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UltraViolet OG Feminized

Super-potent indica madness.
  • Indica Dominant
  • High THC
  • Spellbinding Colours
  • Uplifting high
  • Earthy scent
  • 400 to 500 g/m2

The Purple Indica of North America is one of the most visually beautiful cannabis plants. Its name alludes to the striking colors it displays late in the vegetative and much more so during the flowering stages. Moreover, it makes choices for a relaxi... Read More

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With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts!

We deliver high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with impeccable and stabilized genetics swiftly and discreetly worldwide at a competitive price.

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
The stone is as intense as it is long-lasting - this packs a powerful punch and once you're down, you stay down.
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UltraViolet OG Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE UltraViolet OG Feminized

Yield Indoor 400 - 500 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 500 gr/plant
THC 16%
CBD 0.2%
HEIGHT 150 cm
anxiety arthritis depression insomnia migranes stress
creative focused relaxed uplifted
citrus earthy herbal spicy
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean
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UltraViolet OG Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

The Purple Indica of North America is one of the most visually beautiful cannabis plants. Its name alludes to the striking colors it displays late in the vegetative and much more so during the flowering stages. Moreover, it makes choices for a relaxing strain less complicated amidst the numerous options. Even with desirable traits, it has two characteristics that could use some improvements.

One of the primary keys to the success of a hybrid is the ability to produce abundant buds with high THC volume and quick flowering time. To this end, the Purple Indica came up short. Thus, a heavy Indica strain was brought in for cross-breeding to enhance these growing traits. The union resulted in the development of Ultra Violet OG - an enhanced variety of the Purple Indica boasting of up to 21% THC. As such, it can impress with an uplifting mental flight followed by a creeping body stone which can crush chronic pain.

More importantly, the stabilized mother plant could go head to head with modern Indica plants with regards to the growth rate. The seeds carried by Homegrown Cannabis Co also comes with high-reliability and germination rate. Plus, since the little grains are feminized, no resources would go to waste on males that would only be discarded.

Growing UltraViolet OG Feminized Seeds

Typically maturing with a maximum height of 150cm, Ultra Violet OG offers generous yields without eating up much space. Plus, it develops fewer amounts of fan leaves with subdued lateral branching, making foliage manicuring a straightforward task. All the better, as if announcing its potency, the strain’s resin production is so profuse that an abundant amount of trichomes can be seen even on the inner surfaces of its nug colas.

Growing this strain in a controlled environment is most productive in a Sea of Green setup. Because of the tight arrangement, however, keep the RH level around 40 to 50% to avoid moisture buildup. At the same time, mimic its preferred growing condition by setting the temperatures between 21 to 26°C. In just a matter of 7-9 swift flowering weeks, up to 500 grams of dense nugs is ready for harvesting and drying.

Meanwhile, up to an astounding 500 grams of beautiful buds for every Ultra Violet OG awaits if it is grown outdoors in a warm, sunny climate. As always, keep a watchful eye on any weather changes as even a little bit of rainfall can dampen and damage its precious flowers. If no harm befalls the plant, anticipate massive reaping from September to October in the northern hemisphere.

Fragrance and Flavor

The floral heritage of Face Off OG is evident in its smell and flavor. Its fragrance is somewhat earthy with the unmistakable scent of Violet hence its name. There is also a subtle citrusy hint as well as some herbal spiciness.


The mental impact of Ultra Violet OG manifests gently. As if entering a different reality, the uplifting high is mood-enhancing with noticeable cerebral action. While it does not induce visual distortion or any trippy effect, it more than makes up by clearing the head and enhancing the ability to focus. Moreover, it inspires free-flowing creative thoughts that could improve the productivity of some individuals.

The mental stimulation, though, does not last long. Also producing an archetypal Indica effect, this strain sends a creeping heavy body stone. It takes some time to kick in, but, once it does, it leaves no limb and muscle untouched. Starting as a lazy physical high, it intensifies into a couch-lock. Because movement becomes limited, passive activities like enjoying a TV time and stargazing are perfect.

Finally, after around an hour or two of relaxation, the feeling of excessive drowsiness will be hard to fight off. A lasting, deep sleep will follow swiftly after.

Because of its string of effects, Ultra Violet OG is best used at night or when there is a good deal of free time to spend. Most importantly, the herb should not be consumed if there are tasks that require concentration or complex thinking.


The potent recreational effect of Ultra Violet OG equates to its mighty medicinal quality. Giving a holistic relief, it eliminates psychological concerns immediately after the first toke. Physical comfort from conditions that causes chronic pain follows a few minutes after. Above all else, these therapeutic benefits last awhile.

Without delay, the uplifting touch of the herb, along with its anxiolytic action, will bless the mind with bliss and positivity. Gloomy thoughts and emotions will disappear, preventing them from instigating stress and anxiety. As a result, other mental troubles such as PTSD, bipolar disorder, severe mood swings, and depression also cannot exhibit any symptoms.

The primary selling point of Ultra Violet OG as a pharmaceutical herb is its pain-relieving function. Because it contains both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces the swelling itself while also silencing persistent agony. Such a combination provides lasting alleviation to multiple sclerosis, PMS, migraines, and rheumatoid arthritis. Moreover, the herb is also widely used in reducing the symptoms and discomfort caused muscle spasticity.

As a final act, Ultra Violet OG completes its purpose by bestowing a deep, lasting sleep. Its sedative-like quality is forceful enough to dismiss insomnia and other reasons for sleeplessness.

To experience all the recreational and remedial benefits with minimal to zero side effects, consume the herb in low dosages. Typical adverse upshots include dried-out mouth and red, dry eyes. Going above average doses, however, could rouse a dizzy spell, splitting headache, or paranoia.

Feminized UltraViolet OG Seeds

Ultra Violet OG from Homegrown Cannabis Co is a testament to the importance of good genetics. By blending the ability to produce potent buds and improving the flowering time, a variety that is at par with the best of the best was born. Above all, the plant shares nugs that promise utmost relaxation. Through such effects, a head to toe relief become possible from different health conditions such as depression, stress, migraines, and arthritis.

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