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One of the world's true elite hybrids.
  • Balanced Hybrid
  • Medium THC
  • Heavy Yields
  • Creeping cerebral buzz
  • Sweet, fruity fragrance
  • 500 g/m2

A product of intricate breeding that spanned for decades, Rosenthal is the genetic holder of some of the world’s most notable strains. It is a gourmet hybrid of pure Afghani cultivars and several potent equatorial Sativas from South East Asia, Afric... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
Deep, rich and dank with sweet pineapple notes.
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Rosenthal Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Rosenthal Feminized

Yield Indoor 500 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 500 gr/plant
THC 16%
CBD 0.2%
HEIGHT 90 - 150 cm
anxiety arthritis depression insomnia migranes stress
creative euphoric relaxed talkative tingly
apple earthy lime mint pine pineapple sweet
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Rosenthal Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

A product of intricate breeding that spanned for decades, Rosenthal is the genetic holder of some of the world’s most notable strains. It is a gourmet hybrid of pure Afghani cultivars and several potent equatorial Sativas from South East Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America. It took many generations of crossing, as well as careful selection based on yield and resin quality to develop this one of a kind variant. And the outcome was well worth the wait.

Rosenthal buds delight with a sweet scent and tropical flavors. As the vapor enters the system, an immediate body flush leads to a visible glow. It instantly pleasures the anatomy with pain-free relaxation. A creeping cerebral high courtesy of its up to 19% THC strength follows. Although mild at first, it intensifies quickly, stirring creativity and the desire to converse at the same time.

Named after Ed Rosenthal, a famous horticulturist and ardent cannabis advocate, the strain is a cultivation dream come true for serious aficionados. Its resin-soaked flowers showcase Indica density, all the while impressing with Sativa fatness. Not having such beauty in a garden is a botanical sin, especially with its Homegrown Cannabis feminized seeds now available in the market. These tiny kernels of joy pop fast and are sure to develop into fertile females, eliminating the risk of having male sprouts that may pollinate and ruin an entire harvest.

Growing Rosenthal Feminized Seeds

Rosenthal is not like most strains. Its Sativa-leaning phenotype develops multi-stems, each one holding proud a limb-breaking apical cola as a crown and several smaller, lower lying ones. Meanwhile, its Indica pheno produces colas as thick as an arm carried by robust branches that will not need a trellis or any support.

Regardless of the type that sprouts, though, anticipate woolly-looking flowering sites that harbor long pistils with tiny fuzzy hairs and few sugar leaves. More importantly, prepare to be impressed by its dense, plump buds covered lavishly with oversized resin glands that turn frosty white as harvest draws near. As for the height, both stay pretty small with a full-grown length of only 3 to 5 ft.

In cold regions, Rosenthal is best grown indoors. It thrives in any medium as long as given generous feedings. Moreover, its sparse foliage is not prone to moisture buildup and, therefore, uninviting to pathogens. A single plant can generate around 150 grams of gluey buds after 8 to 9 weeks of flowering. Putting into play a Sea of Green (SOG) setup, however, can increase this to 500 grams per square meter.

Because the flora loves to bathe under the warm rays of the sun, it especially flourishes in the balmy and sunshiny landscapes of California, Australia, the Mediterranean, and Southern Europe. Growing the hot weather-loving plant in such outdoor locations can produce 500 grams each. If cultivating in the northern hemisphere, be ready to harvest by early November.

Fragrance and Flavor

Avoiding overindulgence is difficult with Rosenthal. It can fill an entire room with a sweet, fruity fragrance that is pleasant to the nose. When combusted, the bud reveals a more sophisticated side that mirrors its interwoven genetics. The pineapple flavor is most prominent, but the subtle hints of lime, mint, and exotic, earthy spices are also evident. All elements considered, it tastes like a refreshing, herbed pineapple punch.


Unlike most strains, the physical effect of Rosenthal manifests first. It sends a warm, tingly sensation from the head down, flushing away tension and weariness as it spreads. Within seconds, a full-blown stone has already taken over the body. It is relaxing and heavy but does not couch-lock. Hence, non-toiling activities are doable albeit a bit challenging.

A couple of minutes after, a creeping cerebral buzz sets in. It starts mild, but gradually intensifies into a soaring high. Concurrently, the happy feeling heightens, reaching a state of euphoria that no problem or negative thought can spoil. A boost in mental energy follows, fueling the stimulating thoughts as a flood of new ideas comes rushing in. Such cognitive effect enhances creative thinking and makes for good, meaningful conversations.

While enjoying the relaxation and bustling cerebral influence of Rosenthal, hunger will also kick in. That being the case, it may be helpful if snacks are prepared before getting stoned as the laziness makes moving quite difficult. Then, after around 2 hours have passed, the sedation feature of the flower will demonstrate, giving a long, restful sleep.


The holistic medicinal benefits of Rosenthal make it more praiseworthy. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties promptly alleviate chronic pain caused by conditions like migraines, headaches, PMS, arthritis, and eye pressure . Subsequently, the anxiolytic herb also dissipates the blues and negative spiral thoughts. By shutting off these two triggering elements, nothing can provoke serious mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, among others.

Moreover, thanks to Rosenthal’s munchies effect, loss of appetite caused by eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia comes on a halt. It also allows food to stay down by stopping nausea and vomiting, which are often induced by pharmaceutical drugs or treatments such as chemotherapy.

Lastly, the sedating function of the bud puts an end to the unhealthy wakefulness and disrupted sleep brought about insomnia. Of course, having a joyous mental state, along with a relaxed, pain-free body also contribute to getting a deep, long slumber.

Do note, though, that, as with other strains, Rosenthal may cause cottonmouth and arid eyes. If taken in large dosages, it may even cause head spins, heightened anxiety, as well as paranoia. To avoid such severe adverse effects, enjoy the herb in low dosages and slowly build the high from there.

Feminized Rosenthal Seeds

The sweet-smelling Rosenthal promptly pleasures the body with pain-free relaxation. A creeping cerebral high then uplifts the mood, inducing a positive state of mind that is untouchable to the likes of stress and anxiety. Perfect for nighttime use, it also gifts a quality shut-eye that rejuvenates mental and physical vigor.

Moreover, Rosenthal is a cultivation dream come true. Its flowers are dense, fat, and covered with a rich coat of resin. Homegrown Cannabis Co also offers its feminized seeds, ensuring a whole batch of bud-producing females. If rearing marijuana for consumption, have an all-fem bunch affords a rewarding horticulture endeavor.

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