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  • Sativa Dominant
  • Very High THC
  • Easy To Grow
  • Earthy spice flavor
  • Thriving in any given set up
  • 400 to 450 g/m2

A hybrid of two legendary strains, the award-winning Haze XL is the love child of Jack Herer and the Haze 2.0. With such lineage, it didn't take long for the weed to become a coffeehouse staple. A must-try for all cannabis fans, the marijuana does no... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
It’s euphoric and heady, a happy, giggly high.
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Haze XL Autoflower


Yield 400 - 450 gr/plant
THC 23%
CBD 0.7%
HEIGHT 90 - 120 cm
anxiety arthritis depression inflammation muscle_spasms stress
creative energetic focused giggly talkative
citrus earthy lemon pine spicy woody
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Haze XL Autoflower Profile by Kyle Kushman

A hybrid of two legendary strains, the award-winning Haze XL is the love child of Jack Herer and the Haze 2.0. With such lineage, it didn't take long for the weed to become a coffeehouse staple. A must-try for all cannabis fans, the marijuana does not disappoint. Perfect for daytime use, the Sativa-heavy pot gives a burst of blissfulness and energy.

Thriving in any given set up, Haze XL autoflower matures fast, is easy to grow, and produces a large yield. The plant also does not scream for TLC which makes it perfect for novice growers. For a harvest enough to share with friends, go for its Homegrown Cannabis auto seeds.

Not only does it offer a one for the books cerebral high, but the herb is also mouthwatering too. Tokers drool even with just a quick whiff of its aroma. Tasting as lovely as it smells, it has a citrus tang with a spicy kick. The joint gives the palate the ultimate treat.

Growing Haze XL from Autoflower Seeds

Easy to grow with a high yield, the marijuana makes new growers feel like a pro. The mighty medium-sized plant does not easily wither. As it is resistant to pests, it also does not need constant monitoring. What remains to be its most attractive feature, however, is its speedy growth.

The charmer exhibits beautiful green leaves with huge buds. Each nug is generously coated with thick crystal trichomes. A testament to the weed's potency, it produces a sticky texture that is heavenly to smoke.

In a contained set up, planting the beauty in a hydroponic Sea of Green promotes quality crop. It blooms for 10 weeks before sharing a bountiful yield of 400 to 450 grams per square meter.

Loving the warm and sunny climate, the cannabis dances with joy when planted in the arms of Mother Nature. It offers a yield of around 100 to 200 grams plant. In northern areas, growers can harvest from early April until late October.

Expert growers suggest adding a few compounds for the plant truly flourish. Putting in 30% of coco coir to the substrate significantly helps with aeration. Frequent watering also helps the pot to grow in its full potential.

Fragrance and Flavor

Like other Haze strains, the plant releases a distinct aroma. The moment the bud is lit, it dispenses an intense smell of incense, pine, and exotic wood. As the smoke starts to diminish, it leaves a subtle lemon hint.

Each puff leads the stoner into a flavorful journey. The moment the smoke touches the tongue, an earthy spice flavor amuses the taste buds. Upon exhale, however, it leaves a strong lemon-citrus tang that tastes delightful.


An excellent daytime strain, Haze XL works as an early morning booster. Along with the euphoric high, it promotes mental clarity and increases creativity. Tokers consume the ganja while prepping work. Potent and fast-acting, its effects would have already kicked in before one could finish a cup of coffee.

Users will also feel a strong desire to chat with fits of giggles from time to time. Adding vibrancy to the workplace, one lightens up the mood while also staying productive. Other people will surely enjoy the blissful soul's company.

Keeping enjoyers from going overboard is the weed's pinch of Indica. Although not brimming with the calming compound, it has enough to relax an energy bunny. Under this joint's influence, one can take advantage of the active calm.

The plant didn’t earn recognition for nothing. An Amsterdam coffee shop favorite, it leaves tokers bursting with laughter. It turns introverts into storytellers after just a single puff. Share the long lasting cerebral high with friends or use it to be the employee of the month. Whatever it is one decides to do, if in need of an uplift and vigor boost, this is the herb to try.

Despite its awesomeness, the strain also has its fair share of adverse effects. Same as other marijuana varieties, it causes the drying eyes and mouth. Consuming fluids before, during, and after a heavy pot session is well advised. Keeping an OTC eye drop on hand to ease the prior's discomfort also reduces irritation risk.

Additionally, first-timers may also get overwhelmed by the strain's potent THC content. Should this happen, the unlucky user may encounter dizziness, paranoia, or anxiety. To avoid these ramifications, go easy with the strain. One toke is enough for the less experienced while two is sure to please veterans. Do note that THC sensitive users are likely to run into the same ramifications.


All organic with minimal side effects, marijuana paved the way for advances in the medical field. Not only used for recreation, but Haze XL also holds countless medical benefits too. The pot is sought after by medical practitioners and patients alike.
Being a Sativa-prominent strain, it is usually consumed by patients with psychological concerns. Haze XL's happy high eliminates the negative thoughts and emotions. As such, sufferers of depression, anxiety, stress, and the like feel free and untroubled. With its ability to increase energy, it also helps people slowed down by fatigue.

The holy grail of a weed is also effective in managing pain. It soothes chronic pain and lessens inflammation. Those struggling with arthritis and muscle spasms find relief by smoking the herb.

Moreover, cancer patients going through chemotherapy also use cannabis. The joint's munchies tendency fights off the treatment's side effects - nausea and vomiting. It also induces appetite, helping them win back their penchant for food. With better eating habits, their body can recover sooner and gain the weight back too.

Autoflower Haze XL Seeds

Haze XL represents marijuana as whole well. It does awesomely in providing a positive mental state and thrives in the medical field too. Growing its Homegrown Cannabis autoflower seeds also pleases cultivators. Its fast growth and huge yield mean there's more tokes to share without the long wait. Starting a cannabis journey with this baby is certainly fulfilling on so many levels.