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Master Kush Feminized
From A$128.00 to A$206.00
Master Kush Feminized
Master Kush Feminized
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Kyle Kushman Says:
Strong, very long-lasting with a slow tolerance education. Huge amounts of fun.
Strain description
Master Kush, previously known as High Rise, made its debut back in the 90s. Its name today couldn't be any more fitting – for decades, it has proven to be a masterful strain and has bagged the Cannabis Cup on three separate occasions. Even the music icon and business mogul Snoop Dogg found this strain's timeless appeal worthy of his seal of ap

Master Kush Feminized

From A$128.00 to A$206.00
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
Strong, very long-lasting with a slow tolerance education. Huge amounts of fun.

Master Kush Feminized by Kyle Kushman

Master Kush Feminized
STRAIN PROFILE Master Kush Feminized
Yield Indoor 400 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 500 gr/plant
THC 22%
CBD 0.6%
Height 75 cm
Flowering Time 6_8
Flowering Style photoperiod
Harvest Month september
Medical anxiety arthritis depression insomnia migranes stress
Effects calming euphoric relaxed sleepy uplifted
Flavor diesel earthy pepper pine spicy
Grows greenhouse
Climate temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean

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Strain description

Master Kush, previously known as High Rise, made its debut back in the 90s. Its name today couldn't be any more fitting – for decades, it has proven to be a masterful strain and has bagged the Cannabis Cup on three separate occasions. Even the music icon and business mogul Snoop Dogg found this strain's timeless appeal worthy of his seal of approval.

Master Kush came into existence when two iconic strains were brought together. Much of the plant's genetic make-up is a direct influence of the classic Hindu Kush – arguably, this landrace is the ultimate forbearer of many highly-celebrated modern Indica elites.

At the other end of the gene pool, Skunk #1 is a product of an intricate selective breeding process involving three exquisite landraces. A strain perfected through generations, it exudes a skunky smell that defines its legacy – and that of its descendants. Crossing it with Hindu Kush added just enough cerebral kick to an otherwise perfect Indica.

Master Kush is a tetraploid strain, which means it has four sets of chromosomes instead of the typical two. Compared to Hindu Kush, its vegetative stage is a little longer, but these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. will produce plants with massive flowers once they start blooming.

Growing Master Kush Feminized Seeds

Cultivating Master Kush is something between easy and intermediate, depending on your skill level. Luckily, the Hindu Kush influence makes it highly resistant to mold and rot.

The plant has a robust and sturdy structure with short, thick branches. It won't grow much taller than 2.5 feet, and will be even smaller if grown inside, so space is rarely an issue. Despite being short in stature, it instantly grabs the attention with its stunning shades. The colors alter as it matures, going from orange to red and yellow.

Its foliage is dense and compact, and while it's generally resilient, pruning is still recommended to encourage better airflow, light exposure and optimal nutrition uptake. The pruning process will not cause the plant too much stress, since these females do not have hermaphroditic tendencies.

As harvest approaches, the colas become jam-packed with potent buds coated with frosty, enticing crystals.

Hailing from the wild mountains, this strain loves organic soil enriched with nutrients. Its rather short growth cycle and manageable height makes it a perfect contender for Sea of Green setups. This can work wonders when it comes to maximizing the yield, especially when up to four plants are grown at the same time. Typically, it flowers for 7 to 9 weeks before producing 1.31 ounces per square foot.

Outdoors, it prefers a warm and dry climate. It often delivers more significant results when grown outside, as long as it's harvested by September or October, just before the season turns cold. Each plant can produce up to 17.6 ounces of rich, sticky buds.

Fragrance and Flavor

Master Kush has one of the most instantly-recognizable aromas in the cannabis kingdom. It represents its proud lineage with a quintessential earthy smell. Notes of pine and hints of fuel and crushed pepper give it a welcome spicy bite.


Those looking to master the fine art of relaxation may find just what they're looking for with this herb. Although the physical heaviness takes its sweet time to arrive, the mood very quickly responds to the chilled-out vibrations. By the end of the high, you'll still be able to embrace your inner peace, lost in long moments of quiet reflection.

Before drifting away to cloud nine, the psychoactive properties from the high concentration of THC will deliver a cerebral kick. The mind will be muddled by a euphoric haze, perceptions will be softened, and a new sense of optimism will abound. Stress momentarily vanishes, and a carefree attitude takes over instead.

There's a little downtime before sleep eventually comes knocking. Once it hits, you can expect a calming sensation that'll soften you up from your limbs to your core. Full couch-lock is unlikely to manifest, but sinking into the cushions for a while will seem like an irresistible idea.

The strain's potency should be taken as a warning to beginners, and consuming too much may trigger uncomfortable side effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes. This can be mitigated by drinking plenty of fluids. In worst case scenarios, dizziness or paranoia may also arise.


Master Kush is said to be highly effective in relieving a burdened body and troubled mind, thanks to its cannabinoids. The anxiolytic qualities from its high THC content may inhibit stressors, while the psychoactive properties keep the mood distracted and euphoric.

Basking in momentary respite, psychological disorders like depression or even mild PTSD may be eased.

The same uplifting compounds lead to this strain's most beneficial feature. It's said to be filled with pain-killing properties that can help treat the symptoms of an arresting array of ailments including muscle spasms, arthritis and cramps. Its narcotic and drowsy buzz may also help insomniacs to drift into a deep, quality sleep.

Master Kush Feminized Seeds

Perfect for long nights vegging out at home, unwinding reaches a whole new level with Master Kush. Its aroma perfectly encapsulates its Hindu Kush roots, blending into a musky mix of citrus zest and earth. Veterans who want to feel the numbing effects of this super-strong Indica are in for a treat, although beginners may want to find a milder relaxant.

The buds are dense and covered in sugary white crystals, which adds to the overall appeal. But more than just leaving a lasting visual impression, the plant does not disappoint when it comes to quality, yield or potency. It's a short and stout specimen that can be sowed virtually anywhere, a beneficial feature for cultivators of all skill levels. Using feminized seeds brings an added advantage in that the enormous buds are 99% guaranteed to be fruitful, since there's no risk of accidental pollination.

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