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Indica strains are notorious for inducing a spell of body-centric relaxation that encourages slackness and decreased activity. Upon inhalation, it weighs down on the body with a dreamy, soothing sensation which makes the consumer want nothing more th... Read More

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Slack Attack Mix pack Profile by Kyle Kushman

Indica strains are notorious for inducing a spell of body-centric relaxation that encourages slackness and decreased activity. Upon inhalation, it weighs down on the body with a dreamy, soothing sensation which makes the consumer want nothing more than to lie down and bask in blissful tranquility. These varieties are sought-after as remedy for stress, anxiety, and sleeping disorders or a perfect nightcap for winding down at the end of a tiring day.

In the horticultural aspect, Indica plants are favored for its compact stature and relatively faster maturation. Such traits make it easier to grow even in tight spaces without worrying about monstrous plants taking over the entire grow room. More importantly, it tends to produce chunky, resinous buds, which results in a higher overall yield.

Taking all the beloved characteristics of Indica plants, Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers the Slack Attack mixpack which combines the goodness of Pure Indica, Granddaddy Purple, and Bubba Kush in one premium mixpack. As the name hints, it inspires slackness, so it is best consumed after sundown or when there is nothing much to do.

Growing Slack Attack Mixpack

The Indica lineage of the strains in the Slack Attack mixpack is evident in its chunky nugs dripping with sticky trichomes. Aside from that, its relatively high yields and short flowering period are also some of the reasons why the seeds of these varieties are highly sought-after. However, no matter how alluring the prospect of cultivating these plants may be, it would entail having adequate knowledge and prior experience in cannabis rearing to ensure a bountiful harvest.

Pure Indica

Authentically pure Indicas are quite rare, so these seeds are indeed a catch. However, cultivating this strain is moderately difficult, so it is best suited for growers with prior experience in cannabis horticulture.

Typical of Indica plants, this broad-leafed strain grows rather stout and compact - reaching only about 2.5 feet in height. This makes it ideal for indoor cultivation as it could easily fit in tight spaces and does not require much vertical space. Growing it in soil or hydroponic setup will be both effective in rearing healthy plants, although hydro tends to induce faster growth and maturation.

Given the fact that it has short internodes and bears dense, chunky nugs - pruning the fan leaves every so often will go a long way in keeping an optimal airflow beneath the canopy. Apart from keeping molds away, it also allows for better light penetration in the lower lying branches, which help increases the overall yield.

Pure Indica is but a short plant, so the amount of its yields is understandably average. Indoors, it will produce about 200 grams of buds per square meter under a 600-watt HPS bulb. Out in the open, it thrives in a warm, temperate climate and procures 200 grams of buds per plant.

Granddaddy Purple

Growing this plant is moderately easy, so even beginners could successfully handle it when provided with knowledge on the specific requirements of this plant.

It grows to a medium-sized plant - measuring about 5 ft in height so it can be cultivated with no difficulty in either indoor or outdoor settings as long as the climate is dry and warm. Apart from that, this strain is also reasonably resistant to pests and diseases. However, its dense colas tend to be susceptible to bud rotting in the presence of excessive moisture. Proper pruning and humidity control are essential in keeping molds and mildews at bay. Indoor cultivation also proves to be more viable as it makes it easy to control environmental conditions.

This easy-to-grow strain also thrives in most substrates - with hydroponics and soil being the most viable candidates. When it comes to nutrients, feeding it with ample Phosphorus during the flowering period will help the buds grow dense and healthy. Organic alternatives such as bat guano and kelp will also work wonders in boosting a robust growth.

GDP is a vigorous plant that responds well to training techniques aimed at increasing harvest such as the Sea of Green method. Being a naturally high yielding strain, Granddaddy Purple yields 500 grams of large colas per square meter when cultivated indoors and about 400 grams per plant when grown under the sun. Its flowering period falls between 8 to 11 weeks.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is yet another illustrious Indica strain famed for its knockout potency. It is moderately challenging to rear because it bears dense, resinous buds that are susceptible to mold attack upon exposure to excessively humid environments. Nevertheless, this could be easily prevented by cultivating it in controlled and well-ventilated environments.

As with most Indicas, this plant tends to be short and bushy with short internodal spacing. Hence, pruning its lower branches is crucial to increase the ventilation underneath the canopy. Growing it hydroponically in a Sea of Green setup will also boost rapid growth and reduce the time spent in the vegetative phase.

