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The gold standard of cannabis.
  • Indica Dominant
  • High THC
  • Sweet, Piney Aroma
  • Hint of sweetness
  • High THC
  • 800 g/plant

Named after the color its foliage unveil upon maturity, Gold Leaf is a treasure from the cannabis gods themselves. It gives a smooth smoke with high amounts of CBD and THC. A joint of choice by both recreational and medical users, its benefits are im... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
A top quality smoke and super-easy to grow.
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Gold Leaf Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Gold Leaf Feminized

Yield Indoor 450 - 650 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 800 gr/plant
THC 21%
CBD 17%
HEIGHT 230 cm
anxiety arthritis depression inflammation migranes muscle_spasms stress
creative energetic euphoric focused relaxed
diesel earthy pine pungent skunk sweet
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Gold Leaf Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Named after the color its foliage unveil upon maturity, Gold Leaf is a treasure from the cannabis gods themselves. It gives a smooth smoke with high amounts of CBD and THC. A joint of choice by both recreational and medical users, its benefits are immense.

Growing its feminized Homegrown Cannabis seeds is just as enjoyable and rewarding. Known for being a super high yielder, going for an all-fem bunch ensures a bigger total turnout. Why risk getting a male seed that will be discarded as soon as it shows signs of its gender?

With such amazing traits, people are quick to assume that it must have great genetics. And, well, it surely does; however, not much is known as the breeder kept its lineage under wraps. What is very well established is that the weed has a 60/40 Indica to Sativa ratio.

A fairly potent marijuana, the mean puncher wields a 21% THC level. A smoker only need one small puff to feel euphoric and relaxed. Go for two and slumber is definite within minutes. For those looking for a relief from mental and physical burdens, this ganja might just also be the answer.

Growing Gold Leaf from Feminized Seeds

Growing Gold Leaf is an enjoyable experience. Easy to cultivate, the herb also gives bountiful produce. In fact, it is one of the heaviest yielding strains ever. And now, thanks to its feminized Homegrown Cannabis seeds, an even bigger harvest awaits. The absence of males means every plant can bear nugs which will result in heavier fruition.

Because Gold Leaf is a natural giant, growing indoors might mean less space for the Goliath. To resolve this concern, simply shorten its vegetative phase to limit its growth. To get a wonderful result even after restricting it, make use of a ScrOG setup. After 8 to 9 weeks of flowering, growers can smile happily as they get 450 to 650 grams per meter squared in yields.

Outdoors is where the plant will truly prosper. In an open space, it can grow unrestricted which will lead to a more fruitful produce. In the northern areas, harvest must come by early October before the weather gets too cold and the first frost falls. If that plant gets to grow freely and no harm befalls it, expect astounding 800 grams per plant.

This weed can grow up to 210cm tall and has a pungent odor. As such, outdoor growers who wish to be discreet must cultivate in an isolated location. Because of its Sativa genes, the marijuana tends to stretch in its early flowering stages. Guerilla growing is worth it, though, as generates a jaw-dropping output.

Fragrance and Flavor

The smoke of Gold Leaf is thick and rich. Once users light it up, the herb's pungent, skunky, piney scent will fill the whole room. Although the fragrance is on the strong side, its hint of sweetness makes it likable. Entirely different from its smell, the weed's taste is a mix of earthy and rich diesel. Veterans are often the ones most attracted to its overall impression.


As soon as Gold Leaf's fume enters the users' body, a cerebral buzz can be felt almost immediately. The kick includes a mood and creativity boost. Even on bad days, one will feel euphoric and have a strong drive to get into a fascinating pastime.

Within minutes, a relaxing sensation will creep in from the neck, all the way down, and in every part of the body. Without any exception, every physical tension will vanish into thin air. One will also lose interest in anything that will require much movement.

Smokers end up with endeavors that their lazy anatomy can handle like painting and reading. The most popular, though, remains to be and good ol' TV show marathon while munching finger foods. After a couple of hours, the heavy-bodied influence will get stronger. The eyelids will succumb to its abundant weight and sleep will inevitable.


In addition to having a high THC makeup, the strain also has a potent CBD level. This hybrid was undoubtedly made to give medicinal comfort as well. As such, medical marijuana users also keep a good stash of it within reach.

Smoking the herb in moderation will put people in a blissful mental state. As such, it can help fight off depression, stress, and anxiety. The weed's munchies effect also aid individuals struggling with appetite loss. Within minutes, food would look so tempting that resisting would all be in vain.

Moreover, Insomniacs find the joint valuable too. A small puff will give hours of relaxation before eventually sending users to a good sleep. On the other hand, consuming two or more, depending on one's tolerance, will surely result in a speedy trip to dreamland.

Lastly, the powerful ganja can also ease pains and aches from physical ailments. A single toke calms the muscles while its analgesic properties battle inflammation. Due to its effectivity and swift response, the marijuana is especially preferred by those enduring arthritis, eye pressure, PMS, muscle spams, and migraines.

Like all other strains, this dope can sometimes cause adverse reactions. Excessive smoking can sometimes lead to cottonmouth as well as dry or bloodshot eyes. These can easily be fixed by drinking copious amounts of fluid, though, so there's no need to worry.

Because of its high THC content, getting dizzy or incurring a headache is possible. People with low tolerance of the compound may also experience paranoia and anxiety. If the mentioned discomforts do not halt even with a way smaller dose, please switch to a less potent strain.

Feminized Gold Leaf Seeds


Gold Leaf is perfect for both recreational and medical marijuana users. The well-balanced hybrid has all the properties that can keep one satisfied both mentally and physically. Growers should also not miss on the craze. With its abundant yield and ability to thrive indoors and out, it might just be their next favorite. Even neophytes can achieve great results. With an all-female army from Homegrown Cannabis, newbs can turn into pros in an instant.