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Heavy-yielding, automatic and miraculous.
  • Indica Dominant
  • High THC
  • Heavy Yields
  • Sedating body buzz
  • Citrus and earthy scent
  • 800 to 1000 g/m2

The potency and yield of contemporary auto-flowering varieties have dramatically improved over the last decade. Triple XL, for instance, proves that it is possible for an auto to have cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are comparable with photoper... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
An auto with attitude and massive rewards, but not for the first-time grower.
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Triple XL Autoflower

STRAIN PROFILE Triple XL Autoflower

Yield Indoor 800 - 1000 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 80 - 200 gr/plant
THC 20%
CBD 0.5%
HEIGHT 75 cm
anxiety arthritis depression insomnia migranes stress
energetic euphoric focused happy relaxed
citrus earthy skunk spicy
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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Triple XL Autoflower Profile by Kyle Kushman

The potency and yield of contemporary auto-flowering varieties have dramatically improved over the last decade. Triple XL, for instance, proves that it is possible for an auto to have cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are comparable with photoperiods.

As alluded to by the name, one of the distinct traits of this plant is the ability to produce large buds - much more massive than others. Mainly this is due to Big Bud genetics.

In creating new hybrids, there are always underlying reasons. In the case of Big Bud, for instance, the size of the flowers is monstrous. However, that also leaves it susceptible to bud rot. To this end, the pairing with Northern Lights - arguably one of the best Indica in the world - served only to strengthen the immunity against diseases. Furthermore, both being Indica, it also preserves the ability to induce a full-bodied high.

There was also a third strain used in making Triple XL - Green Crack. It is notorious for instantly invigorating the mind and the body. By infusing it with the two others, the result is a strain that stays true to its Indica heritage yet could provide a snappy mental stimulation during the onset.

In a market driven by the need for quick flowering strains, a significant amount of effort was undertaken to develop an auto-flowering variety by adding the genes of a Ruderalis. It may have taken generations, but the project came to a successful end once a stable mother emerged - one that has excellent reliability. Triple XL is now a reality, and its auto-flower seeds are available at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Growing Triple XL Auto

The influence of Ruderalis is not limited to providing an auto-flowering growth pattern. It is also evident in the compact stature that rarely exceeds 75cm. Thus, it fits in almost all types of growing space including the personal stealth boxes. It is also possible to grow by the windowsill provided there is at least 4 hours of sunshine although there is a tradeoff in quality and yield.

Triple XL auto seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. have a high success rate on germination. After spending more or less two weeks developing stems and leaves, it automatically switches to flowering mode. For the next six weeks or so, watch it stretch and grow buds vigorously. The sheer speed it takes to develop the large buds, and the rapid formation of trichomes is indeed a sight to behold.

For that to happen, there is some work to do. In growing Triple XL, keeping it away from stress is of utmost importance. For example, moving the seedling to the final container eliminates the need to transplant from a small to a big pot. Any form of training, especially HST that entails causing a slight injury should not at all be implemented. The rapid growth rate simply does not give the plant enough time to recover and thus is counterproductive.

Some trimming, and pruning in the lower branches help in ensuring a better airflow. A small oscillating fan could be used to cast a slight breeze. Besides affording fresh air, the mild movement helps strengthen the stems.

When grown in hydro and combined with the Screen of Green, the production of flowers could be as much as 1000 grams per square meter. One issue that is likely to come up is the buds weighing down on the stems. Unless there are supports, it could cause some to snap.

Auto Triple XL solves some of the issues that outdoor cultivators face. Starting the seeds is possible as the last of the frost disappears, and the final harvest of the year should not be too cold. Within this timeframe, it is possible to have 2 or 3 batches. A reasonable expectation of its yield per plant is between 80 to 200 grams.

Fragrance and Flavor

Triple XL's aroma is well-composed of a mixture of citrus and earthiness. A subtle zesty twist is noticeable too. Tickling the senses is a skunky overtone that gives the strain a somewhat exotic taste to go along with a spicy aftertaste.


Green Crack showcases flashes of its signature traits in Triple XL soon after taking a hit or two. A euphoric sensation swarms into the head and wipes out the cobwebs. It heightens the senses and most especially the ability to focus. The intensity of the cerebral high is profound yet not at all overwhelming and cause a trippy ride to oblivion. Far from it, the reinvigorating rush could even inspire more productivity - at least only during the initial stage.

Meanwhile, creeping into the body is the Indica side of the strain. During the build-up, the soothing sensation puts muscles at ease and further enhances the mood. It brings on the sense of happiness and tranquility. Soon, the intensity increases and heaviness starts weighing down the body. Whatever motivation there was at the start to be physically active gives way to laziness. Once the full force of this strain detonates, then it is couch-lock time. Some people might experience visual distortions and time dilation if the dosage is on the high side.

As can be expected, consumers will experience a degree of cottonmouth and dry eyes. Other discomforts include possible dizziness or headache. Overconsumption, on the other hand, leads to adverse effects such as anxiety or paranoia.


Triple XL is a great tool to thwart symptoms of debilitating ailments. The significant therapeutic value it gives to patients, for sure, has a positive dent in life.

At up to 20% THC, it is an incredibly potent strain. Along with it comes the ability to change the mood in a matter of minutes. It takes out stress as well as provide relief from depression and other mental health issues like PTSD. As research has shown, the psychoactive compound together with others including CBD has anxiolytic and antipsychotic properties.

Triple XL also acts as a natural painkiller without the side effects that could cause severe health risks. It dissipates muscle or joint pains, headaches, and cramps.

At the height of the full effects, the sedating body buzz not helps bring on deep relaxation, but it also causes sleepiness. As most people tend to fall asleep eventually, some insomniacs used it to cut down on the sleep latency time.

Auto Triple XL Seeds

Even under the hands of beginners, following the recommended gardening procedures can lead to successful growth. Even if it did not reach the full potential, the indoor yield remains significant. A skilled cultivator, on the other hand, could coax out up to 1000 grams per square meter. All this in only 8 to 9 weeks - that is the time it takes to go from germination to harvest.

Obtaining quality seeds such as the ones from Homegrown Cannabis Co. also plays a role. Because there came from stable mothers, there is less likelihood of phenotypes deviating too far off from the original as if it were a completely different strain. For the consumers, it means that the taste and its effects would be as expected. As for the growers, more than 9 out of 10 times, the seeds will pop and grow into healthy plants.

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