. Given its robust and long-lasting high coupled with rapid and easy cultivation, it is not hard to see why AK-47 is extremely rewarding to cultivate.

Bubble Gum completes the trifecta with its sweet bubblegum flavor and well-balanced effects offering both physical relaxation and cerebral stimulation. This multi-awarded strain is effortless to grow as long as the environment is dry enough for its liking.

Such easy to grow strains are indeed excellent gateways that would introduce budding cultivators to the fascinating world of cannabis horticulture.

Growing Gateway Mixpack

Cultivating the strains in the Gateway mixpack is painlessly easy. After all, these cannabis varieties were meticulously bred to be resistant to most maladies that plague cannabis. As such, it provides a large margin for error, which makes it ideal for growers who are just starting to learn about cannabis rearing.

These strains thrive in both indoor and outdoor setups. However, indoor cultivation is more recommended as it allows for more control over environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and the likes. Indoors, the temperature is best kept between 20 to 26°C while the RH level should fall around 40% to 50%. When using an outdoor setup, ensure that the garden is exposed to a warm, Mediterranean climate.

Although White Widow, AK-47, and Bubble Gum are resilient enough to survive at the hands of an amateur, the use of appropriate horticultural techniques could still spell the difference between an abundant and a dismal harvest.

White Widow

Apart from an alluring coating of frosty trichomes, part of White Widow’s appeal lies in having robust genetics. Apart from adapting well to any setup, it is also inherently resistant to molds, pests, mechanical damage, and cold temperature. For one, cultivating indoors with limited vertical space will not be a problem as it has a small-to-medium build ranging from 3 to 6 ft in height.

The choice of substrate would depend on personal preference. White Widow tends to develop at a faster rate and achieve maximum productivity when grown in a hydroponics setup. On the other hand, using enriched organic soil would work wonders in fattening up the buds and maximizing its ability to produce more trichomes. Consequently, its terpene profile gets a significant boost too. Feeding the plant also becomes easier as the inert soil serves as a buffer against pH fluctuations caused by adding nutrients.

White Widow performs best when provided with ample supply of nitrogen, especially in its vegetative phase. Upon switching to a 12/12 cycle, flush the soil and switch to nutrient formulas with higher phosphorus content to aid in producing dense nugs.

Using the Screen of Green method is ideal for controlling its height and increasing the yields as more bud sites get exposed to light. Combine this method with pruning in the first two weeks, and the overall yields will undoubtedly increase come harvest time. Indoor growers could expect about 450 to 500 grams of resinous buds per square meter whereas outdoors, each plant can bear 550 to 600 grams of top-quality buds by mid-October or after 8 to 9 weeks of flowering.


AK-47 is a crowd favorite among breeders for its lightning-fast flowering rate and high-yielding capacity. Apart from that, it is also so easy to cultivate that even beginners would not need to break a sweat to grow it successfully. This plant shoots up to a manageable height of 2 to 3 ft, so cultivating it indoors will be a breeze. When pressed for vertical space indoors, vertical training methods such as trellising or topping will curb its height well. Moreover, subjecting it to the Sea of Green (SOG) method while supercropping it will also be beneficial in maximizing its yielding potential.

This plant is known for its pungent smell that quickly fills the room and lingers for hours on end. As such, it is best to grow it indoors and use efficient odor control systems such as carbon filters if discreetness is a priority. When cultivating outdoors, ensure that the location of the garden is secluded enough to prevent drawing the attention of nosy neighbors.

Another compelling reason why AK-47 should be kept indoors is that it tends to be susceptible to bud rot when exposed to excessive humidity. Indoor cultivation allows for manipulation of external factors such as humidity and temperature that are quite impossible to control outdoors. During the first couple of weeks into the vegetative phase, it is recommended to keep the RH levels between 65% and 70%. Then, lower it by 5% every week until it reaches 40 to 45%. Finally, the humidity level should hover around 30 to 35% on the last week or two before the harvest date.

With proper care and sustenance, about 350 to 500 grams of dense buds per square meter could be expected after just 7 to 9 weeks of flowering. Outdoors, each plant can produce 350 to 500 grams of top-notch buds by the first week or two of October.

