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Short, squat and immensely popular.
  • Indica Dominant
  • High THC
  • Heavy Yields
  • High THC
  • Sweet honey-drop perfume
  • 900 g/m2

With a majestic and commanding presence that dominates the cannabis jungle, White Rhino is as tough as its elusive namesake beast. It charges with an unstoppable Indica force that can knock even the most seasoned veteran senseless. This brute is not ... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
Explodes into your grow-space like a tank through a wall.
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White Rhino Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE White Rhino Feminized

Yield Indoor 900 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 1200 gr/plant
THC 26%
CBD 0.8%
HEIGHT 100 - 200 cm
anxiety arthritis depression insomnia migranes muscle_spasms stress
euphoric hungry relaxed uplifted
honey lemon pine pungent skunk sweet woody
temperate_continental sunny_mediterranean cool_cold
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White Rhino Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

With a majestic and commanding presence that dominates the cannabis jungle, White Rhino is as tough as its elusive namesake beast. It charges with an unstoppable Indica force that can knock even the most seasoned veteran senseless. This brute is not the fastest in the land, but, when it does push forward, there's simply no stopping it.

The mother of this formidable strain is none other than the renowned White Widow, which adds its thick resin production and brain-bending buzz to the mix. It invites the mind to run free, leaving worries and stress behind. Like a daring, vivid trip into the wilderness, it encourages the spirit to wander for hours on end.

The strain's extraordinary body-numbing strength, on the other hand, comes from an unnamed North American strain – possibly a pure Indica. Despite its heaviness, it’s unlikely to knock you out with the first hit. Instead, it helps slow down a racing mind, while releasing physical tension and pain.

Together, these two parents have created an awesome night-time treat with an impressive THC volume. Unwinding with White Rhino ensures a beyond-the-stars cerebral flight. With such effects, it's no wonder it placed second at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1996. Then, in 2005, it also came second in the Champions’ Cup.

If a slightly larger dose is taken, the beast's psychoactive component will deliver an overwhelming psychedelic encounter, after which you’ll come crashing down to earth with a finishing blow. To keep the experience enjoyable, keep the doses moderate.

White Rhino grows into a luxuriant plant that resembles a lush forest. Its resinous buds cluster together to form a main cola that resembles a rhino’s horn – hence the name. Just looking at this beauty will take your breath away, and it’s a brilliant example of Indica genetics at their prime. With these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., including this stunner in your grow room or garden is simpler than ever.

Growing White Rhino from Feminized Seeds

White Rhino grows into a stout and bushy plant with thick stalks that are a dense, mossy green. At the apex of its branches are tightly packed colas of buds with abundant crystal trichomes. It’s hardy and resilient and can survive harsh conditions.

Thriving in both warm and cold climates, this robust strain matures well with or without constant care. Even novice hands can rear and tame this beast as it grows. Heavy feeding will help keep its lush foliage healthy and full of life. In return for enormous yields it only asks for a small investment of time, space and effort – in fact, just one harvest can produce a year-long supply.

White Rhino takes 9 to 10 weeks to fully bloom when grown in a controlled setting. You can opt for soil or hydroponics coupled with a SOG setup to achieve the maximum turnout. Optimal indoor growing can yield and enormous 2.94 ounces of sticky buds per square foot.

When planted outdoors, White Rhino prefers a warm environment. It can still flourish in colder areas, though, so growers in the north can also get great results. In the northern hemisphere, harvest rolls in around early October. If both nature and nurture are combined to maximum effect, each plant can produce a whopping 42.3 ounces of dank buds.

Fragrance and Flavor

Just a single whiff of White Rhino is enough to awaken the soul. As soon as the nugs start to pop, a pungent, Skunk-like odor will fill the air. Then, as harvest draws closer, you’ll notice a sweet honey-drop perfume with a hint of ripe lemon. When lit up, the aroma becomes even stronger but no less pleasant.

When smoked, it dances on the palate with a fresh pine and sandalwood flavor. Sweet but also spicy, it tickles the tastebuds making them dance with joy.


White Rhino has a THC volume of around 18 – 26% which is more than enough to deliver a stunning blow. With the strength of a storming beast, it can slam even seasoned tokers to the ground when taken in higher doses. Not known for its subtlety, a euphoric shockwave ricochets through the mind as it launches into the cosmos. As the high builds up, mental stresses and tensions seem to melt away.

After a few minutes, the calming, tension-easing effect comes into play, helping free the body of inhibitions without softening it into disuse. Running wild across the pastures and plains may not be entirely possible, though – the intensity of its Indica content bestows a heavy-bodied stone that makes all but easygoing activities pretty much impossible. You’ll most likely want to just lounge around, chomping the night away.

It's best not to mess around when it comes to White Rhino’s staggering potency. It creeps up from behind and gives an astounding blow that manifests in both body and mind. In a worst-case scenario, this mean puncher can stun unsuspecting overindulgers with lightheadedness, anxiety or even full-on paranoia.

Note that this strain’s thick smoke can cause coughing, so keep each toke small. Stay hydrated before, during and after the session as this will help you to avoid cottonmouth and dry, bloodshot eyes.


Trampling over maladies that get in its way, White Rhino may provide a beacon of light for sufferers of a variety of ailments. This well-loved source of reprieve is a hit in dispensaries, and even inexperienced users may benefit from its medicinal potential.

Said to be a useful and fast-acting painkiller, White Rhino may relieve chronic and acute pains almost immediately. It has been used by patients with muscle spasms, PMS and migraines, all of which can momentarily disappear.

Symptoms of psychological illnesses may also desist under White Rhino's mood-elevating influence. It can uplift the spirit, potentially ushering the depressed, anxious and stressed into a peaceful state. Its strong munchie-inducing effect stimulates the appetite, and may provide comfort to those with eating disorders. Then, after a few hours of snacking and relaxing, the eyes will start to droop. Within minutes, insomniacs may arrive at dreamland without even knowing how they got there.

Feminized White Rhino Seeds

White Rhino may very well be the king of the cannabis jungle. It demands respect with its forceful THC content – under its powerful influence, the mind roams free as the body savors ultimate calm.

Growers, too, can have a piece of this potent beast. With these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., even beginners can raise a first-rate crop. Without male seedlings to worry about, each one will grow into a potential monster yielder. Known to repay owners with a massive harvest, toking all-year round is a guarantee.

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