Given the fact that Bubba Kush is a heavy feeder, it requires ample supply of nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium during the flowering stage to support its dense growth. Providing the right amount of these nutrients will also inevitably fatten up the buds nicely. Come harvest time, expect 500 grams per square meter of trichome laden buds (indoors) and an astonishing 600 to 800 grams of fat nugs per plant after 8 to 9 weeks of flowering.

Fragrance and Flavor

Slack Attack’s terpene and flavor profile would undoubtedly appease those who fancy fruity, earthy, and sweet strains. Pure Indica and Granddaddy Purple share the said characteristics. The only distinction is that the former has a tart, bitter, and somewhat spicy aftertaste whereas the latter boasts of ripe blueberry flavors that linger in the palate even after exhaling the smoke. On the other hand, Bubba Kush features a perfect blend of musky earth and fuel accentuated with notes of coffee, chocolate, spices, and citrus.


Weary souls seeking relaxation and tranquility amidst a world of constant hustling and bustling will surely take delight in the Indica strains offered in the Slack Attack mixpack. It features the classic Granddaddy Purple, Bubba Kush, and Pure Indica - all of which exert an irresistibly sedating high that keeps the mind afloat and the body heavy. With THC levels ranging from 14 to 24%, it may or may not render the user immobile with its body-centric high. What is certain though is that these strains are best used at night as it easily lulls the senses to a peaceful slumber.

Pure Indica

Despite its low to moderate THC content (14%), Pure Indica is renowned for inducing a dreamy euphoria. Its effects generally start with a head high that will make the mind float and drift away in blissful relaxation. Then, just as its effects begin to soar, a feeling of heaviness will lock in on the limbs - pulling the body down the abyss of profound relaxation. Such a perfect combination of uplifting and sedating effects makes it an ideal recreational strain for chill vibes or a soothing nightcap for winding down after a long, tiring day at work.

Granddaddy Purple

With potent THC levels soaring up to 24%, a whiff of the timeless Granddaddy Purple will inevitably deliver a stunning blow of giddy euphoria coupled by a body-melting relaxation. It makes one feel what elation truly is to the point of causing uncontrollable giggling fits that inspire funny conversations.

Preparing a platter of snacks before taking a hit is also a good idea as one is bound to be consumed by a ravenous hunger. After munching on snacks, prepare to take a plunge in narcotic-like tranquility that soothes taut muscles, washes away stress, and eases all pain before finally ushering in a deep sleep.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a hard-hitter that Indica fans adore for its initial head-clearing onset balanced by a profoundly sedating body high. Upon inhalation, it induces a boost in focus and euphoria, which breeds motivation to accomplish last minute tasks for the day. After which, the typical Indica effects come creeping in with unparalleled relaxation. Subsequently, it wipes away discomforts of all kinds - be it tension in sore muscles, stress, or even chaotic thoughts. The calm and relaxation also inspire introspective thoughts, which eventually drifts into a peaceful slumber.


The relaxing strains in the Slack Attack mixpack are certainly well-suited for recreational use. However, such soothing qualities combined with medium to high levels of CBD also boast therapeutic benefits that can ease away both physical and psychological illnesses and provide long-lasting euphoric relief.

Note that even when used for purely medical purposes, such strains are not without adverse effects. It is not uncommon to experience dehydration, dry eyes, and cottonmouth as a result of the body's natural response to cannabinoids. While such discomforts are inevitable, it tends to be short-lived. Nevertheless, it is possible to expedite recovery by hydrating on plenty of fluids.

On the other hand, excess consumption of these strains could lead to more unpleasant effects such as headaches, lightheadedness, aggravated anxiety, and even paranoia. Thus, it is always advisable to stick to lower doses, especially for those with low THC tolerance.

Mixed Slack Attack Pack

Those seeking a soothing and euphoric experience will never go wrong with the classic Indica strains from Homegrown Cannabis Co.'s Slack Attack mixpack. Not only does it boast stellar body-centric effects perfect for chilled-out vibes, but it also brings forth medicinal value that provides long-lasting relief from a wide assortment of maladies. In addition, these aromatic and flavorful strains also fill the room with a sweet, earthy, and fruity fragrance that tickles the senses.

Cultivation-wise, the trio are moderately difficult to grow so this mixpack is better handled by someone with prior experience. Aside from its slight susceptibility to mold, these plants are pretty much sturdy and adaptable. It also tends to yield abundantly when provided with proper care and sustenance. Overall, these plants are worth every ounce of hard work once it blooms and produces an abundant harvest of chunky, resinous buds.

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