Bubble Gum

This bubbly and vigorous plant thrives best in a warm, dry, Mediterranean environment. Although it is bred to be resilient to most maladies that plague cannabis plants, it is quite vulnerable to botrytis and molds. As such, indoor cultivation proves to be the most viable setup for this strain.

With heights ranging from 3 to 6 ft, this strain is quite easy to manage indoors. Its bushy stature also makes it ideal for SOG and trimming. Such techniques will help curb its height, shorten the time spent on the vegetative phase, and increase overall yields.

Another means of increasing its yielding potential is by choosing the right substrate. Given its versatile and resilient nature, Bubble Gum thrives in both soil and hydroponics setup. However, a hydro system allows for more efficient and explosive growth while maximizing the yield per batch. On the one hand, using organic soil would promote the development of a richer terpene profile, which ultimately results in more flavorful and aromatic buds. Going for the traditional substrate would also make feeding easier as the soil acts as a buffer and prevents extreme fluctuations in pH levels.

Much like AK-47, Bubble Gum prefers to be fed with lots of nitrogen in its early stages. Then, increasing phosphorus levels by the time it starts to bloom significantly impacts the bud formation. More phosphorus means fatter and more resinous buds which, in turn, means the resulting buds become exquisitely aromatic and flavorful.

Bubble Gum flowers at the same rate as White Widow - averaging from 8 to 9 weeks. Indoors, it could yield 450 grams of dense buds per square meter whereas outdoors, ample sunshine would empower it to bear 400 grams of resinous buds per plant.

Fragrance and Flavor

Both White Widow and Bubble Gum shares sweet notes in both flavor and aroma. The only difference is that White Widow adds a blend of musky and piney aroma whereas Bubble Gum exudes a distinct candy and berry sweetness balanced out by a moderate level of earthiness. On the other hand, AK-47 leans more on dank scent underlined by skunky tones and lemony aftertaste. Its scent is redolent of damp soil while its taste has a pronounced level of sourness.

The commonality between the scent and flavor of the trio is that all three are pleasant to the sense of gustation and olfaction.


Apart from its ease of cultivation, the strains in the gateway mixpack also share another commonality: its effects.

All three strains are cherished by amateurs and connoisseurs alike for its delicately balanced effects that offer both stimulation and relaxation. White Widow, AK-47, and Bubble Gum are the ultimate strains that would go well with a “Netflix and chill” kind of afternoon. Its immediate effects are noticeably euphoric and mood-boosting - thereby inspiring giggling fits while uplifting the spirits as well as the energy levels. This makes the Gateway strains an excellent sociability enhancer.

After the initial onset of its stimulating effects, expect its mellow relaxation to creep in slowly. Once this wave of tranquility washes over the consumer, there is nothing much left to do but to sit back and bask in contentment as tired muscles get soothed and stress gets wiped away. The best thing about the relaxing effects of these strains is that it is neither underwhelming nor overpowering. It will not cause couch locking effects unless overdosed. It does, however, cause intense munchies, so it is always an excellent idea to keep a snack nearby to munch on once the devouring appetite sets in.


The strains in the Gateway mixpack also hold immense therapeutic value due to its rich cannabinoid and terpenoid profile. With stellar THC levels ranging from 18 to 25% and 0.2 to 1% CBD in its composition, these strains deliver long-lasting relief from a wide variety of ailments including those that are physical and psychological in origin.

A word of caution though: given its potent THC levels, these strains are not to be trifled with. Going beyond the recommended dosage of these strains would not translate to prolonged or more intense symptom relief. Quite the contrary, it could induce unwanted adverse effects such as aggravated anxiety, paranoia, and occasional lightheadedness.

Meanwhile, some mild discomforts such as a parched mouth and bloodshot eyes are not uncommon, regardless of the dosage taken in. Nevertheless, it could be easily alleviated by constantly hydrating.


Mixed Gateway Pack

Homegrown Cannabis Co. purposefully combined the greatness of White Widow, AK-47, and Bubble Gum in one mixpack that is meant to be an introductory avenue for novices who seek to venture in the wonderland of cannabis. Not only are these strains effortlessly easy to cultivate, but these are also rewarding to harvest and satisfying to toke. With the Gateway mixpack, there is no excuse for not learning about the art and craft of cannabis horticulture if one so desires.

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