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The original and even better.
  • Delivers a Euphoric High
  • A hint of Loamy Earthiness
  • 300 gm/sqm
  • Delivers a Euphoric High
  • A hint of Loamy Earthiness
  • 300 gm/sqm

Skunk #1, known for its notoriously pungent dead animal-like stench, is one of the most iconic strains in the world. In some estimates, its sought-after genetics run in about half of the entire cannabis catalog, establishing itself as among the keyst... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
This plant delivers a strong narcotic high with a fruity twist. It’s a great one for chilling out with, and a good smoke to close off a good party.
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Skunk #1 Autoflower

STRAIN PROFILE Skunk #1 Autoflower

Yield Indoor 250 - 300 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 50 - 100 gr/plant
THC 14%
CBD 0.2%
HEIGHT 60 - 120 cm
anxiety arthritis depression inflammation migranes nausea
creative energetic euphoric giggly happy hungry relaxed uplifted
earthy pungent sweet
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Skunk #1 Autoflower Profile by Kyle Kushman

Skunk #1, known for its notoriously pungent dead animal-like stench, is one of the most iconic strains in the world. In some estimates, its sought-after genetics run in about half of the entire cannabis catalog, establishing itself as among the keystones of the breeding industry. The two primary reasons for the high demand for its genes are mind-blowing cerebral stimulation and easy-to-grow nature.

Skunk #1 Autoflower, a cross between Skunk #1 and a Ruderalis strain, is very much like its genetic forerunner. However, it is more beginner-friendly with regards to consumption and growth patterns. Its average THC load of 14% delivers a euphoric high that does not overwhelm. Moreover, it provides an energy boost, which later comes down to a relaxing feeling. It also enhances creativity while improving appetite and easing stress and anxiety.

Made available by Homegrown Cannabis Co., the auto-flowering Skunk #1 has a faster life cycle. It also promises greater ease in cultivation, as well as the ability to provide an all-year-round, light to medium harvest. It can be grown almost anywhere but is best cultivated indoors for maximum development of flowers and cannabinoid profile. These auto seeds are for those who desire the flowers of Skunk #1 but lack the gardening skills and the patience needed to cultivate the legendary photoperiod.

Growing Skunk #1 from Autoflower Seeds

As with most auto-flowering hybrids, Auto Skunk #1 does not have enough time to stretch; thus, it remains small even at full maturity. Despite having a compact structure, its stem displays adequate internodal spacing for ample airflow. Still, it is necessary to keep vital grow elements such as temperature, humidity, and lighting at optimal levels to avoid moisture build-up.

Skunk #1 Auto goes from seed to harvest in 8 to 9 weeks, with most of the time spent on flowering. Although of modest size, is buds are enormous. More importantly, a thick coat of sparkly trichomes densely covers the flowers.

An indoor setting is ideal as full control over the environment not only protects the plants from the elements. Attaining the full potential is also possible by keeping the growth factors at optimal levels. The key to a bountiful harvest of flowers with highly desirable traits is to avoid undue stress and injury. In essence, the plants should focus all its energy and nutrients on developing buds instead of recuperating.

For experienced home cultivators, adapting the Sea of Green training method can help enhance the yields. A typical harvest, in this case, ranges from 250 to 300 grams per square meter.

Outdoor cultivation, on the other hand, can yield 50 to 100 grams per plant. Although it is possible to grow all-year-round, spring and summer in locations below the equator's 45°N (aka the 45th parallel north) produce the best results.

Fragrance and Flavor

This auto is as pungent as the photoperiod Skunk #1, stinking out an entire room with a dead animal-like stench (in a surprisingly pleasant way, that is). When combusted and inhaled, it also introduces sweet and slightly acidic notes, along with a hint of loamy earthiness.


Think of Skunk #1 Auto as a subtler version of the original. It delivers a euphoric high, which then induces a sense of happiness and uplifts the mood. The body, on the other hand, will feel a sudden enlivening sensation, but it dwindles just as fast. For the most part, it leaves one in a physical state of tranquility that does not couch-lock.

This hybrid also promotes creative thinking, encouraging those with an artistic mind to get down to work. Intense hunger, giggly fits, and a strong urge to have conversations will also kick in. Due to such secondary effects, the best time to consume this herb is over afternoon coffee or movie dates and other light social settings.


When medicating using cannabis, using low to moderate dosages (given that one has not built high tolerance yet) is safer and more effective. That is good news since patients can grow and use Skunk #1 autos for therapeutic purposes and achieve satisfying results.

This hybrid is mainly used to alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, as well as severe mood swings. It can effectively do so through its anxiolytic and antidepressant activity. Because the flower is also a potent analgesic with anti-inflammatory properties, it can ease chronic pains and soreness. It is popularly used to mitigate rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, and PMS, and multiple sclerosis.

Auto-flowering Skunk #1 can also boost the appetite while keeping nausea and vomiting at bay. And, that is regardless of the cause - be it eating or gut disorders, AIDS, chemotherapy-induced side effects, or others. It's tranquilizing capacity, meanwhile, calms ADHD as well.

Although not as powerful as Skunk #1, keeping the dosage in moderation is still critical. It may cause cottonmouth and dry, bloodshot eyes. In high dosages, it can induce intensified cerebral effects, which may then bring about a headache, dizziness, or paranoia.

Skunk #1 Autoflower Seeds

The Autoflowering Skunk #1 is straightforward to cultivate and generous, too, yielding up to 300 grams indoors. It is excellent for beginners who lack the time, patience, space, or gardening experience required to care for a photoperiod. Apart from the ease of cultivation, the strain also shares a holistic experience. It stimulates the mind, allowing it to express creativity and be less anxious. At the same time, it relaxes the body while calming chronic pain. ADHD, as well as nausea and vomiting.

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