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Amazing flavours with an even better high.
  • Indica Dominant
  • Very High THC
  • Heavy Yields
  • High THC
  • Blueberry scent
  • 500 to 600 g/m2

Generally speaking, there are a set of common traits when it comes to comparing the fragrance of different cannabis strains. Gelato, though, sets itself apart from the thousands of hybrids that have found their way onto the market. After having gone ... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
Not quite suitable for beginners but I will help you through the hard bits.
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Gelato Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Gelato Feminized

Yield Indoor 500 - 600 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 400 - 600 gr/plant
THC 22%
CBD 0.6%
HEIGHT 70 - 100 cm
anxiety arthritis depression insomnia migranes stress
creative euphoric relaxed sedative
berry blueberry citrus orange sweet woody
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Gelato Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Generally speaking, there are a set of common traits when it comes to comparing the fragrance of different cannabis strains. Gelato, though, sets itself apart from the thousands of hybrids that have found their way onto the market. After having gone through multiple generations, the most stabilized phenotype emerged. It’s referred to as #33 (or sometimes Larry Bird) and it showcases a unique and appealing scent as well as demonstrating excellent growth traits. 

Gelato shares a deep connection with Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and contains genes from classics like OG Kush, Cherry Pie and Durban Poison. Its parent strains are Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies.

The former is a highly-intoxicating cross of GSC and Pink Panties. It has a complex terpene profile that blends citrus and skunk notes with hints of berries and candy. The second plant, on the other hand, is a phenotype of GSC that boasts striking blue and purple colors and a thick coat of resin. It gets its name from its instantly recognizable minty fragrance. 

Both these parent strains are renowned for delivering a heavy-hitting body stone after the initial euphoric surge has faded. These same effects are evident with Gelato as well, especially when cultivated from feminized seeds courtesy of the Homegrown Cannabis Co. Under the right conditions, these seeds have a high success rate when it comes to germination and problem-free harvests. 

Growing Gelato from Feminized Seeds

Until now, Gelato was not available for home cultivation, and it was pretty difficult to even get cuttings. It gained a reputation as being a rather finicky plant that required more time, care and expertise than most others. These feminized seeds, however, are produced from highly stable mothers and ensure an all-female crop. It’s easier to cultivate them than ever before.

When growing Gelato, the first thing growers should consider is the medium they want to use. Old-timers swear by the use of organic soil as it brings out the best in the plants’ terpene profile, making them more aromatic. However, the difference this makes to the fragrance and flavor should not make you disregard hydro. This method helps to ensure plants get all the nutrients they need, setting them up for explosive growth when provided with 600 watts of LED/HPS.

Gelato adapts well to the Sea of Green (SOG) method too, and it can withstand both LST and HST. Keeping the height short is not a problem at all, and having several plants under SOG ensures the yield remains high.

In order to create an even more beautiful specimen, growers may choose to expose the plants to lower temperature during the dark cycle before the flowering period starts. Doing so stimulates the anthocyanin pigments, and this brings out a stunning purple coloration. A word of caution: as the flowers mature, their scent becomes increasingly pungent. Installing an odor-control filter helps prevent the smell from flooding the house or escaping into the neighborhood.

After switching to 12/12 light cycle, it takes 8 to 9 weeks for the buds to develop fully. The yield should be in the vicinity of 1.6 to 1.9 ounces per square foot.

Gelato also thrives outdoors and prefers a warm and humid environment. It’s usually ready for harvest around mid-October and each plant can produce a generous 21 ounces of buds.

Fragrance and Flavor

The fact that Gelato descends from two incredibly tasty strains should hint at the nose. As expected, it boasts an exotic flavor profile similar to Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC.

Beneath the initial earthy odor, a complex blend that includes mint, citrus, berry, sherbet, orange, lavender and cookie comes together to create a scent and taste unlike any other – absolutely delightful to the palate. After exhaling, it leaves a somewhat sweet and piney aftertaste.


The fact that Gelato has a fun-sounding and nostalgia-invoking name should not be taken to suggest its effects are gentle. Behind the façade lurks a monstrous stone that packs as much as 25% THC. Just a little is more than enough for a satisfying hit, and it’s surprisingly easy to exceed personal limitations. For this reason, it’s best reserved for veterans: beginners are better off starting with another strain.

Even in a moderate doses, Gelato rushes in fast to deliver a euphoric buzz that quickly turns the mood upbeat. It clears the head and creates an influx of thoughts and ideas. During this early stage, the mental stimulation leaves smokers feeling happy and motivated. As much as some people might think that it makes for a sweet wake-and-bake strain to kick-start the day, it’s unlikely to be a good idea. 

At the same time as the cerebral high, the strain also casts an entirely different spell. It starts as a soothing sensation, spreading throughout the body and relaxing the muscles. Tension melts away and the limbs become heavy. At the very least, users begin to feel very lazy, and even moderate physical activities feel like a chore. 

The Gelato experience can sometimes be quite intense. For some people, this means a buzzing head high often characterized by distortion of sound and visuals. The sense of happiness responsible for making one feel cheerful and sociable can also turn into quiet introspection, especially when the physical effects overwhelm the body and induce a heavy couch-lock.

As with many other strains, consuming Gelato can cause red and dry eyes, cottonmouth and dizziness. It might also induce headaches, anxiety and paranoia, especially in higher doses.


A logical assumption when looking at its cannabinoid profile is that Gelato has excellent recreational benefits. That may be so, but there are other compelling reasons for sampling it. Coming from a lineage that includes Durban Poison – said to be one of the best medical strains of all time – Gelato may have a great deal of potential when it comes to therapeutic use.

Once the cannabinoids bind with the receptors in the brain to induce a euphoric buzz, different medical properties may come into play. Stress can melt away as the mood is uplifted. Several studies also appear to support the presence of anxiolytic properties and efficacy in reducing symptoms of anxiety. Furthermore, it may also have antidepressant and antipsychotic properties.

Although THC is psychoactive, and Gelato does possess a high level of the compound, it’s also said to be a natural painkiller. In territories and states where medical cannabis is legal, many have used it as an alternative to opioids, which cause addiction and pose potentially life-threatening risks.

One thing that pretty much comes as standard when under the influence of Gelato is extreme hunger. Its ability to stimulate the appetite has a wide range of uses from managing eating disorders to counteracting the appetite-suppressing effects of chemotherapy. Incidentally, another reaction to such aggressive treatments is feeling nauseous, and this strain may also help relieve feelings of queasiness and sickness. 

Gelato Feminized Seeds

Gelato is a product of absolute dedication and commitment to excellence. Like other premium quality strains, it took years to develop. Phenotype #33 certainly took its sweet time to emerge. Even when it did, it was still out of the reach of home cultivators for a good while. 

The work involved in developing mother plants that produce female seeds was painstaking. Nonetheless, stabilized mothers that exhibited all Gelato’s best qualities eventually arrived, and it didn’t take long before Gelato made its way onto the Homegrown Cannabis Co. catalog.

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