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Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Feminized

Power, strength, yield and boom!
  • Indica Dominant
  • Quick Flowering
  • Heavy Yields
  • Uplifting high
  • Spicy and minty aftertaste
  • 500 g/plant

Here, the breeders have backcrossed Girl Scout Cookies with the classic OG Kush to develop a new strain with even more desirable characteristics than its parents. Girl Scout Cookies x Kush has a unique combo of psychoactive and physical effects that ... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
This one produces a strong, all-over buzz that’ll grab you by your ankles, turn you upside down, and shake the change from your pockets!
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Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Feminized

Yield Indoor 600 - 650 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 500 gr/plant
THC 17%
CBD 0.2%
HEIGHT 90 - 110 cm
anxiety arthritis depression fatigue insomnia migranes stress
creative energetic euphoric happy relaxed sedative uplifted
apple diesel earthy lime menthol mint spicy sweet
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Here, the breeders have backcrossed Girl Scout Cookies with the classic OG Kush to develop a new strain with even more desirable characteristics than its parents. Girl Scout Cookies x Kush has a unique combo of psychoactive and physical effects that will appeal to both Sativa and Indica lovers, as well as to GSC fans with low THC tolerance.

Growers who want to try their hand at this strain can do so quite easily by opting for Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s feminized seeds. Coming from one of the premier seed banks in the 420 industry, these GSC x Kush beans are guaranteed to turn into stable, easy to rear, high yielding plants – and almost all of them will be female.

Cannabis hybrids offering both stimulation and relaxation are quite common. The Sativa traits usually hit first, followed by a relaxing pull that calms the body down. But with Girl Scout Cookies x Kush, these juxtaposing effects are felt simultaneously.

From the onset, it brings a combination of energizing buzz and calming sedation. This means that although your body feels mellow and lethargic, you can still function if so desired because your mind is ablaze with energy. Feeling such contrasting effects at the same time can be a bit confusing, and discerning whether the high is Indica or Sativa-leaning can vary from person to person with some feeling energized and others feeling sluggish. This unique trait is one of GSC x Kush’s key merits, making it a true phenomenon on the cannabis scene.

The plant delights the senses of sight, smell and taste with remarkable bag appeal, a refreshing aroma and sumptuous flavors. Growing it is also rewarding as it is easy to rear and incredibly high-yielding.

Growing Girl Scout Cookies x Kush from Feminized Seeds

GSC x Kush is a beginner-friendly strain. It’s short and compact, standing at 3.5 feet at the most, and it’s pretty fuss-free to manage indoors. Going al fresco is also an option as it’s naturally hardy against harsh weather and pathogen attacks. Exposing it to perils will undoubtedly affect the yields negatively, though, so ensuring an optimal growing environment goes a long way in achieving the desired quality and quantity of the harvest.

In a controlled environment, maintain a temperature of 70 to 80°F and humidity levels between 40 and 50%. Use the Sea of Green technique to maximize space, light exposure and productivity. Pair this with 18 to 20 hours of exposure to a 600-watt HPS/LED grow lamp and expect up to 2.13 ounces of resin-caked buds per square foot after 7 to 9 weeks of flowering.

Outdoor growers need to watch out for temperamental weather. GSC x Kush prefers a warm, dry, balmy climate similar to that of the Mediterranean. If it’s able to soak up plenty of sunlight, each plant can produce as much as 17.5 ounces of dense buds, with harvest time falling between late September and early October.

Fragrance and Flavor

Properly cured GSC x Kush buds have a sweet scent, similar to freshly-baked cookies, with a touch of earth and diesel. When inhaled, the herb saturates the palate with a strong Kush flavor and lashings of sweet lime, menthol, diesel and, surprisingly, apple. On the exhale, it leaves a spicy and minty aftertaste.


Among the most peculiar and intriguing qualities of this hybrid is the simultaneous manifestation of the Indica and Sativa effects. A few moments after taking a hit, the lethargic body high takes over, soothing tired and painful muscles. With fatigue out of the way, the body feels lighter, but not for long. Eventually, a mellow heaviness will weigh down on the body, until the desire to kick back and chill is too strong to ignore.

Just as the body starts to succumb, the Sativa effects kick in with full intensity. Optimistic and happy thoughts flood into the mind, and you’ll be abuzz with energy, creativity and motivation.

The combination of uplifting and sedating effects makes it an ideal companion when meditating, introspecting, brainstorming, or just about any activity that requires mental acuity and minimal movement.

Despite all the positive effects this strain offers, it still brings some side effects, albeit minor ones if appropriately dosed. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are common, and proper hydration should help sort them out. But overindulgence may trigger more serious adverse reactions such as paranoia and headaches. Careful dosing is definitely the way to go to help keep the experience pleasant.


With as much as 19% THC and 3% CBD, this strain is said to pack a whole bunch of therapeutic benefits that may help remedy various diseases.

Patients battling psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, and insomnia may find relief from its potent antioxidant properties. Then there’s the combined anxiolytic effect of CBD and THC, which may make anxiety vanish into thin air.

Its anti-depressant and mood-stabilizing effects are also said to work wonders on mood disturbances such as depression and bipolar disorder. Finally, with all the mental baggage gone, this strain’s calming effect will gently pull you towards a restful sleep.

Aside from bringing potential psychological relief, this strain’s potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and muscle-relaxant properties may alleviate physical aches and pains caused by the likes of fatigue, back pains, migraines, arthritis, spasticity and fibromyalgia.

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