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Shishkaberry Punch Feminized

Who doesn't love a good punch?
  • Indica Dominant
  • High THC
  • Colourful Buds
  • Blissful euphoria
  • Creamy grape-flavored
  • 500 g/plant

For a delectable post-dinner strain, look no further. Shishkaberry Punch, an Indica-leaning hybrid boasting of immensely resinous purple-tinged buds and delicious berry flavors, is now available at Homegrown Cannabis Co. More importantly, it provides... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
Sweet on the outside with a dark, dank underbelly.
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Shishkaberry Punch Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Shishkaberry Punch Feminized

Yield Indoor 500 - 550 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 500 gr/plant
THC 22%
CBD 0.6%
HEIGHT 80 - 150 cm
anxiety arthritis depression fatigue migranes stress
euphoric relaxed uplifted
berry creamy grape
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Shishkaberry Punch Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

For a delectable post-dinner strain, look no further. Shishkaberry Punch, an Indica-leaning hybrid boasting of immensely resinous purple-tinged buds and delicious berry flavors, is now available at Homegrown Cannabis Co. More importantly, it provides immense and long-lasting relief from the daily tortures of stress, fatigue, and various health concerns.

This hybrid is the lovechild of Shishkaberry and Purple Punch - both of which are delectably fruity and profoundly sedating Indica powerhouses. Perfecting Shishkaberry Punch’s genes took several years of relentless hard work, but the efforts are certainly worth it. Not only did the progeny bear its parents’ desirable characteristics, but it also enhances others traits too.

As sought-after as it is, this elusive hybrid is seldom in stock at dispensaries. As such, the most viable way of procuring a stable supply is to cultivate it at home. Not to worry, though, for Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers Shishkaberry Punch as feminized seeds. Not only are these easy to sprout and grow, but it also ensures an impressive yield of immensely resinous buds. To top it all off, it produces a nearly all-female batch, so weeding out males would be the least of concerns.

Growing Shishkaberry Punch from Feminized Seeds

Cultivating Shishkaberry Punch is a task that could be done by nearly anyone. With a resilient nature, it thrives in almost any type of environment - thus, making it suitable for either indoor or outdoor gardens. Moreover, it is quite lenient and non-finicky with growth requirements, making it an ideal introductory strain.

Indoor growing is feasible provided that the humidity levels are maintained between 40-50%. While this plant is mostly resistant to molds, measures should be undertaken to avoid creating conditions that invite pathogens into the grow room. For example, prune the fan leaves to prevent moisture buildup in between the dense foliage. Ensuring proper ventilation is attainable by installing fans and exhaust systems. Consider installing odor control mechanisms, too, to stifle the bud’s overwhelming scent.

When it comes to the optimal temperature, make sure it sits around 21-26°C throughout the vegetative phase and during the first few weeks of the flowering stage. As the harvest date nears, consider lowering it to 18°C during the dark cycle to bring out stunning purple hues. While doing this does not affect the potency, it enhances the bag appeal. When provided with enough sustenance, each square meter could yield up to 550 grams of incredibly resinous nugs after 7 to 9 weeks of flowering.

Fragrance and Flavor

Catching a whiff of Shishkaberry Punch’s fruity aroma, reminiscent of freshly picked berries, is enough to make the mouth water in anticipation. Meanwhile, tasting the creamy grape-flavored vapors is indeed heavenly.


Despite leaning to physical effects, Shishkaberry Punch appeals to Indica and Sativa fans alike. With as much as 25% THC, it exerts profoundly sedating effects along with a dose of blissful euphoria. In essence, this strain uplifts the spirit and inspires a positive mood before compelling the body to lie down and plummet into the deepest depths of relaxation.

As the cannabinoids and terpenes course through the system, anxiety, melancholy, stress, and fatigue become a thing of the past. The mood-enhancing euphoria gets rid of gloomy thoughts, while the calmness it inspires offers a respite from overthinking and worrying. Meanwhile, the body-centric relaxation soothes tired muscles and releases tension - thereby easing stress and chronic fatigue that weigh the body down. This new-found freedom from burdens leaves one relaxed and eventually drifting away to a restful slumber.

This strain, though, might be overwhelming for neophytes. So, novices are better off sampling milder strains. For veterans, proper dosing is vital to avoid triggering adverse reactions such as anxiety and paranoia.


Shishkaberry Punch is an all-rounder adored for potent recreational and therapeutic benefits. The cocktail of cannabinoids and terpenes stored in its copious trichomes work wonders by remedying physical and psychological problems alike. For instance, the blissful and calming euphoria exerts anti-depressant and anxiolytic effects that liberate patients from perpetual anxiety and depression.

On the physical side, countless patients ailing from debilitating pain have also benefitted from its analgesic and muscle-relaxing properties. As the sedating body buzz spreads from the back of the head down to the limbs, it inevitably melts away stress and fatigue, all while soothing taut muscles. As such, this strain could be a viable alternative to NSAIDs and opioids when mitigating chronic conditions such as arthritis, migraines, back pains, and other conditions.

Shishkaberry Punch Feminized Seeds

At a glance, Shishkaberry Punch captivates the eyes with beautiful, purple-tinged buds covered in glistening trichomes. Up close, the refreshing fruity scent tempts one to take a whiff. Upon tasting the smooth vapors, it quickly induces heavenly euphoria and embraces one with comforting relaxation.

With the sublime and holistic experience it offers, this strain is certainly worth a spot in the topmost portion of shelves at dispensaries. Unfortunately, though, it is quite elusive. To that end, opting for home cultivation is the best way to get a steady supply of the stash. Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers Shishkaberry Punch as feminized seeds, which therefore ensures fuss-free gardening.

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