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A whale of a plant!
  • Uplifting Euphoria
  • Citrus Woody And Vanilla
  • 1500 gm/plant
  • Uplifting Euphoria
  • Citrus Woody And Vanilla
  • 1500 gm/plant

Moby Dick, a novel about a fictional giant sperm whale, is one of the greatest pieces of American Literature. It is also the name of an iconic cannabis strain, which earned such moniker due to its ‘enormous' attributes. The 80% Sativa variant won t... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
This one’s ridiculously strong and should be approached with caution. It’s a heavy, head-spinning sativa hit that’ll have you crawling on the ceiling for hours.
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Moby Dick Regular

STRAIN PROFILE Moby Dick Regular

Yield Indoor 500 - 650 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 1500 gr/plant
THC 24%
CBD 0.8%
HEIGHT 300 cm
anxiety depression fatigue pain stress
calming creative energetic euphoric hungry relaxed uplifted
citrus pine vanilla woody
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Moby Dick Regular Profile by Kyle Kushman

Moby Dick, a novel about a fictional giant sperm whale, is one of the greatest pieces of American Literature. It is also the name of an iconic cannabis strain, which earned such moniker due to its ‘enormous' attributes. The 80% Sativa variant won the Soft Secret's "Girl of the Year" award in 2010 and has been considered as a top-shelf strain for quite some time.

The hybrid of two legendary classics, White Widow and Haze Sativa, Moby Dick is a breeding work of art. It holds a colossal THC load of up to 27%, which makes it one of the most potent strains available on the market today. Ideal for daytime use, the bud delivers an uplifting euphoria and energetic push balanced by an ample amount of calm. The cerebral activity encourages creative thinking, as well as prompt fits of giggles. Additionally, it relieves stress, depression, chronic pain, and nausea, all the while stimulating the appetite. In above moderate dosages, the bud may couch-lock and cause arousal.

Apart from carrying an impressive psychoactive volume, Moby Dick is also the muse of cannabis cultivators due to its remarkable outdoor yield potential and ease of growth. It is recommended for intermediate growers with available space for a giant Sativa or can perform height-limiting techniques. Thanks to Homegrown Cannabis Co, those who would like to try breeding can also do so with Moby Dick regular seeds, which comes 50/50 male to female ratio.

Growing Moby Dick from Regular Seeds

Moby Dick buds are dense and thick with various shades of green, as well as dark orange pistils peaking from between single-fingered blades. The colas are heavily coated with generous amounts THC-filled trichomes, making both flowers and sugar leaves sparkle in potency.

Not only mouth-watering to look at, Moby Dick is also an immense source of joy for cultivators as it makes cannabis growing straightforward yet rewarding. It has excellent resilience against molds, mildews, and common diseases. Plus, the plant offers an above-average output, especially when grown in optimal outdoor conditions. That said, it does need a bit more TLC and upkeep, something growers won't mind giving in return of a whopping yield.

Additionally, the Moby Dick Sativa-leading phenotype, which is what HMG offers, can reach up to 12 feet in an open-air setting. Regular trimming and grooming help it support its own weight. Also, topping and scrogging training techniques prevent unmanageable stretching.

In a controlled garden, Moby Dick flowers for 9 to 10 weeks. Maintain a medium with an electrical conductivity level of around 1.5 to 2 and pH levels below 6.5 for optimal cropping. Also keep the space well-lighted with 800-watt bulbs per square meter to achieve 500 to 650 grams (for the same area).

The great outdoors (or even just the backyard) is where Moby Dick truly becomes a monster-yielder. It produces up to 1500 grams of gluey buds, which one of the most substantial crop amounts for any cannabis strain. The harvest falls around late October in the northern hemisphere.

Fragrance and Flavor

Moby Dick offers a refreshing citrus note with hints of woodsy pine, vanilla, and eucalyptus. As for its taste, the bud's flavor profile is pretty much the same. The vapor is thick but smooth and not overwhelming, so don't expect to cough.


With an enormous THC content, it's no surprise that the strain is highly psychoactive. It delivers a strong, uplifting euphoria and a spacey, slightly psychedelic cerebral activity with just a small hit or two. Users with an artistic side tend to feel more creative under this bud's influence.

Apart from the mental effects, a pleasant, enlivening body sensation and an insatiable appetite are also to be expected. Don't fear of hyperactivity, though, as this energizing strain is relaxing as well. It gives just the right amount of push, so there's sufficient vigor to get done the things.

The intense high starts to wane after about an hour, but the entire trippy experience typically lasts for up to 2 hours. Also note that, in moderate dosages, the calming, relaxing feeling will ultimately become stronger. In above average doses, the bud may even couch-lock, as well as cause cottonmouth and dry eyes. If worst comes to worst, it may lead to dizziness, heightened anxiety, or paranoia. Due to such adverse effects, enjoying the strain with proper caution is critical.


Moby Dick is excellent for daytime consumption. It is often used to combat the symptoms of stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, and other mood disorders. Patients who have lost their appetites, whether it is due to chemotherapy or perhaps eating disorder, will also regain their penchant for food. The bud eases mild physical discomforts as well, but it must not be used to alleviate acute pain.

Moby Dick Regular Seeds

Moby Dick delivers a strong, uplifting euphoria and balanced energetic effect. Great for artistic souls, it also encourages creative thinking. Plus, it relieves stress, depression, chronic pain, and nausea while also stimulating the appetite. The strain is also notable for its remarkable outdoor yield and ease of growth. Intermediate growers and breeders can grow its regular seeds from Homegrown cannabis Co.

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