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Northern Lights Autoflower

It continues the traditions of her ancestors.
  • Indica Dominant
  • Easy To Grow
  • High THC
  • High THC
  • Strong pine scent
  • 450 to 550 g/m2

One of the most famous strains of all time, Northern Lights has been impressing for decades. And now, with auto-flowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis, growing it can be just as awesome and stress-free. Even beginners can easily do the job with grea... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
You'll struggle to find a more relaxing and uplifting smoke than the Northern Lights. Great with friends.
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Northern Lights Autoflower

STRAIN PROFILE Northern Lights Autoflower

Yield 450 - 550 gr/plant
THC 22%
CBD 0.6%
HEIGHT 60 - 90 cm
anxiety arthritis depression fatigue insomnia migranes muscle_spasms stress
euphoric happy relaxed sleepy
pine pungent spicy sweet woody
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Northern Lights Autoflower Profile by Kyle Kushman

One of the most famous strains of all time, Northern Lights has been impressing for decades. And now, with auto-flowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis, growing it can be just as awesome and stress-free. Even beginners can easily do the job with great success in less time and effort.

The celebrated strain has quite a history. A widely believed story claims that Northern Lights was first developed in Seattle, Washington in the 1970s. Whether true or not, it eventually found its way to the Netherlands. There, it was further propagated and introduced into the commercial cannabis scene in 1985.

A cross between Thai and Afghani landraces, this joint is one of the purest Indica in the market. It has about 90% to 95% of the mentioned content which makes it a hard-kicking sedative. A known "two hits and quit" kind of ganja, even veterans don't try to challenge its potency unless they intend to get knocked out.

With just the right dose, however, users can enjoy a heavy body stone coupled with a happy high and munchies. These effects are perfect for a lazy night and for remedying some health concerns. With such desirable effects and traits, even breeders find it tempting. In fact, it has parented Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze, as well as a legion of others.

Indeed, this pot is a big-leaguer and has awards to back up such label. In 1989, the then new-comer went home with the top prize in the Indica category of the first-ever High Times Cannabis Cup. It ultimately bagged two more in 1990 and 1997, respectively.

Growing Northern Lights from Autoflower Seeds

This moderately-sized Northern Lights is a delight to cultivate. It is naturally sturdy in structure and is resilient to fungi, molds, and pest. As such, it barely requires some TLC. With its Homegrown Cannabis auto-flowering seeds, the no-fuss hardy can even grow quicker. And, when it comes to marijuana growing, fast is good, and faster is always better.

Indoors, the weed will do well in a SOG setup with the temperature kept at 21 to 26 degrees Celsius. From the time the seedlings appear, growers must only wait for around 7 to 8 weeks. And, quite a harvest it will be with a hefty yield of 450-550 grams per square meter.

Contrary to its name, Northern Lights loves the sunny weather of southern Europe. However, because of its strong Indica genetics, it can also thrive in places with not so ideal climate. When planting its auto seeds outdoors, just don't do it in a frosty season and everything should be fine. Its yield can reach up to 200 grams per plant if grown in an optimal alfresco location. It is important to note, though, that it can go as low as only 90 grams per plant if the weather is quite severe.

Fragrance and Flavor

Most Northern Lights enthusiasts love its pungent aroma and taste. Right after the first puff, a strong pine scent with a bit of spicy and sweet undertones will fill the room. At the same time, its smoke will gift the palate a flavor similar to its odor - piney and woody with a dash of spiciness and sweetness.


Consuming the joint makes users feel heavenly, both in the mind and the body. With just one to two puffs, the hard-hitting strain can melt even seasoned smokers to the couch. Go more than that and expect to head straight to dreamland.

In moderation, enjoyers can savor the deep physical calm with mental euphoria. They become extremely blissful and engaged even with tiny details around them. Most notably, music and art are extra appealing and stimulating to them while high. The allure of food or munchies is also too strong to resist.

To truly appreciate this ganja and benefit from its effect, take it at night or when there's no errand to do. Smoke it after dinner or before bedtime and relish the intense physical relaxation. It is as if every muscle and joint has been lullabied to tranquillity. Paired with a happy mental state, the experience is no doubt like seeing the Aurora Borealis - dreamlike and one for books.


One of the reasons Northern Light is such in high demand is because of its immense medicinal value. The weed's muscle relaxing ability and analgesic properties make it such an effective pain-reliever. As a result, muscles spasms, PMS, migraines, and arthritis become way more bearable. In addition, the same calming effect intensifies and sends people struggling with Insomnia and fatigue to sleep.

Furthermore, the dope produces a powerful munchies side-effect. And, for this reason, it's favored by individuals suffering from eating disorders. They'll find themselves incapable to resist the strong desire for food.

Lastly, this strain can ease the manifestations of various psychological issues. Persons wrestling with anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, depression, OCD, PTSD, and stress suddenly feel worry-free, physically relaxed, and happy after inhaling Northern Lights. Apart from that, after waking up from a lengthy slumber, they'd also feel way better. That gives them a fighting chance in their mental battle.

Autoflower Northern Light Seeds

In a nutshell, the Indica-heavy Northern Lights gained an enormous following due to its amazing effects. Its users shouldn't settle for just purchasing the awesome strain, though. Growing with its Homegrown Cannabis autoflowering seeds, even novice growers can turn into a pro. They are sure to produce the same or better results in less time and effort. Who would have thought cultivating can be so easy?